The Giver by Lois Lowry | Characters


there are three key characters in Lois

Lowry's powerful novel The Giver

Jonas begins the novel as a bright

inquisitive boy who's curious about what

he observes but who really doesn't

question the overall structure or rules

of the society he lives in but once he

begins training with the giver Jonas

becomes aware of everything the

community has sacrificed in order to

avoid pain and achieve a tranquil

efficient way of life they've

relinquished all memories

to the care of the receiver because

memories can cause suffering jonas

becomes increasingly frustrated with his

community and eventually angry at their

willingness to settle for a bland

meaningless existence jonas realizes

that release which he thought was just

leaving the community is a euphemism for

death jonas runs away with gabriel a new

child his father has been caring for and

searches for the elsewhere where people

care for each other and love still

exists the giver is the most important

of the community's elders the receiver

of memories a position responsible for

storing the collective memories and a

history of the world going back


and for advising the Council of Elders

when important decisions have to be made

that are beyond their experience this

burden of keeping memories has made the

giver somewhat bitter and resentful of

his role feelings that grow nearly

unbearable after his daughter rosemary

chosen at one point to be the next

receiver of memories killed herself

through Jonas the old man finally sees a

way to force the community to take back

its memories and regained both its

freedom and its individuality at the

beginning of the story father is

portrayed as a kind man and a source of

affection and wise advice for Jonas and

his sister father gravitated toward the

job of nurturer when he was a youngster

himself but toward the end of the novel

Jonas realizes that father has no real

capacity for love his complete lack of

emotion and his ability to kill the

innocent show how the strict control by


government can turn even an essentially

gentle man into someone who can behave

as if gutturally lacking in humanity