Disney Theory: Who Trapped The Genie In The Lamp?

the genius forced to do the bidding to

all those who rub the magic lamp he is

tethered to using his he grants his

masters three wishes but is stuck enough

he is a slave to the magic lamp but how

did it get this way

hello I'm Isaac from what so videos

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people and today I'm going to explain

what trapped the genie in the magic lamp

although Jafar's wish to become also

made him a slave to a lamp that's not

really what genies originally were his

wish was manipulated to trap him but not

all genies were originally trapped in

objects the idea of the genie can

actually be traced back to the Quran

where genius were originally named the

jinn the jinn were created from a

smokeless scorching fire but they were

also physical beings who could interact

with the world around them in addition

the morality of the jinn was as fluid as

humans meaning free will allow them to

be good evil or neutrally beneficial to

the world around them for example there

is a class of jinn nor as the Shaitaan

Gen which are analogous to the Christian

demon since the jinns creation in the

Quran the idea of a supernatural being

of smoke has weaved its way into

mythology and popular culture one of the

most famous appearances of a jinn is of

course in the middle eastern folk tale

of Aladdin from the book of 1,001 nights

in all of the genies appearances and

even in Aladdin's original story there

is never a description of how a jinn

could become a prisoner of a magic lamp

who could have accomplished capturing an

all-powerful jinn since there was no

definitive idea in the already

established mythology I had to search

through Disney Canon if I hope to find

an answer to who trapped the genie in

Disney's Aladdin there had to be someone

in Disney movies comics or television

who was from long ago

since the genie has been around for at

least a few millennia who had extremely

powerful magic to trap mythical

creatures like the jinn could have been

the gods of Olympus no I don't think so

they may have power to trap the genie

and have lives long enough to have

imprisoned him

that doesn't mean they would have been

concerned on the affairs of humans

instead they send heroes off to fight

their heinous foes maybe Ursula cursed

the genie she does use objects like the

nautilus shell to capture magical

essences like Ariel's voice meaning she

could have made the lamp and she has the

long life as a sea witch to be alive

long enough to capture the genie

but Ursula has no motivation to create

an all-powerful wish granter when she

herself makes deals to make people's

dreams come true a similar problem

occurs for powerful individuals in

Disney Canon like Maleficent Merlin and

the people of Atlantis the old border on

the line of possessing enough magical

power to stop a genie they are not known

to create magic items and we have no

clue how long they have been alive sure

enough though I kept digging and I

finally found a group of people who met

the necessary criteria to imprison the

genie the kingdom of Maru these were a

people mentioned in the Disney Junior

show Sophia the first and the Disney

Channel show Elena of avalor who held

extreme magical ability we know this

because of the codex Maru which is a

magic book written by the Moreau people

which contains the most ancient and

powerful magic ever known in addition

zuzo a spirit Fox who guides princess

Elena through the human and spirit

worlds explains the maru crafted many

objects with immense power including the

Amulet of avalor the scepter of light

and the eye of midnight meaning they

definitely could have crafted a magic

lamp before the maru kingdom banished

into oblivion and was rebuilt into

elena's Kingdom of avalor we also know

they took it upon themselves to regulate

and protect the world from powerful foes

like orizaba a dangerous moth fairy long

ago she tried to bring total darkness to

the world until a morovian wizard

stopped her and trapped her to the

spirit world since they stopped heinous

threats in the past then they would have

intervened if there was a dangerous jinn

looming over the world does that mean

then that the genie was originally a

Shaitan jinn yes I think so and there's

actually some evidence for that as well

the genie has shown to have a bit of a

temper which he controls with the use of


the genie screamed at Aladdin here just

for questioning his abilities scuse me

you wake me up you bring me here and all

of a sudden you're walking out on me I

don't think so not right now you're

getting your wishes so maybe at one

point his temper was out of control

leading to some horrific moments in his

past furthermore he also was quick to

give advice to Aladdin not to lie or

deceive the people he cares about

indicating the genie may have

experienced with the consequences of

cruel behavior I think the genie was

hurting people around him and was

bringing chaos from his anger so the

moon used their immense power to create

the magic lamp to curse the threatened

jinn into being a slave of all who

robbing the genie pushed everyone away

and hurt people so the moon set up a

curse with an equal punishment to be

free he would need to open himself up

gain friendship and one day have a

master who would use the practically

unlimited magic at their disposal to

free him for hundreds of years the lamp

had many masters and traveled across the

world until the genie met Aladdin so now

it's time for your thoughts do you think

the Maru played a part in trapping the

genie let me know in the comment section

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