what's up guys it's your boy elastic

rating the building man coming at to

another lady video as always man guys

check it out tonight I'm gonna be doing

something insane yeah I'm check it out

now I know a lot of you guys I really

really want to know

gamemaster's identity now if you guys do

not know her game ass is he is basically

this YouTube hacker he's on anonymous

route to hacker what do I mean about

anonymous anonymous is basically

somebody that tried to hide their

identity they try to keep themselves and

remain them and remain in disguise this

guy's means like I said hiding yourself

you know I'm saying like you know how

some celebrities are famous so they like

where fake mass and stuff like that they

put makeup on so they can look

differently wear a hoodie or they wear a

cap something trying to keep yourself

you know on the low on the low key no

I'm saying so that's what game acid does

and that's where this whole team at

projects or bo-best they keep himself in

the skies by wearing the gamemaster mask

and wearing black hoodies guys and using

voice changes so he cannot detect them

guys so today guys what I'm gonna be

doing I'm gonna be calling Game Master

I'm gonna tell him to meet me at my

house yeah I'm basically gonna invite

him to my house I'm gonna knock him out

yeah and while he's knocked out he or

she cuz we don't know if it's a he or

she like I said the person is in

disguise he's anonymous or she's

anonymous whoever this unknown being is

yeah i'ma knock this fun non-being out

and while this unknown beings

unconscious I'm gonna attempt to remove

the mask and show you guys the whole

entire face now in my last video um I

was Game Master I'm sorry guys I

apologize I already told you guys this I

betrayed you guys and I was on projects

or go and I revealed myself that was me

but this time I'm back on you on your

guys side and this isn't neither stuff

and you guys want to see that this isn't


this time we're gonna mash this person

you guys are gonna see exactly who it is

I'm gonna show you guys the face I'm

gonna keep the camera on the face it's

not gonna be one of those things where I

take the mask off and then it like he or

she bite my finger and I'm a run I'm

gonna show you guys the face this time I

won't make sure a person is knocked out

guys this is gonna be insane so before

we get into this video make sure all you

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sort okay that means they I'm going to

be giving gamemaster Corrigan its number

right here you guys want me to expose

the number smash like my let's do get

5,000 likes I will leak his number down

in the timing box guys but daddy says

dudas all right guys we calling

gamemaster man

oh no it's game master hello game master

yes hello yes hello game master I am a

member of projects or go my name is Saul

hacker number five four six seven zero

zero five four I'm basically calling

because I just came up with some YouTube

doomsday encodes I have the codes to

last dude a hack on YouTube all I need

is for you to come confirm these close

up the right and just pick them up

the colds are not safe anywhere but in

your hands and the only trustee in your

hands so I need you to come to my

location I will send it to your phone

right now I'll come pick up the calls as

soon as possible so they can remain safe

good job great job I'm on my way to get

those coats similar location thank you

master thank you so much all right I'll

send the location to your phone I'll see

you here

arjan sort of close in game matches on

his way to this location I've sent them

this location now maybe I should put a

hooking on the ha muscles yeah I'm gonna

go put a hoodie on myself y'all and when

game masters at my door I'm telling to

come in I'm gonna have my head down so

you don't see me and I just knock him

out and we're gonna attempt to take off

the mask yeah so that being said I'm

and I'll see you guys in a few minutes

so you guys just chill out right here

man not sure I hear back okay okay I'll

be right back guys


hey guys I got the video

all right now studies now want I just

should be good enough game answer should

be able to detect me

all right be good gods me come I'm gonna

have my head down just like this you

know what guys

I just feel lost all right never mind

never mind never won maybe I should have

put on the game master mass yeah guys

you know what I'm gonna go get a game

master master so that way he really

believes me I forgot guys remember that

table game master sent me to mass I have

extra mass I'm put one on so he does not

recognize me out this is gonna be


all right now let me go get the mass

i'ma see you guys let me hurt and do

this fast because he might be here any

second so I'm gonna go fast go get the

master I see you guys when I'm back up

here and yeah though mr. dorker

it's gain after you say about the last

one gasps he's not gonna leave us do

stuff and I hit the light burner right

now he's nocturnal

so keen after my happy that you able to

make it I have the coals and good we're

all too cold I don't have a lot of time

so where are they good question

they're right here

yes hey you guys I'm not talking master

he's officially knocked out guys

right now I'm going to get sitting off

his match got us one oh my god oh my god

oh my god asked her black guys it's

awesome glad that means he's not though

I'm not gonna lie guys I'm a little

scared right now

I'm a little scared right now I don't

know what to do I'm a little nervous cuz

I don't know who to expect under this

mask guys this is absolutely insane I'm

gonna do it because I know you got

smashed like but I know you guys haven't

seen this man I'm scared bro I'm scared

I'll have to do what if you just come

back to life me what if he faking it

hey guys all right okay girls okay okay

hurry hurry guys all right guys to know

what I'm gonna do right now my need you

guys to hit the like button now we got

to hurry up make this fast before a game

has to come to life hurry I'm gonna go

right now I'm in right now no more no

more being scared I mean also great


oh my god what the hell what the hell oh

my gosh

what that was dead who there's some type

of dead person and a mouth is quivering

what it always that yo Gosselaar look at

the alien

yo dude you guys should see that porn I

wasn't saying I know game master is now

Arnold what the hell I was I never seen

nothing like that day my life died

literally look like like Chad wild clay

mixed with some type of alien dollars

they say boy could it be a ball clay mix

for the alien that's insane

you don't put in this video here hope

you guys enjoyed it if you did we should

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