Here's What You Never Knew About Lily From AT&T Commercials

facts first presents here's what you

never knew about Lily from the iconic

AT&T ads AT&T does whatever they can to

get people to use their service and buy

their phones like most companies they

rely heavily on advertising over the

years they've come out with plenty of

commercials with various actors and

actresses and one actress who starred in

AT&T commercials is mallanna vayan truck

aka Lilly here's what you never know

about Lilly in those iconic AT&T ads

mallanna was born in Tashkent which is

now known as zoo Becca Stan the Soviet

Socialist Republic she and her Jewish

parents came to the United States as

refugees after fleeing due to religious

persecution she was very young when she

came to the US and shortly after

arriving she began acting she was just 2

years old when she landed an appearance

for Barbie commercials mallanna had some

small roles and shows like ER days of

our lives and lizzie mcguire mallanna

attended Beverly Hills High School but

she dropped out in her senior year after

getting her GED she earned her Bachelor

of Arts in communication from the

University of San Diego she never got

rid of the acting bug it really bit her

as a child and she started studying

improv comedy at The Upright Citizens

Brigade theater millana made a name for

herself as one of the live prude girls

on the hit YouTube show and that led her

to land small comedy roles and more

substantial roles and this is us and

Squirrel Girl in Marvel's new warriors

unfortunately the project didn't work

out and there's no way of knowing if we

will ever see the final product

Milana has excellent comic ability and

that caught the eye of a TNT's marketing

execs they called her in for a single

commercial and the ad was a huge hit it

gained so much attention they kept

calling her back to star in more

commercials as the same character over

time she starred in 40 commercials for

AT&T AT&T is Vice President of Marketing

Valerie Vargas smoked with ADD week

magazine about Nalanda and she said the

first spot was so successful for us that

we thought let's do another one and then

another one and

it was so well received that we kept

bringing her back the ad execs and the

public they weren't the only ones who

loved mallanna's commercials it also

caught the attention of some celebrities

including Amy Schumer

she liked the spots so much she thought

they were worth parody some people loved

Amy's parody but mallanna herself didn't

when speaking with ad Weekly about the

parody she said the way that you're

gonna portray this character is that

you're going to play her dumb butts just

lazy mallanna made sure to point out

that Lily was not high candy people

loved the character because of her sass

and her brains she says that she's proud

of the character that she helped to


melanda came to the United States as a

refugee and she knows how difficult it

can be in 2016 when things began falling

apart in Syria and the devastation

reached a boiling point

Milana travelled to Greece she went

there to meet with the refugee families

who were fleeing due to the Syrian civil

war the trip made her want to do

something so she co-founded a website

and a social media movement called

hashtag can't do nothing she wanted to

put a spotlight on the European migrant

crisis along with entrepreneur Erin

zahavy the charity's focused on helping

everyday people make real change the

purpose of the charity and the social

media movement is to raise awareness to

get people to pay attention volunteer

and donate money to the cause it's a

cause that is close to mallanna's heart

and she is very passionate about it we

may no longer see mallanna on TV trying

to sell AT&T products through her

commercials but that doesn't mean that

we've seen the last of her she is an

amazing talent she has great comedic

timing and with the right project

mallanna can really go far her main

focus today is on her career and helping

other refugees with talent like hers you

could expect some pretty great things

for Lilly

or excuse me mallanna in the future her

role as squirrel girl might be on the

back burner for now but she is still


20-19 she appeared in hot ships video

for their hit song hungry child only

time will tell how long it'll be before

we see her again but you can be sure it

will be soon with talent like hers it's

only a matter of time

where we see her again on TV or even the

big screen we may even see her on a few

more AT&T commercial soon you never know

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