If Real Women used Lumify Eye Drops | Jackie Henley

I've got something amazing to show you


looma Phii drops there are a real game

changer when it comes to beautiful

looking eyes I'm sorry my eyes looma

thighs unlike any other drop out there

looma phi reduces redness so

dramatically that it helps your eyes

look whiter and brighter for up to eight

hours I am wearing a mask on my face

that is supposedly infused with 24 karat

gold but it was $4.99 at writing some

doesn't had up but look I'm not asking

any questions I've got a lotion in my

hair that supposedly is not going to

affect the fake hair that is also

attached to the real hair on my head

twice a year I pay a medical doctor to

inject my forehead with poison so that I

don't get any wrinkles my makeup

collection is probably worth more than

my car at this point and I'm sitting

here scrubbing my teeth with charcoal

because at this point I'm not quite sure

if it's good for grilling or just this

grill but like whatever right and now

you are telling me that I need to worry

about the whites of my eyeballs I had no

idea my eyes could look this amazing how

much is it luma 5 from the eye care

experts at Bausch and Lomb give them a

high a try you won't believe your eyes

from here I look like an albino version

of the Grinch

I'm sure it probably doesn't even work