THE GAME | Before They Were Famous | Jayceon Terrell Taylor

great told me not to trust you [ __ ]

your energy off you finicky I brush your

[ __ ] before the game dropped his

long-awaited the documentary to working

with the likes of Drake's new dog Kanye

dr. Dre and more before him and 50 cent

would have an epic fall out that would

go on and on before he got a tattoo of a

butterfly on his face which he later

covered up with the LA Dodgers logo and

a red star the game grew up in Compton

following in his family's footsteps he

got involved in gang culture and was a

member of the Bloods that was until he

got shot and was left in a coma he had

tried to get his life together he even

attended college and he was a basketball

player but got kicked off the team and

out of school when they found him

dealing drugs he then turned to music

and was mentored by dr. dre and 50 cent

my name is Michael Krasny documenting

the life of the game prior to Fame here

for you up before they're famous as

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absolutely everybody except for that one

person who keeps asking for John Lennon

John Lennon isn't a priority not yet

anyway the game was born Jayceon Terrell

Taylor on November 27 1979 in Los

Angeles California

his parents were heavily involved in

gang culture his father a member of the

nutty block [ __ ] and his mother a Hoover

[ __ ] at his family life was

dysfunctional say the very least he

recalls his parents preparing for a

drive-by when he was in his youth his

father was addicted to heroin both his

parents were frequent users of cocaine

and at one point he stated his father

molested his sister at the age of seven

young Taylor was put into foster care at

the age of 13 his older brother John was

shot at 15 he was removed from the

foster care system and returned to live

with his mother Lynette who is no longer

with his father

Taylor attended Compton high school the

same school his idol

eazy-e previously attended gang culture

was common within the walls of this

school with a strong number of crit

members but Taylor was on the outside it

had affiliations to the blood through

his half-brother big phase 100 outside

all this Taylor excelled in athletics he

began playing point guard on the

basketball team his nickname at the time

was stretch because he was really tall

for his age his work on the court even

earned him a scholarship to Washington

State University but he was soon kicked

off the team and out of school for

dealing marijuana from Mary returned

home and signed up full time with the

Cedar block Peru blood and he would

begin selling drugs that was until one

night in 2001 when three men knocked on

his door and put five bullets in his

body after waking up from a three day

coma he decided he was gonna put drug

dealing and gang culture behind him and

start focusing on rap he began studying

rap like one studies for academics he

picked up all the classic hip-hop albums

including reasonable doubt the chronic

and Illmatic he paid close attention to

all the elements that made these albums

timeless his stage name he got that one

from his grandmother she was a huge fan

of the 1997 classic the game after the

game fully recovered he released his

first mixtape you know what it is Volume

one in 2002 and landed a record deal

with get low records in 2003 he would be

signed to dr. Dre's aftermath

entertainment and they thought it would

be a good idea to match him up with 50

cent and g-unit you can actually see him

dancing in Indiglo

no take two and a half years before he

would release his own album but he was

already well established in the hip hop

game he was rubbing shoulders with the

likes of Ludacris and Kanye West he was

even modeling for P Diddy in some Sean

John clothing in 2005 he would drop the

documentary with hit single hated her

love this song would receive two Grammy


and the album debuted at number one on

the Billboard 200 now at this point in

time the game had largely been

considered the West Coast arm of 50 says

g-unit but this would all change soon

after he dropped the documentary and

g-unit would announce that they were

moving on without him and the game

learned this while he was on a radio

show yeah in front of other people

that's a big Bluff 50 felt he had not

received proper credit for the five or

six songs he had written on the album

the two would be for some time and for a

while it seemed like the game had fallen

out with everybody but today it appears

he's back in good company and the rest

of the story will you know the story

because this is before they're famous

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