VitaFusion MultiVites | Gummy Vitamins

hi welcome to a new video this time


gonna review these gummies

and gummies they're not smashing these


so yeah they're very cool

they have different ones you need a

yellow one that has bears oh come on

and sorry for the noise about here let's

open this


yeah two gummy provide

excellent source of 12 essential


as much as one cup of broccoli what

vitamin d3 much as 5 ounces of salmon

means it's going to support gluten-free

there's no artificial sweet flavors or


no gluten that's gluten free

no high fructose corn syrup

no dairy i don't know what is this

blackberry orange and apple

blueberries and yeah let's open this


come on

it's very hot here i guess

also sorry for the noise again

i think this is what it looks like

the green one these almost look like

like some japanese

i don't know what these like it's from

uh i forgot what it's called but it

looks like from

chinese or japanese kind of

sushi you can have it

and the other ones that my little


eaten are those gummy bears



and only apple orange blackberry

blueberry that's all

that's only five i mean four

baby what are you doing you're gonna

your hand's gonna stop for there forever

yeah i don't like these ones then

well the other one


what it looks like on the inside

it looks like one from a fried factory

and here's the gummy one my

little brother ate i don't like these

but they similar to tiny people these

are houses

let's put them back

and now it's time to show you the

ultimate gummy

weapon oh yes

chubby's there

oh yeah i'm not gonna listen to all

these vitamins but

we can see it very closely

there's some good things here i don't


how to say anything of these vitamins

and also sorry for the jelly bean

the jelly belly video or not having a


he's pretty much cool so

yeah another brother

still wiping off those gummies so yeah

this is just a quick video i think so