The Story of Roblox


the story of roblox begins in 1989 with

this simple block we programmed a 2d

simulated physics lab called interactive

physics which would later go on to

influence our approach to building the

groundwork for roblox students across

the world use to interact the physics to

see how two cars would crash or build

destructible houses it was astonishing

to see what these kids and teens were

designing and I wanted to replicate that

capability on a much grander scale so

with my co-founder Eric we began

building the core components that would

become the basis for our imagination

platform roblox quickly began bringing

the world together through the power of

play harnessing players and creators of

different ages and backgrounds from all

around the world connected by shared

experiences from China to Brazil to

America the world began to create as one

friendships were built and a new form of

entertainment was born

the robots world is growing faster than

ever before

creators are creating new genres deeper

narratives and more diverse experiences

that are opening up entertainment paths

in the worlds of play never thought

possible we're enabling the creation of

more human forms that allow for greater

self-expression unleashing the limits of

the imagination to enable anyone to be

who they want to be we're building a

platform for a new generation one that

enables people to create and share

experiences through Play together we are

the architects of the play