THE FEMALE TITAN EXPLAINED! (Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin)


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to know about everyone's favorite lone


no now you holo we will also look at the

female Titans unique abilities and what

sets her apart from the other Titan

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let's start with some basic information

before we get into any secret paths she

is 16 years old in the year 850 and it's

technically 20 years old after the

time-skip even though I doubt that her

body's aged inside that indestructible

crystal she is 5 feet tall and weighs

119 pounds but don't let that fool you

she's amazing fighter her dad taught her

a fighting style that resembles muy Thai

and in combat according to the official

attack on Titan handbook she is ranked

and out of 10 just like Mikasa she has

absolutely no problem knocking riders to

the ground at a fight even though he

weighs about 210 pounds she also scored

a 10 out of 10 for secrets so we should

be on the lookout for some big reveals

in the future her Titan form is 14

meters tall a meter shorter than Aaron's

attack Titan and riders armored Titan

her Titan form scored an insane 11 out

of 10 in combat

meaning it's off the charts and a 10 out

of 10 in sexiness and judging from most

of your comments I

think you guys would agree her birthday

is March 22nd and here are some bonus

facts she came in number six in an

attack on Titan character popularity

poll and ISA AMA has revealed that Annie

has the habit of sleep talking

sometimes she murmurs whoosh when she

dreams of practicing her kicks on trees

so cute and yet so deadly

lastly Annie usually wears hoodies so

she can cover her head when she wants to

feel alone in public now that we know

some basic facts about Annie let's go

back to the beginning

Annie along with Reiner and better souls

are from Marlay which is an area beyond

the walls if you want to know more about

it check out my Amir explained video

where I go into the history in more

detail the main idea is that our main

story takes place on the island of

parodies where three walls are located

the LD ends were a race of people who

had the potential to turn into Titans

and use that power to create and rule

over the LDN Empire within which Marlins

lived eventually the 145th king was sick

of fighting and moved the capital of the

Empire to the island of parodies he also

took the power of the founding type in

coordinate with him if you want to know

more check out my coordinate explained

video long story short this power

allowed him to control Titans and erase

and rewrite the memories of other LD ins

he used these powers to build the walls

and make the people on the island think

they were the last remnants of humanity

however some LD ins remain on the

continent and without the power of the

coordinate the Marlin nation took over

they discriminated against the LD ins

who they viewed as monsters but they

also needed LD ins to use the seven

Titan powers that they had in their

possession because Marlins could not

become Titans thus the Marlin

government's warrior program was born

and here we will find a young Annie

along with a young Reiner best old Zeke

peak Galliard and Marcel in the 94th

chapter of the manga it is revealed that

Annie was much stronger than Reiner she

was chosen to be a warrior candidate

because of her amazing combat skills she

was the best in hand-to-hand combat

among all of the recruits

before even entering into the program

and his father had trained her to fight

they would practice for many hours every

day despite the fact that she was a

child and even though Annie claims that

her hand-to-hand combat skills are

pointless crap that her father daughter

Erin during their final fight realizes

that she's lying she comes alive when

she gets to show off her combat skills

and that's probably because of how much

she cares about her father it reminds

her of him and the time they spent

together when she was little she

eventually inherits the female Titan

power from the Malayan government and

sometime before she is supposed to leave

for Marlay in order to infiltrate the

walls and acquire the coordinate power

that's an errand she has a talk with her

dad he says that what he did was wrong

he doesn't expect her to forgive him but

he promises to always be by her side and

he wants her to come back to him no

matter what even if she makes the entire

world her enemy and every other creature

alive comes to hate her of course the

question here is what did he do that was

wrong Annie later says after sparring

with Aaron during training that her

father was like Eren carried away by

ideals I had nothing to do with reality

even as a kid she knew it was crap but

her dad made her learn those pointless

moves and she was too young to defy him

so what kind of ideals was her father

driven by was losing Annie his

punishment for challenging to Marlon

government or was he brainwashed like

Reiner into thinking that every good LDN

must do their part to kill the evil

Island dwelling Devils for the time

being I personally like to think that he

liked Grisha and Deena was an LVN

restorationist and wanted Annie to

become an LDN spy within the merlion

government but he liked Grisha comes to

realize that it was wrong to force such

a heavy burden upon his own child I am

sure we will find out more about Annie's

father and exactly what he meant but let

me know what you think about her father

we never get a clear look at his face in

the manga either which also must have

been done intentionally who could he be

and what will his role be moving forward

I can't wait to find out but whatever

happens it does seem like Indiana he

chooses to value his daughter above all

else and prioritizes her safe return

over everything else in 845 the Colossus

Titan and the armored Titan show up and

break through the gates

Herman has speculated that Annie as the

female Titan was the one who led all of

the Titans into the walls because we

know she can use her scream to make them

follow her however this has not been


Annie then passes herself off as a

refugee with Ryder and best hold and

lives in our refugee camp until they're

all old enough to enroll into training

Corps and he usually walks around with

an expressionless look on her face and

does not try to make friends in the

training Corps she has clearly

standoffish with most people most of the

time including with her fellow male and

warriors Ryder and vessels she goes on

to give Erin private lessons in

hand-to-hand combat to the irritation of

Mikasa who's like stay away from my

boyfriend I mean brother baka Eren later

uses what he learns from Annie to defeat

Ryder which really makes us question

where Annie's loyalty lies in fact

during the Battle of trois District

Ryder makes any indirectly kill Marco by

taking off his vertical maneuvering gear

so that he cannot escape being eaten by

a Titan Annie seems to be the only one

against it she is crying and clearly

troubled and insults Ryder for

suggesting that they should kill Marco

Reiner says that she still has not given

them a reason probably meaning that she

has never done anything that proves

she's on the Malayan side he points out

how she just risked her life to save

Connie and accuses her of starting to

feel compassion for the evil Island

Wohlers it is only after Reiner mentions

her father waiting for her return that

she does it but afterwards she keeps

crying and saying sorry to Marco even

though she acts like she doesn't care it

seems that she does care more about the

safety of her Island dwelling comrades

then Reiner and vessel this is also why

she doesn't kill Armand when she

captures him in her Titan form and helps

train Aaron who reminds her of the most

important person in her life her father

Amy graduates fourth in the training

Corps but this is likely because she

slacked off so much while the others did

not many have said that Annie is one of

the strongest and most formidable Titan

shifters and there's evidence to support

that theory I mean Aaron Levi and Mikasa

not to mention everyone else failed to

capture her in the Titan forest which is


I mean she single-handedly took out

Levi's squad in

diction Zeke the beast Titan does not

believe that amy has been captured when

he hears it from rider and death told

because he knows how strong and skilled

she is and the official guidebook it

points out that the reason Aaron's

attack Titan beat her in the final

battle is because she keeps trying to

flee while Aaron keeps going on the

offensive she does not seem to be trying

to defeat Aaron she seems to be trying

to climb the walls and escape it seems

like she's trying to return to her

father but Myka so shows up and cuts her

fingers off causing her to fall back


thinking still of her father and he

begins to cry before a seemingly

impenetrable crystal forms around her

four years later annie is still being

held underground in a giant crystal but

we know that sooner or later she will

get out and hopefully it's sooner

because she's been missing for like two

arcs now and that's a long time for the

sixth most popular characters to spend

chained up on the ground so now that we

talked about Annie let's look at the

female Titan and its unique abilities

Annie can use her unique fighting style

while in Titan form this style is

focused on minimizing the advantages of

larger stronger opponents through kicks

throws and holds out of the Titans we've

seen she has the best hand-to-hand

combat skills she also has insane

stamina after running alongside the

horses for an extended period of time

and fighting several difficult opponents

in the Titan forest she is still able to

use her vertical maneuvering gear a

human form to kill skilled soldiers then

she immediately transforms into the

female Titan for the second time and

escapes successfully her ability to

crystallize is also important she can

harden parts of her skin like her fists

or the nape of her neck

thus she can use this ability to

strengthen her attack and defense she

also uses this hardening ability to

scale walls disability isn't unique to

the female Titan as we know that Z the

beast Titan can also do it and Aaron

learns to do it later in his Titan form

as well it seems like Galliard can also

harden his skin not to mention the

hardening abilities of the armored Titan

so it is not a unique ability among the

Titans but what has not been seen in

other Titan shifters is Annie's ability

to create a crystal

cocoon around her human body that cannot

be broken by any known technology the

female Titan like the founding Titan can

control other Titans but the extent of

that control is unknown it seems that

she led the horde of titans that

eventually interrupted the survey cores

horse formation she was also able to

command the surrounding Titans to devour

her Titan body in the Titan forest while

she escaped in her human form right now

we can be assured that at the very least

and he can attract Titans

to her Titan form along with all Titans

and he can regenerate quickly however

she is the only one that has

demonstrated the ability to focus her

regeneration abilities on a specific

part of her body in order to massively

decrease regeneration time this is seen

when she catches the special operation

squad off-guard by using the ability to

regenerate one eye extremely quickly

many people have asked what happens if a

male Titan eats someone with a female

Titan power that's a good question and

the answer is we don't really know it's

never happened yet in the manga it might

be specific to women and males might not

be able to use it perhaps the power

would simply pass to a random LDN girl

if the possessor is eaten by a male

Titan but on the other hand a man might

be able to inherit it although I feel

like it might be too comical if it

actually happened case in point

imagine gene with boobs the fact is that

some female shifters like Amir and Peake

have Titan forms that look masculine so

it's possible in theory for a man's

Titan form to look feminine

who knows knowing at a contain anything

is possible but let me know what you

think so there you have it guys Amy and

the female Titan explained what do you

think about Annie do you think that

she's going to get out of her giant

crystal soon is it possible that she

switches sides because she always seemed

to be the most compassionate and least

committed male and warrior her last name

LED heart is derived from the Spanish

word Leon and the Dutch word heart these

words combine literally translate to

Lionheart which is usually what you call

a brave person or great hero similar to

Braveheart so will she also fight for

the freedom of her people or will she be

too worried for her father's safety to

act against marlane let me know what you

guys say

in the comment section below no matter

what decision she makes I can definitely

see her playing an important role in the

remainder of the story like always

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