The 4th Hokage Is Underrated.

well everyone it is your host Seth the

programmer and today we are talking

about Minato the fourth Hokage and his

scaling in the Naruto series and

throughout the years the Naruto fandom

has been pioneering its scaling and even

to this day it's not done we're coming

up with new things all the time and due

to such its divided into many categories

of thought and with this many categories

there are obvious biased coinciding with

their favorite said characters comes

into place and so forth of those many

characters the Hokage attended the most

looked at alongside the Uchiha and of

those the fourth Hokage Minato was

always one of the more popular

characters in the West but despite this

you'll notice that he has a fan base

with either incredibly low or incredibly

high standard incredibly high standards

being pretty common in any fan base so

let's not count them many people seem

that with similar problems not sure that

they used to have with heroes in that he

always seemed like a mid tier cog a

sannin asked at best type of character

but that to me always felt so wrong but

I just couldn't put my finger on it so I

decided to look into it and see what I

saw in me not sure when I first read

through the series that created this

feeling of higher standards in hopes I

always had deep in the pit of my chest

when thinking about the series reading

through Naruto you'll notice that the

fourth Hokage is always the standard

that Naruto is being measured to and

that the fourth Hokage always seems to

be looming over gnar toes head and his

feet hey Naruto can you master a jutsu

the forest may hey Naruto can you make a

juice ooh the fourth couldn't make hey

Naruto can you become as fast as the

fourth Hokage hey Naruto can you

surpassed the fourth he's even on the

first page of the entire manga being

called the champion of Konoha even

before we ever officially are given any

feats by him and he's mainly a mystery

grab character we do get some impressive

lore scaling that could be used later

during part 1 Orochimaru

the most powerful and most evil of all

enemies of the leaf village at least has

described in Kishimoto span book

threatens to attack and destroy Conan

it's at this point that here is in the

Third Hokage the most wise person alive

in the Naruto verse at least at the time

states that there is nobody alive that

can take on a roach Amaru anymore

possibly not even himself in which it

stated if only Minato were here here

isn't even in his old age was still

considered the most

our fall of the five cog a more powerful

than Anokhi and his particle style the

fourth red cog a and his lightning cloak

the perfect jinchuriki yakura and Raza

with the shukaku plus level magnet

release he reason was stronger than all

of them and this is shown during the

fourth great ninja war when an even

slightly weaker older here's an albeit

with less old man stamina restrictions

out does every cog a in person in the

Alliance fighting guru guru Yamato and

the Buddha statue but it's even more

interesting to consider that Minato is

more than likely still more powerful

than an even younger and considerably

more powerful here ISM looking back to

the ninetails attacks around 13 years

before operation kona crushed here isn't

his task to hold off the complete nine

tails with the leaf village while me not

to us to defeat Obito with a hoshi rama

cell ant body mind you Mina - it used a

substantial amount of chakra before

fighting Obito via his flying Thunder

God guiding Thunder jutsu which is

basically him creating a massive barrier

over space-time itself that rips a hole

through space and teleports whatever

touches it this requires a ton of chakra

and is the entire reason Minato seems to

have such low stamina a lot of the time

as people underestimate what this blind

risin barrier really is it's abusing and

transcending space-time and when it

comes to these barriers it's even worse

as it's not just appearing at a

different location it's actually ripping

through space you could say it's similar

to the calm way which we've all seen the

same amounts of chakra that requires

through massive holes in space now

obviously they aren't the same and have

different strains but down pulling

meaning if so stamina using this is a

little ludicrous to me

so after me not to makes this steroid

calmly warp of a Bijou bomb he goes on

to fight and Achaia with mangekyo feats

that even Minato believes it can only be

moderate however little to me Knox's

knowledge Obito did this with just the

base Sharingan not even as mangekyo

sharingan as a reminder there are many

who cheat on in the leaf village even

those like wicked eyes fuga coochie huh

who is a legendary mangekyo user yet

they don't seem to stack up to Obito

simply being there to him with Hoshi

rama amps and an absurdly overpowered

mangekyo ability with that Minato claims

would manipulate in belt whip pain when

talking to Naruto

Minato slaps him with seemingly little

effort even while drained from his

flying Thunder God from earlier with the

nine tails

pain would be the same care

that would go on to dominate sage Naruto

the godly sage toads of mount myoboku

Jiraiya Kakashi and every clan in the

leaf village at all the same time you

know - then overpowers and seals off

Obito from the nine tails after blasting

his hoshi Rama arm off with the Rasengan

and obito is forced to retreat some like

to downplay this by saying that

Orochimaru claimed that it was a mistake

that Minato was chosen over him for

Hokage however this doesn't need to be

power related as Minato was the youngest

Hokage in history and wisdom and

experience was more than likely being

looked at by a lot of people for this

role to further the proof that doesn't

necessarily have to be power based it

should be noted that a lot of people

thought Minato could actually defeat

Orochimaru and that a much stronger in

older Orochimaru with summonings was

getting stalemated by a suppressed

gremlin aged he resumed in which I wrote

Chamorro himself even states that he

isn't from ten years ago would have

probably smacked him up as a reminder

this nine tails incident where everyone

was looking at Minato to save the day

with yours and president and then Minato

was considered the fastest of all

shinobi was 13 years ago so it would be

even worse getting back on track from

here the Third Hokage his battle with

the nine tails was reaching its limits

and although he was much younger and

strong enough to slam the nine tails out

of the village can it do it for long it

was to the point that here's an in every

shinobi fighting the nine tails simply

stated they need to hold out until

Minato could solve the problem this

makes a lot of sense also as well

considering that me not so when Kushina

gave birth to Naruto thought he could

suppress the ninetails by himself he

also finally appears and confirms again

that'll require a large portion of

chakra to teleport the nine tails in a

spiezio bomb away especially after using

so much high-level jutsu from earlier he

also had to react to the entire nine

tails attacking Kushina as fast as it

could and having to teleport between its

attack and a teleport away despite it

being so close already to begin with

this b is also interesting considering

that Naruto with a vague portion of only

half the nine tails chakra was able to

blitz the fourth Michael gate to the

point that it would require the nine

tails amp to I've given r2 an advantage

over the right kaga around seventy plus

times and here's me not to dodging the

entire thing

I'll be at just not centimeters in front

of his face like Minato and Naruto did

to the right cog a previously I'll also

leave that calc for the nine tails cloak

that Nara to hide versus the right cog a

in the description we're not so into

Kushina then discuss

what they'll do with the ninetails in

minato with Jiraiya's prophecy in mind

decides that making naruto the

jinchuriki is the best option although

Kushina thinks it pointless to use the

reaper death seal to make nar - which in


Minato claims that it's bored the

village in Kurama picks up on this and

temps to kill an infant Naruto after

kushina's chains loosened in which

Kushina Minato physically stopped the

nine tails arm from reaching Naruto by

sacrificing themselves even further

which ended weird way is kind of a

physical feat since they're stopping the

entire night tails with just their

bodies this is the death of the fourth

Hokage a shinobi so fast skilled and

powerful that the fourth threat cog

actually believed that no shinobi could

defeat Minato and every nation was

ordered to flee on site after Minato

even in his weaker younger years as a

joning slaughtered platoons of thousands

of the pride of the stone and so forth

his only real feats at the time are

being able to avoid the full nine tails

at close proximity and protect the whole

village numerous times from its attacks

and sealed away after bodying a hoshi

rodman amp'd mangekyo chi are stronger

than anything they've heard of since

moderate and he stated faster than any

shinobi alive including the heroes in

Orochimaru feared would murk him in any

of the five COG a he also was able to

threaten the life of the fourth reich

oggi in the perfect ensure key of the

eight tails Killer Bee with just a kunai

while also trying to teach them a lesson

about resolve in mutual respect even

cutting through killer bees partial

transformations which could deal with

Obito's paths of pain and even the nine

tails for a brief scuffle inside of

narcos conscious later on so where's the

downplay coming from during the war arc

all of the Hokage are revived all of

them said tobirama at this point pretty

hyped up although tobirama would spend

this war showing what he's about as a

character to make up for that

mune also starts off by showing his body

flicker that surpasses even tobirama

this body flicker is often missed

translated by viz throughout all of

Naruto to mean teleportation however a

body flicker and teleportation are not

the same thing body flickers simply bra

movement speed that makes you look like

you're flickering or teleporting

slightly so this is tobirama saying that

Mina chose raw movement speed surpasses

his own this tends to have a habit of

miss translating many things throughout

the Naruto manga especially with body

flickers but also with things like

translating world to universe all the

time and so forth but that's the side

point just thought I'd clarify and not

only does me not to arrive before

tobirama and any others he actually

teleports a 10 tailed

you bomb extremely casually before they

even arrived to save Naruto and the

others shortly after that

Minato reveals that he controls the nine

tails other half and his chakra and mean

it so unveils a KCM two o'clock or

kewpie chakra mode to cloak which is the

one with the cape which surprises the

nine tails although the nine tails

states he already knew Minato was

impressive implying Minato actually

controlled the nine tails

although is ambiguous from here Minato

is able to create an entire plan before

he rose and is even aware and create

some markers before anybody can even see

him move and tobirama complements his

strikes with a - implying it's connected

to his statement of Minato having a

faster body flicker speed than he does

me not to us looking just as legendary

and hyped up as you think you'd be from

here me not to about just to stop modder

and blisters over to finish moderate off

before Obito was forced to revive him

with the rennie rebirth however this

would be a fatal error and Minato would

then go on to slash apart Obito himself

and realized that Obito was the man who

attacked the village all those years ago

this is overlooked but for a brief

moment let me describe who Minato is

Minato is a golden child a person who

has always been very successful in life

and is always praised for his actions he

believes that what he's doing is almost

always right and so long as it's

defending the village the consequences

of his actions will be seen as good and

will justify themselves even when

Kushina questioned Minato using the

reaper death seal when it wasn't

necessary to stop the nine tails

incident Minato said sorry but the

future of the village should not be

forsaken the balance cannot be upset he

had to seal the ninetails into Naruto to

not upset the balance of the village and

to protect it from moderate in the

future even though he was basing this

all on his gut feeling the death of his

wife wasn't a loss so long as the

village wins he wins for staking his

son's normal life in the process even

his students Rin and obito died he was

Hokage and had saved the war he won now

while he was obviously hurt by these

things he always felt he was right or

good in some capacity or another even

during the start of the war after he was

reanimated Minato is grinning almost the

entire time realizing all his plans in

hopes he thought were true were coming

true however after realizing that Obito

was the one who attacked the village he

realized he had a caddis

graphically failed and could have

prevented a large miasma that flowed

over the shinobi world all of which

followed from his own failure the his

student who he let down now scolding and

somewhat bullying him even about how

much of a loser he is this actually

strikes a chord with Minato and it

wasn't something he could seemingly

shrug off as long as he won anymore

those days were over in fact there were

so many pages dedicated to me nachos

distress it could make it so long manga

chapter so it baffled me that it was

often overlooked which even the data

book refers to as me nachos days that he

snaps out of thanks to his son naruto

with this mental distress Minato his arm

was lobbed off after he was caught off

guard and his combat prowess drastically

came sluggish and lacking those snappy

responses you would expect from the

yellow flash that alongside the fact

that he was using a massive reserve of

chakra teleporting bombs I mean also did

not look good for a few chapters he was

what the data book calls in a daze

however even with those things in mind

once Obito was defeated and me not to

place the future and his true hopes in

Naruto after the nine tails lectured him

he admitted his failure to Obi so and

came back to his senses even with no

chakra from the god tree after was

stolen and after using so many spacetime

warps he was still able to hold off

black zetsu merged with ren agon obito

with Kakashi's help which is a

ridiculous feat actually as even one of

the lesser des yeux known as guru guru

when fused with an unconscious yamato

could hold off the entire shinobi

alliance let alone the black zetsu which

is Caguas essence this alongside the

fact that prior that black zetsu was

able to use Obito's body that literally

had its heart and spine ripped out by

Kakashi and couldn't even stand shot

chakra rods out of his arms that could

even counter EMS Sasuke's Susanoo arrows

dipped in Amaterasu that tobirama

earlier said was flame control he's

never even seen before

so even heavily fatigued Edo base Minato

that earlier couldn't even use flying

rides in a single time with the drained

KCM is competing with zetsu Obito which

is actually like I said an insane feat

in itself and proves even further

the massive nerve he had earlier from

psychological distress he would then go

on to save mike guy from moderates true

seeking barrage and give his final hopes

to Naruto Naruto now reaching his level

Minato can no long

give him that sunning pat on the head

literally and metaphorically and

everything worked out he then wished him

a happy birthday and in conclusion me

not to as an insanely fast character

even faster than the younger Third

Hokage that was stronger than any of the

COG a thirteen years later and was fast

enough to blitz between the full nine

tails at close proximity and was a

massive help in the final struggle

against Obito even when tired and

extremely mentally distraught and we've

seen how mental distress affects a

fighter as seen with heroes in vs

orochimaru or even Zabuza versus Kakashi

you could also argue that due to the

fact he was already rivaling the full

Cuban speed that having a half QB cloak

while reanimated wouldn't actually

increases speed all that much or would

it be nearly as drastic as it was for

Naruto which I feel is something that

people also tried to downplay and take

out of proportion it should also be

noted I think as one of manatos main

combat traits that his sealing jutsu is

the most advanced in the verse basically

is one of the strongest sealing jutsu

users in the entire verse he has a

assume aki tier knowledge on how it

works and is able to make a masterful

seals that even surprises the Reika gate

and their village seals away the a tails

constantly as it always like breaks out

of this jinchuriki and so forth so

Minato along with all of these crazy

stats also is able to seal you away even

probably with his normal sealing jutsu

if you are not nine tails to your own

strength so that is also something to

keep in mind now before we end off this

Minato scale that I hope you all enjoy

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