20 fattest People in the World (Heaviest person ever)

weight-loss surgery could not save

Londoner Keith Martin who died from

pneumonia following a lengthy battle

with his weight his death at the age of

44 came just eight months after Keith

had undergone a successful gastric

sleeve which removed three-quarters of

his stomach

amen once known as the fattest in the

world Paul Masson of hips which used to

weigh 440 kilograms but is now 140

kilograms after gastric band surgery a

New York surgeon offered to remove his

excess skin which could shed a further

44 kilograms

jose-luis garza rodriguez of juarez

Nuevo Leon Mexico was at the time of his

death one of the world's heaviest people

with a total weight of 449 kilograms

he was also bedridden for four months

before his death he was helped by Manuel

Uribe also of Nuevo Leon and also

morbidly obese michael Edelman of Pomona

New York Guinness listed him at 994

pounds but his mother estimates that he

weighed some 1,200 pounds at his

heaviest he had already reached 154

pounds at age seven and left school at

ten because he could no longer fit into

the desks

David Ronn hiya Brooklyn New York five

feet ten in a Bronx 1,000 pounds high

was touted as dick Gregory's biggest

success story in 1986 when he reduced

from 823 pounds to 427 pounds on a year

long fast supplemented by fruits and


Sylvanus hambone smith of Tipton GA six

feet to in aprox 1,000 pounds Smith

claimed to have weighed almost 16 pounds

at birth and 275 pounds by age 11 at his

peak he had a 103 in hip girth and 17th

us he worked as a chef until his

increasing weight left him confined to

bed then ran a pawn shop out of his home

Mills Darton is alleged to have been one

of the largest men in history he was

widely reported to have stood

approximately seven feet six inches tall

and is said to have weighed around 1000

to 1100 pounds at his heaviest and

possibly more his recorded approximate

weight of 1020 pounds would have given

him a body mass index of 88.2 if the

reported figures are correct Darden was

30% taller than and about six times as

heavy as the average American male of

the 21st century

Mike partly know of Strothers six feet

some sources say six feet three in

claimed a maximum of 1022 pounds while a

spokesman for dick Gregory's Bahamian


prior to his association with Gregory

part Leno claimed to weigh a mere 645

pounds and was a popular favorite in

belly flop contests

Kenneth Brumley is one of the heaviest

people ever recorded whose weight was

confirmed he was featured on the channel

for body shock documentary half-ton dad

as a father of four who weighed 1033

pounds as a child Brumley played

basketball baseball and American

football which kept his weight average

but after a move to California at age 19

he stopped playing and the weight began

to accumulate at his heaviest Brumley

had a daily caloric intake of

approximately 30,000 calories

Maira Lizbeth Rosales has been recorded

as one of the heaviest people in the

world at her heaviest she weighed 417

agreement Li weighs an estimated 91

kilograms she came to prominence in

March 2008 when her sister was jailed

for murdering her two-year-old son she

decided to get back into life in order

to get the custody of her sister's

children who had no real parent at that


Rosalie Bradford holds the Guinness

World Record for most weight lost by a

woman a concerned friend contacted

Richard Simmons a familiar face in the

weight loss industry Simmons then

contacted Bradford and spoke to her at

length she recalled Simmons saying God

doesn't make junk and you are worth the

effort after the phone call she received

a package from him containing some

exercise tapes and an eating plan

robert earl hughes was during his

lifetime the heaviest human being

recorded in the history of the world

Hughes was born in Bayliss Illinois in

1926 at the age of six he weighed about

92 kilograms at 10 he weighed 171

kilograms his excessive weight was

attributed to a malfunctioning pituitary

gland his chest was measured at 3.15

metres and he weighed an estimated 485

kilograms at his heaviest

patric d2l is an American individual

known for being one of the heaviest

people in the world he was the subject

of the documentary half-ton men in

Channel 4's body shock series in which

Rosalie Bradford gave advice after

achieving a record-breaking weight loss

of 410 kilograms

gastric bypass surgery was thought to be

his best chance for permanent weight

loss a second operation removed a

massive fat and skin hanging from his

midsection after 12 months Patrick lost

260 kilograms

Michael he Branco was the heaviest men

in the world and suffered from an

extreme case of morbid obesity after a

stay at the st. Luke's Hospital in New


he dropped his weight from 411 kilograms

to 90 kilograms and waist size from 290

centimeters to 91 centimeters in 19

months with the help of the dieting and

exercise coach Richard Simmons and was

recorded in the Guinness Book of World

Records for the highest recorded weight

loss in 1990 he lost some of this weight

from surgical removal of fat

Frances John Liang aka Michael Walker of

Gibsonton FL 6 feet to in believed to

have reached a maximum weight of 1000

187 pounds Liang had weighed only 150

pounds as a soldier in Korea he blamed

his massive weight gain on prescription

drug abuse claiming that his narcotic of

choice had the side effect of giving him

an uncontrollable appetite

Walter Hudson of Hempstead New York was

the fourth most obese human in medical

history he also holds the Guinness world

record for the largest waste it measured

three hundred and two centimeters in

1987 when he was at his peak weight of

1197 pounds Hudson described his average

daily diet as consisting of two boxes of

sausages one pound of bacon 12 eggs a

loaf of bread four hamburgers and four

double cheeseburgers eight large

portions of fries three ham steaks or

two chickens for baked potatoes for

sweet potatoes four heads of broccoli

most of a large cake and additional

snacks he also drank an average of 17

liters of soda every day

carol-anne Jaeger was one of the most

severely obese people in history Jaeger

lost the most weight by non-surgical

means in the shortest documented time

236 kilograms in 3 months when Jaeger

died in 1994 at the age of 34 she

weighed about 544 kilograms and was 5

feet 7 inches in height Bazaar magazine

reported that she was estimated to have

been more than 5 feet wide although this

measurement has not been verified by

Akers medical team or family members

shortly before her death however she was

able to fit through her custom-built 48

inch wide front door undocumented

information from firefighters and rescue

personnel of the beecher Fire Department

stated that they had to remove the

picture window in the front room of her

house to get her body out when she died

published reports quoted her

then-boyfriend as stating that he

estimated her peak weight at about seven

hundred and twenty-seven kilograms

when questioned about this estimate

Yeager's doctor declined comment

man well mam yerba Garza was a Mexican

man who suffered from morbid obesity to

one of the greatest extents known in

recorded history after reaching a peak

weight of around 597 kilograms and

having been unable to leave his bed

since 2002 he lost approximately 230

kilograms nearly half of his body weight

with the help of doctors and

nutritionists by February 2008 however

he abandoned his original diet in 2013

and died in his hometown

on may 26 2014 weighing 394 kilograms

Holle been Mohsen Chari born 1991 is a

Saudi Arabian man who in August 2013 was

found to be the heaviest person on the

planet and the second heaviest person in

recorded history at 610 kilograms

behind only jon brower minogue he was

ordered by king abdullah to be

transferred from his home which he had

been unable to leave for over two years

to the country's capital Riyadh to

receive treatment as a result of this in

a mere six months he managed to lose a

total of 320 kilograms more than half

his body week

jon brower minook was an american man

who at his peak weight was the heaviest

human being ever recorded weighing

approximately 635 kilograms this figure

was only a close estimation because of

his extreme size poor health and lack of

mobility prevented use of a scale he was

discharged from the hospital after 16

months on a strict diet of 1,200

kilocalories per day

he weighed two hundred and fifteen

kilograms having lost approximately 419

kilograms the largest human weight loss

ever documented however he was

readmitted to the hospital just over a

year later in October 1981 after his

weight increased to 432 kilograms with

his underlying condition of edema being

incurable and difficult to treat the

decision was made to discontinue

treatment and he died 23 months later on

September 10th 1983 aged 41 at the time

of his death he weighed 362 kilograms