Who is the founder of Buddhism?

who is the founder of Buddhism the

origin of Buddhism relates to a man

named Siddhartha Gautama the historical

Buddha he was born in lumbini in

present-day Nepal during the fifth

century BCE rather than being a founder

of a new religion Siddhartha Gautama was

the founder and leader of a sect of

wandering ascetics srem Ana's as a

result it was one of many cults that

existed at that time all over India in

addition they named this sect a song had

to distinguish them from other similar

communities this Romana's movement

originated in the culture of world

rejection certainly it emerged in India

from about the 7th century BCE moreover

it was the common origin of many

religious and philosophical traditions

in India for instance charvaka school

Buddhism and Jainism in addition the

sura man is a renunciant who rejected

the Vedic teachings even when it was the

traditional religious order in India and

its conventional belief