One BOLD Reason Why Your FAVORITE NFL Team WILL WIN Super Bowl 55


what is going on guys all 32 nfl teams

have a mathematical chance to win super

bowl 55.

yeah even the teams who fans have lost

all faith in hope they know who they are

sorry to call you out like that here is

one bold and somewhat logical reason why

your favorite team can win super bowl 55

arizona cardinals kyler murray is the

real deal

murray dazzled in his rookie season like

most young phenom qb's he's bound to get

better as he progresses

oh yeah and the cardinals traded for all

pro wideout deandre hopkins that gives

murray a three-headed monster at

receiver in hopkins larry fitzgerald and

christian kirk the kid's gonna be great

in 2020 and this offense just might

propel arizona to a super bowl

atlanta falcons todd gurley's revival

gurley's injury woes forced the los

angeles rams to release him

and he was quickly scooped up by the

atlanta falcons now just

imagine if gurley can regain his pro

bowl form in this offensive juggernaut

it already has matt ryan julio

jones and calvin ridley atlanta's

balanced offense carried them to a super

bowl 51 appearance four seasons ago

if gurley can play at a high level again

he could very well guide this team

towards championship contention


baltimore ravens most balanced team in

the nfl led by mvp lamar jackson the

ravens led the nfl in scoring offense

averaging 33.2 points per game they also

allowed the third fewest points

only 17.6 per contest well jackson and

his youthful offense stands to get

better and the d should be nastier

following the acquisitions of calais

campbell derrick wolfe

and rookie patrick queen with the most

balanced roster in the nfl these ravens

are poised to compete for the lombardi

trophy for many years to come

buffalo bills good luck throwing on them

defense wins championships and the bills

have a downright scary secondary that

can match up with just about any

opposing offense

the bills finished second in scoring

defense last year and they were fourth

against the pass

terdavius white is making a strong case

as the league's best corner

if the secondary continues to hold up

they'll have every chance to win it all

carolina panthers christian mccaffrey

has some help it's amazing that

mccaffrey became the third member of the


club despite little help on offense last

year that's all gonna change in 2020 the

panthers added a quality starting

quarterback in teddy bridgewater a deep

threat receiver in robbie anderson

and a savvy offensive-minded head coach

in matt rule

throw in stud receiver dj moore and the

panthers offense should be tough to stop

in 2020.

chicago bears nick foles in case you

forgot this dude stepped off the bench

and led the philadelphia eagles to their


ever super bowl out dueling tom brady

and the patriots in the big game if he

can replace mitch trubisky and find that

magic once again

chicago can be a serious contender for

the super bowl

don't sleep on them cincinnati bengals

joe burrow

no rookie starting quarterback has ever

played in a super bowl

but if there's one guy who can do it it

might be joe burrow he's in

excellent position to succeed with aj

green joe mixon and tyler boyd at his


the bengals offense could be a top tier

unit burro comes as advertised in his

rookie year

since he really could go all the way hey

crazier things have happened cleveland


competent coaching the talent was there

last year the competent coaching wasn't

new head coach kevin stefanski revived

kirk cousins in 2019. now just watch him

do wonders

with a star-studded browns offense he'll

take control and earn the respect of the

locker room as baker mayfield and

company try to

turn a new page following a forgettable

season if stefanski can replicate the

success he had in many cleveland will be

a force in 2020. dallas cowboys jason

garrett is gone no more automatic eight

and eight seasons

no more one and dones no more annual

disappointments with garrett gone and

super bowl winning head coach mike

mccarthy now in town the star-studded

cowboys should actually go from mediocre

to contender and maybe even to super

bowl champions

denver broncos john elway has his qb we


since peyton manning's retirement in

2016. john elway has failed

time and time again to find a new

quarterback the good news

is that drew log actually looked like a

capable starter in his rookie year

winning four of his five starts he also

had a ridiculous set of skill position

players to work with

including cortland sutton and jerry judy

if luck really is the answer a qb these

broncos might return to title contention

detroit lions everything except the

coaching if you can ignore the lines

inept coaching they actually have the

making of a contender matthew stafford

kenny galladay and marvin jones

round out a potent offense that added

stud running back deandre swift in the


the defense will be better without

corner jeffrey yakuta plus the additions

of jamie collins

danny shelton and ron harmon all they

need is for the coaching to not be that

horrible and the lions dare we say might

actually go on a run with all their


green bay packers aaron rodgers has a

chip on his shoulder

insult number one the packers didn't add

any more receiving help for aaron


insult number two the packer is traded

up to giraffe jordan love

proving they're ready to eventually move

on from a-rod but we'd hate to have to

deal with an angry and determined rogers

with a giant chip on his shoulder the

packers poked the bear

and now aaron's gonna unleash his anger

on the rest of the league so enjoy

houston texans desean watson watson has

guided houston to consecutive afc south

division titles despite a woeful

offensive line and a horrible defense

he nearly single-handedly took them to

the afc championship game last year

watson is all the texans need in regards

to having super bowl 55 optimism

indianapolis cults the offensive line

nicole's have arguably the best o-line

in football led by all-pro quinton


pro bowler ryan kelly and veteran

mainstay anthony castanzo

and rising star brayden smith while that

outline should help newcomer phillip

rivers enjoy a bounce-back year

and the running back duo of marlon mack

and jonathan taylor should be downright


this o-line will do more than enough to

make the cult a contender

jacksonville jaguars minchumania the

jaguars are already the favorites to win

the trevor lawrence sweepstakes but

don't sleep on gardner minchu

why because menchu mania was alive and

well last year with the best nfl


of all time and an unmatched amount of

swagger minchumania might take off and

lead jacksonville to a super bowl

anything is possible

kansas city chiefs been there done that

they are the defending champions

and the chiefs managed to keep almost

every single core player from 2019

they know what it takes to win so who

are we to discount the defending


las vegas raiders because it's vegas

baby i mean we could go on and on about

the talented roster that was quickly

pieced together here or we could talk

about vegas baby i mean think about all

the shenanigans that go down in the sin

city the way teams will be out partying

too much

the city's bright lights will distract

them and if the nhl's golden knights can

get to the stanley cup final in their

inaugural season maybe the raiders can

win their super bowl in their first year

in vegas

i also think the raiders players might

be gambling too and i don't know what


nhl has anything to do with this but you

know what sure

los angeles chargers defense wins

championships the chargers have

questions at qb

but sometimes a great defense can carry

a flawed offense to a super bowl the

chargers are loaded all over with the

dynamic pass-rushing duo of joey bosa

and melvin ingram and a star-studded

secondary desmond king

casey hayward and chris harris jr this

unit is more than capable of carrying

the chargers to the promised land

los angeles rams sean mcvay the rams

have recorded three straight winning

seasons under sean mcvay as

disappointing as 2019 was

the man deserves the benefit of the

doubt the offense should rebound with a

younger and fresher set of playmakers

jared goff is still an above average qb

and he has a great set of weapons too

do not count out a team that reached the

super bowl just two seasons ago

miami dolphins to a time tuatango vailoa

is one of the most talented qb prospects

we've ever seen what if he doesn't need

any time to reach that superstar level

what if he takes off right away and

leads miami to a super bowl in his

rookie year

to a time just might arrive much sooner

than you think minnesota vikings

lower expectations these vikings have

never been able to come through in

crunch time during the postseason

gary anderson brett favre blair walsh

kirk cousins

goes on and on while the vikings face

much lower expectations in 2020

and that might be for the better they

can embrace the underdog mentality

knowing they're not considered a true

title contender anymore maybe cousins

will flourish with these lower

expectations and the reduced pressure

that comes with them new england


bill belichick the best coach of all

time knows how to deal with adversity

he's 14 and 6 without tom brady since


he's always successfully replaced big

name veteran stars with unknown players

what more do you need to know yeah they

lost brady and more than half their

defense for this season but if there's

one guy

who knows how to handle this type of

situation it's bill belichick

new orleans saints they're due

minneapolis miracle nola no call kyle

rudolph getting away with the push-off

this star-studded team has all the

makings to win a title they can't be on

the wrong side of unlucky bounces and

refereeing controversies forever

it has to balance out eventually new

york giants saquon barkley barkley is

arguably the best running back in the

nfl right now we saw derek henry

completely take over the 2019 postseason

so why can't barkley who's even more

skilled and explosive

simple formula for the giants make the

playoffs feed barkley

watch him take off and hopefully win

them with super bowl new york jets

to spite jamal adams everybody is

writing off the jets following jamal

adam's ugly exit

it was really a strange saga and the

team can't be happy with the way that

pro bowl safety forced his way out of

town maybe the laws hurt their defense

even more than we can imagine

or maybe just maybe the jets come out

more motivated than ever

wanting to spite atoms while proving all

of their naysayers wrong

motivation is a very powerful tool

sometimes philadelphia eagles

winning in the trenches never mind the

ridiculous amount of talent at the skill


the eagles won super bowl 52 with a

great o-line and a dynamic pass rush

both units will be just as lethal in


losing brandon brooks for the season

hurts but philly still has chasing

kelsey jason peters

and lane johnson to anchor this stout

unit on the other side of the ball

brandon graham fletcher cox and newcomer

javon hargrave

will wreak havoc on opposing offenses in

the trenches which is where many nfl

games are won

pittsburgh steelers the steel curtain is

back the steelers had the fifth best

scoring defense last

year they led the nfl with 54 sacks what

more do you want to know

and for real they have two defensive

player of the year candidates in tj watt

and minka fitzpatrick that's good enough

to put you in super bowl contention

san francisco 49ers the pass rush the

49ers pass rush was a half quarter away

from guiding them to a super bowl 54


if they sustained that dominance for

just seven more minutes this time around

they could very well finish the job and

win it all in 2020.

seattle seahawks russell wilson wilson

carried two extremely flawed seattle

teams to the postseason in 2018 and

2019. he's a complete

game changer of a quarterback as long as

wilson is under center

the seahawks will always be in the

running for the super bowl tampa bay


two new goats in town the goat

quarterback and arguably the goat tight

end on a team that already has chris

godwin and mike evans yeah this offense

will be scary good all right good luck

stopping them it could be enough to get

brady a seventh super bowl ring

tennessee titans mike variable's own

patriot way

the titans are the only team to

successfully install their own version

of the patriot way

john robinson is a top tier gm former

patriots linebacker and current titans

head coach mike rabel

sure learned a lot from bill belichick

vrabel has built

a winning culture in the music city he

got them to the afc title game in his

second season

we can't wait to see what he does for an

encore washington football team

new era changing fortunes a new head

coach and coaching staff

a new front office a new team name a

brand new era

washington is putting the first 20 years

of the toxic dan schneider era behind

them and he's finally trying to change

the culture of this franchise

maybe the new era will lead to a change

in fortunes and a super bowl who knows

who do you think will win super bowl 55

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