Who's the father...My husband or his step-brother? | The Maury Show

let's welcome Amanda to the show now

when Amanda started dating a man named

Tim their relationship fell on hard

times not only were there having

financial problems Amanda believed that

Tim was cheating

so she was feeling lost and Amanda

decided to stay with Tim's stepbrother

Trevor and the stepbrother and she ended

up having a two-month affair so now

moving forward Amanda has a

three-month-old daughter named Brooklyn

and isn't sure if Tim her husband or his

stepbrother Trevor is her biological


right now no Jim cheated on me I was

devastated I am it I wanted to get

repaid I know would it go with Jim's

brother Trevor took me in I made one of

the biggest mistakes of my life and I

started sleeping with Trevor I'm laying

that dam is what Glen's father

because that's the only father she's

known no no he doing me so who's to

blame for the situation you're in

oh you out it's me and the boys both of

ya here's everybody we all ought to know

this going in both these guys want to be

your daughter's father yes they do

but neither one of them really help no

no let's go back what was going on your

relationship with your husband when all

of a sudden you had an affair with his

stepbrother we lost everything we lost

our place to stay

we ended up getting into a huge argument

and I left and went to his brother's

house instead it's one thing to go to

the stepbrothers house it's another

thing to start laying down with a step


when you found out you were pregnant who

did you tell first your husband Tim or

Trevor I actually called him and told

him I was pregnant

uh-huh and did he accept the pregnancy

as his he had doubts about it at first

and now he's been there through

everything the pain seemed so you didn't

really know exactly who the child's

father was but you're still married Tim

yeah he's the love of my life I'd do

anything for him he doesn't financially

help very much wait a second are you

intend to gather yes well actually if

you got back together now what we've

been going on and off for the last nine

months oh I see and so what has Trevor

been telling people Trevor's running all

around town town and everybody that

she's his and ollie out he he hasn't

even been there once


you know what he also says he says once

he proves that he's the father you're

gonna run back to him this is what

Trevor had to say Amanda is a liar and a

manipulator she played me against my

step people stopped ain't even true he's

the one I'm manipulated me when I was at

my lowest point

he also said Amanda I know that Brooklyn

is my daughter once a DNA test proves it

I know you will be running back to me


here's the step brother Trevor Trevor

come on out


you don't even know anything you guys

don't call me I've tried calling

I've tried hanging out guys push me away

really she's three months old how many

times have you seen her have you bought


they're lost okay you got anything oh

hell no no when you're never around I'm

never allowed with a


put his Brooklyn look like come on



the eyes Brooklyn looks like you yeah we

got the dog you say she broke your heart

yes yeah how could a girl call me asked

me for my help I bring her and help her

out at a low time she's at and then she

goes and stomps on me by going back with

my brother talk anymore what's the story

oh we have never really got along


really get my life on track are you the

father of Brooklyn yes I am worried I've




the fatherís listen she was about know

she was pregnant I've been hated the

whole pregnancy fright I've been there

to cut the corn and we'll be there until

the day I die were you a little upset

when you found out that amanda was

sleeping with your brother

to be honest those quite pissed you

don't break the brother code how would

you describe the state of your marriage

right now it's rocky its very rocky

we're in a state of turmoil with not

knowing they'll if you were proved to be

the father yeah I think it wouldn't okay

here we go in the case of

three-month-old Brooklyn

Trevor you are not




in the case of three-month-old Brooklyn

Tim you are the father





go take care of that child