How I Transform Into Stephanie From LazyTown with Chloe Lang


hey guys it's chloe lang and welcome

back to my channel

in today's video i'm going to be doing

something super fun

i'm gonna show you guys how i get ready

as stephanie

so i'll be showing you how i put on the


the dress and all the accessories that

come with the costume

so let's get into it okay so first i'm

going to

start by getting changed into

the dress and this actually i get a lot

of comments about this

um this isn't the original

stephanie dress because um i was

10 years old when i filmed the show so i

was a lot smaller than i am now

so i did have this remade professionally

um and it is lazytown approved by all

the costume artists

just so that it fits me more now for

when i make appearances or when i do

things like this

so just a disclaimer this isn't the

original but it's pretty close so i'm

gonna get into this now

okay so here we go i'm all dressed i'm

in the costume

and now for the next step i'll be

showing you guys how i put on the wig

so we keep the wig on this little

styrofoam mannequin head

just to make sure that it doesn't get

super knotted

and frizzy and all about but then i just

kind of comb it through with my fingers

and there's little pins up here to keep

it in place

now when i put my hair back to get under

the wig

i usually just do kind of like a low bun

or i'll do like a little pony

and kind of pin it like this so i'm just

gonna put it in a pony right now

um but when i was on set and when the

makeup and hair

artist would put the wig on for me i'd

usually get

three or four french braids going all

the way down

and then the braids would be pinned on

top of my head

like this so this be braided and then

pinned like this

so that was flat and then i had like a

like mesh cap on to keep it all in place

and then that was all pinned and then

the wig would go on and then the wig

would be pinned

to my hair so it was definitely a lot

more secure on set

but usually when i'm just making videos

or getting in the costume super quick

i'll just do like a low bun like this

and it works great for like short-term


okay so the bun is in and now i'm gonna

put it on

so i just start by grabbing the front of


and i place it on my head like this and


i kind of have to look to make sure that

it's centered

and that both of these side pieces are


and i like to brush out the bangs and

one of the most important things on set

for wearing this wig was to always make


that the bangs covered my eyebrows so

i never wear it like this that looks

crazy yeah so it always comes like right

above my eyes

to cover my eyebrows and then for the


so it's back here you can still see it

but since the wig has this like

little built-in cap i'll just take the


and i'll push it under and then

from the back it looks like this

so you can't really see any of my hair

and from the front

it looks like this

and like i said when i'm just using it

for short term i don't really need all

the pins

and stuff to keep it in place but when i

was on set

and i was dancing and flipping and

singing and bouncing around

um we'd have to put so many bobby pins

up here

um like right here to make sure that


stayed like this and you couldn't see


so the process was definitely a lot

longer on set

but just for practical use right now

this is just how i put it on

when i'm just making a tic tac or a

youtube video

stuff like that so next i'm going to

show you guys

all of stephanie's accessories and every

other part of the costume

besides just the dress and the wig now i

do want to mention that

this wig is completely original this was

made for me the first day i arrived on


it was fit specifically for my head and


bangs were made for my length so this is

completely original

it's og i took this home from iceland

and this is the only wig that i own

and it's the only wig that exists so

that's pretty cool

and the same goes for all these

accessories so first i'll start with the


now look at these things they're


but they're super stretchy so they still

fit me

and these just go on under my dress and


if you guys remember in the show

stephanie always had pink tights on

so these are must for the costume

and following that come my

socks my high socks and like the same

thing if you guys remember um these i'd

always read these every episode and they

were always scrunched

down by my shoes and always the same

color i have multiple pairs of these

because i would wear a bunch of

different pairs on different days

and same with the tights and then

and then as far as shoes go i still have

stephanie's original sneakers

these are from iceland and i wore these

when i was 11 years old they're tiny

but somehow they still fit my feet not


but i make it work and it's actually a

really funny story these shoes

um they were made custom made for this


and they took like forever to come in

and i had to film like the first episode

with like a different pair of shoes

so it was pretty funny but these finally

came in and i wore them

for pretty much every single episode

okay the last part of the costume i have

to show you guys

is this little tank top i was required

to wear this

every time i put on the costume i think

i don't know it just

it doesn't really match the pinks i mean

i guess it matches my hair

but it was mostly just in case like you

could see a little bit

of underneath the dress in any way um i

had everything pink

so that's pretty much it as far as the

costume goes

but i do have a lot of fun facts to

share with you guys about like being in

this costume on set

and stuff like that so as you guys can

see this costume has a lot of parts to


and if you've seen multiple episodes of

lazytown then you know that in certain


sometimes i'm wearing more fancy

costumes such as the princess episode i

was wearing a huge gown

the egyptian episode i was also wearing

another gown

um the space episode i was in a huge

moon suit with a huge bubble over my


so it was definitely a never dull moment

in the costume department

i was always so excited to see what i'd

be wearing that episode

and every single one of the costumes

were handmade

custom fit for me custom designed

so it was pretty amazing super awesome

but i will have to say dancing singing

acting jumping around in this wig all


in this really thick dress and the

tights and the socks and the shoes

and under all the bright lights on set

it got

super hot i mean sometimes i just have

to take a break after the dancing scene

and just

sit down and cool off because wearing

this wig is

warmer than wearing a hat i mean the

hair on this is

super thick and then i have all my hair


underneath it so i'm sure you guys can

imagine what it was like

but another fun fact is that actually

um it's not here anymore because it grew

out but

this part of my head the

nape of my neck i had to get that shaved

and dyed pink

because in a lot of episodes as i

mentioned i'm moving and dancing around

and just in case there was an angle

where you saw me like this and my head

was down

and any of my real hair showed that

would have been bad

so i dyed it pink and it stayed like


for like a couple years after the dye

was in my hair

and then since it was shaved and it

started growing out i had like a little


back there but it's all grown up now so

it's not there anymore so yeah

this is the process of how i transform


chloe into the character stephanie and i

hope you guys really enjoyed this video

i hope you learned something new

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