10 Transgender Celebrities We All Admire


life is hard enough as it is for the

average person but imagine how much more

difficult it is for people who are

transgender they have to face ignorant

people go through transitioning and deal

with feelings of isolation there are

some transgender celebrities who really

do deserve a round of applause for

everything they've been through make

sure to keep watching until the end to

see what Minkus from Boy Meets World has

to do with American rapper chanel west


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now here's ten transgender celebrities

we all admire Laverne Cox when it comes

to transgender celebrities Laverne Cox

is a name that you're probably familiar

with Laverne is a trans woman who first

rose to fame after starring on the hit

TV show orange is the new black she grew

up in Alabama and was constantly bullied

by others for being too feminine

Laverne even had to beg her mom to let

her take dance classes when she was

younger her mom eventually gave in and

signed her up for tap and jazz but she

didn't let Laverne take a ballet because

she thought that it was too girly

Laverne always knew that she was a girl

but pushed those feelings away because

she thought that it was sinful she even

once swallowed a whole bottle of pills

in the 6th grade because she was so

ashamed of herself Laverne is thankfully

in a much better place now that she's

living her dreams as an actress she even

thinks that America is doing much better

at accepting trans people today as

opposed to how things were when she was

still struggling with her identity

nowadays Laverne uses her fame to fight

for trans rights she is such an

inspiring woman and we love that she is

so committed to helping her community

she even once told a young trans girl

remember honey transgender is beautiful

how amazing is she

jazz Jennings jazz Jennings as a trans

girl who first became famous after she

here in a televised interview with

Barbara Walters when she was just six

years old

since then jazz has grown up on TV with

the intention of showing the world what

it's like to be a trans kid ever since

she could form her own thoughts jazz

knew that she was a girl trapped inside

a boy's body she'd always steal her

sister's clothes and would even walk

around the house in heels as a toddler

when her parents would call her a boy

when she was younger she would

immediately correct them by saying that

she was a girl jazz even believed that a

fairy would one day visit her to change

her boy parts into girl parts

thankfully her family became super

supportive of her once they found out

that she was actually transgendered

today jazz is a popular youtuber and

even stars in her own TV show on TLC

thanks to her celebrity she's been

helping to demystify what it means to be

trans she was also included on a list of

Time Magazine's top 25 most influential

teens of 2014 what we find most

inspiring about jazz is that she doesn't

care what people think about her when

asked about how she feels when people

judge her she responded the only opinion

that really affects me is my own opinion

of myself because I determined the way I

am not anyone else Chaz Bono when Sonny

and Cher welcomed their little girl

chastity into the world we don't think

that they ever thought that she would

want to transition to a heat but that

did end up happening and chastity

started presenting herself as Chaz in

the late 2000s life before the

transition was so hard for Chaz that he

still finds it painful to look at

pictures of himself as chastity today

when he was 40 years old

Chaz finally went under the knife to

have his breasts removed so that he

could truly feel like a man he even

began to receive testosterone shots to

make him have facial hair and deepen his

voice besides being a LGBTQ rights


Chaz followed in his parents

entertainment footsteps and became an

actor he was even the first trans man to

play a mail rule in a feature film Kaz

has also been lucky enough to have

worked on The Secret Life of the

American team the bold and the beautiful

and American Horror Story

but how did cher feel about gaining

another son she's admitted that she had

a hard time once Chad began to

transition because it's a strange change

for a mother to go through she even

still has trouble using the correct

pronouns when talking about him but one

thing's for sure no one could be more

proud of who Chas has become than his

mother Carmen Carrera

Carmen Carrera is a celebrity trans

woman who became famous after appearing

on season three of RuPaul's Drag Race

she actually used to do drag for years

before she finally transitioned after

being kicked off a RuPaul show

the most difficult thing about

transitioning in the public eye is that

people had a harder time accepting her

that's because they were so used to her

being a man who did drag but she hopes

that her story will help to normalize

transitioning these days Carmen works as

a model and walked down pat walks around

the world but have you heard about the

drama that she stirred up with rue

carmen found herself in hot water after

she called out the drag race for pulling

a game called female or [ __ ] she said

that she male was an extremely offensive

term and that the show should be more

respectful of what trans people have to

go through Carmen actually faced a lot

of backlash for speaking out and some of

the drag race girls accused her of

biting the hand that fed her we admire

her for standing up for the rights of

trans people everywhere all she wanted

was for people to think about the

language that they use and for everyone

to respect one another thankfully there

is no bad blood between her and RuPaul

Carmen has even said that she would

still give her a hug if she bumped into

her on the street

Andreea page before Andreea page

transition to being a woman she was

known as Andre page in the fashion world

Andre was one of the only male models in

the world who was used on the catwalks

to show off women's clothing in fact he

quickly became an it figure due to his

androgynous look but he underwent

reassignment surgery in 2014 to finally

be able to live his true life as a woman

aundrea told Vogue that transitioning

isn't as easy as just going to a surgeon

and asking them to change your body

parts she had to undergo psychiatric

evaluations and strict testing before

she was allowed to get surgery done she

only told her menswear agency about the

operation just two weeks before it was

done but they were all super supportive

about her becoming a female model

transitioning is always hard but it's

easier when the people you trust to have

your back

we admire andreia for staying true to

who she was on the inside even if she

wasn't sure how the fashion world would

respond to the change she actually made

history soon after as the first

transgender model to be on the cover of

GQ Portugal if she could have a

conversation with her younger self

aundrea would tell her that she will one

day grow into the woman that she's

always wanted to be Fallon Fox Fallon

Fox is a trans woman who works in a

field that has yet to show total

acceptance of transgender people she is

a woman's featherweight MMA fighter

Fallon was forced to come out about

being transgender after a reporter got

wind of her life pre-transition when

Fallon first told her parents that she

was transgender her mother didn't

respond well to the news and her dad

fell to earth and that she was probably

just gay she was put into gay conversion

therapy so that she could be turned back

into a straight man but Fallon knew

felt inside was right and decided to

transition without the blessing of her

parents as a first transgender fighter

in MMA history a lot of people accused

her of having an advantage over her

female born competitors but Fallon

argues that she's been doing hormone

therapy for so long that there's nothing

male about her anymore the worst part

about coming out is that the people she

trained with no longer see her as a

regular woman she was able to get away

with being just another normal female

athlete for almost six years the

scrutiny that Fallon faces in the MMA

world is unacceptable but we admire her

for still continuing to fight she is

showing the world that she will not back

down because of transphobia and she is

painting the way for transgender

athletes everywhere

Gina Rosero the 14 Aras arrow came out

as transgender everyone knew her as a

model they only learned that she was a

boy at first when she announced it

during a TED talk back in 2014

Gina was super nervous to give her

speech because she knew that it would

change her life forever but she also

felt like she was finally about to set

herself free

she had gender reassignment surgery when

she was just 19 years old which is

something that the majority of her

friends didn't even know before her TED

talk her worst fear was that the media

would find out the truth about her which

could cause people to not view her as a

real woman anymore

her agents had no idea that she was


until her speech happened but they said

that the news didn't change anything

Gina decided to come forward about her

past because she wanted to inspire other

trans people to live truthfully without

feeling ashamed she was only five years

old when she first told her mom that she

was a girl thankfully her family fully

accepted her for who she was when

talking about how she labels herself

Gina admitted that she likes to call

herself a trans model instead of a model

because she wants to represent the trans

community her hope for the future is

that the fashion world will hire more

trans models because their stories need

to be told

Erica urban supermodel Erika Ervin

wasn't always known as Erika she was

originally called William before

she transitioned back in 2004 with an

astonishing height of 6/8 she is the

tallest female model in the world when

erica was thinking about telling the

public about her transition after bills

skarsgård told her that she should start

by talking about it in Sweden the

Swedish people are super accepting and

they would help her feel comfortable

about telling her story Erika is also an

actress and she played the role of

Amazon Eve on American Horror Story

freak show since they were looking for a

man to play a woman she decided to

audition for the part dressed as a man

it was only after she was given the part

that she told them that she is

transgender on Sat air Kovas co-stars

with the smallest woman in the world who

stands out only to one it's funny to see

these two opposites together but it's

even more inspiring that they get to

show the world that they're different

and proud Erika's height used to make

her feel like a monster but she's

learned to accept herself for who she is

sadly her family was not accepting of

her when she transitioned and she lost

contact with them all during that tough

period but Erika doesn't let that get in

the way of her happiness Caitlyn Jenner

Bruce Jenner's transition to Caitlyn

Jenner was probably one of the most

high-profile transitions ever documented

when Caitlyn was a young boy she was

fascinated by the clothes that belonged

to her older sister and mom she was very

confused about what she was feeling

inside and didn't know how to deal with

it so she threw herself into athletics

and even won an Olympic gold medal in

1976 Caitlyn has two marriages that

failed miserably due to her unhappiness

with herself she even tried to talk to

her second wife about her gender

confusion but Linda wanted nothing to do

with it by the time that Caitlyn started

dating Kris Jenner she started the

relationship out by telling Chris that

she had been taking hormone pills for

the past four and a half years however

Chris denies this and has even written a

book suggesting that Bruce married her

without telling her what was really

going on but the two made a good team

and they raised their children the

beloved stars of Keeping Up with the


it was a bit shocking for the

kardashian-jenner clan to have their dad

transition to a woman but they've all

been super supportive of Caitlyn's

journey Caitlyn had everything to lose

when she decided to transition publicly

but she still bravely decided to do it

when she was 65 years old she is living

proof that it's never too late to be the

person that you truly want to be chanel

west coast

did you know that there's a lot of

people who think that Lee Norris the

actor who played Stuart Minkus on Boy

Meets World became a trans woman if you

don't remember Minkus he was the blonde

brainy kid with the goofy glasses

because of their similar features

there's a rumor going around that Lee

Norris became chanel west coast

we have to admit that they do kind of

look alike but we have no idea how this

rumors started Lee Norris and chanel

west coast are two separate people with

separate careers in their entertainment

Fitz Lee is still an actor today and was

last featured on the walking dead Girl

Meets World and gone girl chanel west

coast is a rapper and actress best known

for her role as a rapping secretary on

Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory

when Chanel was asked to clear up the

mangas rumor by lmn oh la la she said

that she feels bad for Lee Norris

because people truly believe that he's

transitioned into her nobody realizes

that he still has a budding acting

career that's because the world doesn't

even think that he exists in his male

form anymore this lately all started

because someone noticed that the two

look alike and thought that it would be

a funny joke

however transitioning is a very tough

thing for people to go through and it is

not a joking matter that's all for ten

transgender celebrities we all admire if

you want to watch another video check

out ten

labs no one knew were trans thanks for