Bill Gates co-founder of Microsoft (1955 -)

Phil Gates co-founder of Microsoft and

philanthropist William bill Henry Gates

was born on October 28th 1955 in an

upper-middle-class family in Seattle

Washington an avid reader Gates excelled

at lakeside school and did very well in

many subjects in the eighth grade

the mothers club at the school purchased

a teletype terminal and a block of time

on the school's computer Gates would

spend as much time as he could on the

computer and wrote his first program at

the age of 13 a tic-tac-toe program in

basic computer language that allowed

users to play against the computer in

1973 he graduated from school with a

score of 1590 out of 1600 on his SAT

tests during his time at school Gates

had befriended Paul Allen over their

love of computers they had built a

computer program based on the Intel 8

zero zero eight chip called truffaut

data that monitored traffic patterns in


although Gates had acquired a place at

Harvard University to study law he would

eventually drop out in 1975 to pursue a

business with Allen Gates and Allen were

inspired by an article in popular

electronics magazine on the Altair 8800

a build-it-yourself kit microcomputer

they contacted the company who made the

Altair called micro instrumentation and

telemetry systems or MIT s who are

located in Albuquerque New Mexico saying

that they were developing a basic

software program that would run the

Altair computer in reality they didn't

have an Altair to work with the company

agreed to a demonstration so the pair

worked hard on writing the program the

program worked and Allen was hired by

the company and Gates would soon leave

Harvard to join him Gates and Allen then

established Microsoft on April 4th 1975

with gates as the CEO the name was a

blend of microcomputer and software

while gates oversaw the business he

would also continue to write code

himself and review it before it shipped

IBM approached Microsoft in July 1980 as

they wanted an operating system for its

upcoming personal computer Gates said it

could be done although Microsoft didn't

actually have such an operating system

for IBM's new PCs Gates approached a

small software company

and made an offer of $50,000 for an

already made system called 86-dos while

keeping it confidential who it was for

he adapted it for the PC and delivered

it to IBM as PC dos for the same price

of $50,000 keeping the source code gates

required that manufacturers including

IBM pay a licensing fee Microsoft

licensed the software to PC

manufacturers as ms-dos making the

company a major player in the industry

with sales going from 7 million dollars

in 1980 to 16 million dollars in 1981 at

the same time Apple led by Steve Jobs

invited Microsoft to write software for

their computers through these

collaborations Gates identified that

Macintosh's work-in-progress graphical

user interface was much more user

friendly than the text and keyboard

driven ms-dos system Microsoft currently

had gates would then soon announce his

own graphical user interface called

windows for all pcs with ms-dos in 1984

Apple launched the Macintosh and a year

later Gates and Microsoft launched

windows in 1987 Bill Gates at age 31 had

become the world's youngest billionaire

Gates continued to improve Windows and

persuaded computer manufacturers to

preload it on every computer it sold and

by 1993 Windows was running on almost

85% of the world's computers this would

also cause investigations into Microsoft

for unfair marketing practices as a

monopoly in 1995 Gates launched the

revolutionary Windows 95 and expanded

into the World Wide Web

after his internet tidal-wave memo by

1998 Microsoft was the world's biggest

company Gates stepped down as CEO in

2002 Steve Ballmer since then Bill Gates

has dedicated his life to philanthropy

funding disease prevention combating

poverty and improving education around

the world

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