Pierre Omidyar Advice To Entrepreneurs - Founder of eBay Inc

I say that you should pursue your passion. If you're passionate about something and you

work hard, then I think you'll be successful. If you start a business because you think

you're going to make a lot of money at it, then you probably won't be successful, because

that's the wrong reason to start a business. You have to really believe in what you're

doing, be passionate enough about it so that you will put in the hours and the hard work

that it takes to actually succeed there, and then you'll be successful. When you look at

the accomplishments of accomplished people and you say, "Boy, that must have been really

hard," you know, when you look at something that looks hard, that was probably easy. And

conversely, when you look at something that looks easy, that was probably hard. And so

you're never going to know which is which until you actually go and do it. So just go

and do it, try it, learn from it. You'll fail at some things, that's a learning experience

that you need so that you can take that on to the next experience. And don't let people

who you may respect and who you believe know what they're talking about, don't let them

tell you it can't be done, because often they will tell you it can't be done, and it's just

because they don't have the courage to try.