Jamie Lee Curtis Was Not Happy About Fiji Water Girl Photobomb

I like the Jim Carrey one yeah I think

that one's fun the most photographed

star of the night the Fiji water girl

you must have heard about her by now she

captivated the Internet by meticulously

photo buying pretty much every single

celeb at the Golden Globes red-carpet on

Sunday night and while she became a

viral sensation within hours not

everyone was abused Jamie Lee Curtis

certified Queen badass Laurie Strode

herself was not thrilled to be

photobombed by Fiji water girl on

Instagram she wrote I specifically moved

away from the blatant promotions by Fiji

and moet where young women with their

trays filled with their wares stood near

a designated camera I knew why there was

a photographer poised there and I moved

away as I said out loud that I didn't

want to be doing advertising for either

clearly this ankle shows that I moved

from her being behind me and yet from

the side it still happens the sponsors

of events need to get permission from

people when they get them to take their

picture next to products so on one hand

the Fiji campaign clearly worked this

girl's just doing her job a lot of

people thought it was super funny we're

still talking about it but to Jamie's


so let's weren't exactly given the

option here I've been reading tweets

about this all morning people are pretty

divided so I'm curious to hear your


I don't think Jamie is criticizing the

Fiji water girl as much as she's just

criticizing not wanting to advertise

something she doesn't actively endorsed

and I think that's a fair point but

let's hear from the other side of things

Fiji water girl herself her name is

Kenneth Cuthbert she joined us in the et

live studio to explain her side of just

how she ended up everywhere Wow I don't

know exactly okay so how much of the

photobombing was on purpose or how much

was accidental well there are a lot of K

I'm sure you guys have been there there

are a lot of cameras at every single

angle it doesn't matter where you stand

you're in somebody's way and Fiji has

their own photographer but they

encouraged us just to be ourselves have

fun hydrate the stars keep everybody

well hydrated and you just sometimes end

up in the crossfire

you ended up in the crossfire

well that's the thing is like we were

watching the show we were talking about

and over the course the evening and of

course you just kept popping up and

popping up and everyone says who's this

girl who's this girl when did you first

know that this was becoming a thing I

think I was the last to find out I was I

didn't have my phone on me it was still

working my shift and right as the last

stragglers were heading into the Golden

Globes ceremony people were busting out

their phones and like do you know you're

going viral and I thought they meant

like Fiji and the Fiji girls I didn't

know they meant me specifically I went

on break and check my phone and was just

bombarded by what was going on so funny

so there's both sides I want to know

what you guys think do you have any hot

Fiji water girl takes on that ash

Carlson and until next time we've got

you covered