The History of Apple (1976-2016)

it's been 40 years since Apple was first

founded and now it's one of the most

popular brands in technology but do you

want to know how it all started my name

is Martin Noble let's go and see the

history of Apple

let's go back to April 2 first 1976

computers were as big as the size of a

room back in those days this was the day

Apple was founded by a 42 year old

electronics worker Ronald Wayne and

mid-20s college dropout Steve Jobs and

Steve Wozniak who both had a vision of

changing the way how people viewed

computers they both wanted to make

computers small enough for people to

easily use in their homes and offices

all three worked at Atari at the time

and thus the first Apple logo was

created depicting Isaac Newton and his

gravity experiment the second Apple logo

with the rainbow Apple and that shape is

now used as Apple's present logo

together jobs and was created the Apple

one which only sold as a circuit board

and did not come with a keyboard or case

Ronald Wayne left twelve days after the

founding of Apple and sold his shares to

jobs and was for $800 this was partly

due to jobs arrogant and narcissistic

personality which made him have a hard

time working with him Apple gained just

enough sales to start building the Apple

2 introduced in 1977 compared with the

Apple one it was greatly improved and

redesigned with a built-in keyboard and

case along with floppy disk drives but

war began with IBM when in 1980 Dane

traduced their own PC Apple dem went to

Xerox PARC and used their GUI for future

products Apple then released to Apple

free and the Lisa which both failed but

now with the time that Apple would

released a computer which would change

the way people saw computers forever On

January 24th 1984 Steve Jobs unveiled

the Macintosh to a huge audience which

responded with thunderous applaud which

lasted for over a minute

it had a Motorola 68 km 128 kilobytes

round and it introduced the mouse and

Apple GUI

to the main public it was marketed as

the computer for the rest of us

referring to non DOS users it sold well

at the time in 1985 Jobs was forced out

of his own company by board member John

Sculley due to a power struggle all of

the board sided was sculling in the same

year was left apple along with some

members of the original Macintosh team

Jobs dem went on to buy Pixar from

George Lucas director Star Wars and Jobs

also founded a company called next the

next cube did not sell well when it was

released in 1987 Apple released a

Macintosh to the first Mac to have color

graphics other variants of the Macintosh

were also released including the Mac LC

standing for low cost and the SE

standing for system expansion in the

early 90s apple decided to give it a

shot and making a portable Mac the first

time they failed horribly with the

Macintosh portable it was anything but

portable it was so heavy and not

convenient but Apple got it rights the

next time with the PowerBook 100 the

Apple vs IBM battle continues

not only in sales but in advertising

this is a Macintosh personal computer

this is an ordinary PC this is the

world's easiest personal computer this

is an ordinary PC and now Apple's losing

the game thanks to windows 3.0 s new GUI

the response was free new Mac lines

Quadra centrist and performer now this

tactic will later by Apple horribly in

1994 Apple partnered up with IBM and

started developing PowerPC processors

replacing the six 8k processors the

power Macintosh line was a direct result

of this now Apple has been over

producing with computers named by

numbers from 1400 to 9600 the

overproduction has resulted in Apple

losing money every year as well as due

to the fact that more people are

flocking over to Windows 95 with its

ability to connect to the internet even

the most simple question could not be

answered which Mac should you get in

1997 Apple CEO Gil Amelio had no choice

and decide to purchase next as a result

Steve Jobs returned to the company as AI

CEO Microsoft then entered into a

partnership with Apple giving them 150

million to get itself back on their feet

most of the numbered Mac products were

abolished under jobs control in July

1998 Jobs and Jonathan I will save Apple

and secure apples legacy and with that

the iMac was released it was designed to

stand out from the beige and black

competition and once again Apple

released a product with massive applause

it was easy to use easy to connect to

new Internet has USB ports and Apple

began to once again dominate the

computer market I've also started

phasing out their beige products

replacing them with eye catching

computers such as the Power Mac g4 a

blue and white one year later the iBook

Apple's first consumer laptop was

released it was the first Apple laptop

which came with a Wi-Fi card this was

the beginning of Apple's consumer liner

therefore laptops which eventually

separated into the MacBook and MacBook

Air in March 2001 Apple introduced Mac

OS 10 it's awkward design was impressive

for the time however the main problem

was that it was slow and it lacks some

important features and there was barely

any software for it the second release


was significantly faster and had more

support the current OS 10 release is

10.11 El Capitan

in that same yes Steve Jobs introduced

the iPod it saw well due to the fact it

was simple to use compared to other mp3

players at the time and it was the right

size this was one of the first products

of Apple's digital hub strategy which

included iMovie and iTunes the only

problem was they could not work with

Windows computers at the time the iPod

then evolved to many types including

nano touch and shuffle one other

introduction was the Apple retail store

it had many key features such as the

Genius Bar and you could test Mac's

before you potentially buy them in the

early 2000s Apple switched from CRT

screens to LCDs and Apple's consumer

products began to turn white and their

professional line turn aluminum by 2006

Apple made the switch from PowerPC to

Intel chips the digital hub gets a new

addition with Apple introducing the

iPhone at Macworld 2007 nobody knew how

much it would impact the world 9 years

on the iPhone kicked off the smartphone

market and nowadays you'll see people

with an iPhone or Android in their

pocket this is Apple's third most

popular product which increased Apple's

market share the iPod Touch was also

introduced a year and it was very

popular for young people who wanted a

new iPhone lookalike iTunes also had a

huge impact on society with

up-and-coming artists able to share

their music in new ways never before

nowadays people now use cheap music

streaming software such as Spotify in

2010 Apple introduced the iPad which was

designed to be the middle product

between a smartphone and a computer in

2011 Jobs became very weak because in

2004 he was diagnosed with pancreatic

cancer and his cancer was reaching his

final stages and after the introduction

of iCloud

he eventually resigned a CEO on August

2011 with Timothy Tim Cook taking over

his directives jobs remained at Apple as

chairman of the board and he worked

everyday until his death on October 5th

2011 on Apple's website they showed

dissipate respects many also left

flowers and Apple retail stores at the

time although Apple no longer innovates

as much the marks that Steve Jobs Steve

Wozniak Johnny I've and countless others

have left underworld

has greatly improved society and made

our lives much

easier so there you have it the history

of Apple 40 years on