Riverdale 03x22 | Reveals the true Gargoyle's king Scene |

wait King before you do he'll cast her

care to take us down sure Arthur Conan

Doyle famously said once you eliminate

the impossible whatever remains however

improbable must be the truth

in which case whoever is underneath that

mask must have had a connection to Hal

ante you Penelope but it's not Jason

because he's dead

even though his corpse is missing the

one corpse that hasn't been accounted


who was last seen by the black hood


what the hell since when does chicka

fright hair I'm guessing since he

started working with Penelope doing her

bidding but this was after he got the

gargoyle symbols tattooed on his back

it's why Ethel said the gargoyle Kings

Jason because you called him Jason

because you dressed him up like Jason

you didn't murder chase after you chased

him through the woods you I recognized a

kinship in him and I spared him he

begged for mercy and pledged his life to

me in service of my mission but it

wasn't just your mission wasn't mr.

Cooper maybe not at first but eventually

you started working with someone else

who also had a grudge against Riverdale

in the middle of all that stuff with the

black hood last year my dad was having

an affair with Penelope yes I did

cultivate your father's murderous

impulses it's true to take my revenge on

a town that allowed me to be sold as a

child bride to the blossoms your parents

knew I told them and they did nothing

but mockney and years later when my

Jason was murdered in cold blood do you

think one of them reached out to me they

were too busy ignoring the rotting fetid

truth that Riverdale is anxious and

cruelly twisted and cursed

and the black hood and I we were doing

quite well exterminating its sinners

until my dad got arrested yes but that

was fine because house disciple came to

me lost and I gave him purpose to

continue our great work but not as a

black card so instead you made him dress

up like the boogeyman the gargoyle came

you introduced Jun Jie to our parents 25

years ago and then reintroduced it this

year to chick his name is Jason who gave

it to Ben button we started playing with

tilting doily and ethyle mugs

and then Genji spread like a virus

poison and the true mastermind behind it

all the true king was human Noemi well

done well done

but now it's time to play one final

round with you the midnight children

what end

saves to reveal your true nature to

prove that you are as dark hearted as

the town that birthed you and what if we


we escaped you won't win so what happens

if we lose well and your parents will

feel the pain that I felt the death of a

child could there be anything more

grateful you're a Nazi


it is time

come to the longed-for the gathering