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Roman god of Commerce this is what

mercury look like there's a statue of


and mercury on an ancient silver Roman

coin of the Roman Republic mercury had a

symbols like the caduceus as a symbol of

mercury and also the Hat with the wings

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mercury to which is rather interesting

many emperor's such as boarding in the

third domain Ian septimius severus

available is Julia Sonia's maxi Minos

the first had image of a new mercury on

their points and that's just some of

them mercury was a messenger who were

winged sandals and a God of trade

thieves and travel the son of Maya my

asus and Jupiter in Roman mythology his

name is related to the Latin word mercs

merchandise compare merchant commerce

mercy mercury to trade and mercies wages

most of his characteristics in mythology

were borrowed from the analogous Greek

god Hermes Latin writers rewrote Hermes

myths and substituted his name with that

of mercury but there are Lisa two

minutes that involve mercury that are

Roman in origin mercury or minus ideas

of his mission to mount the city of Rome

he was assigned to escort the nymph lot

wound up to the underworld mercury

however fell in love with Lorinda and

made love to her on the way this act was

so also been interpreted as a rape the

wounded thereby became mother to two

children referred to as Laura's

invisible household gods mercury has an

influence the name of many things in a

variety of scientific fields such as the

planet Mercury and the element mercury

the word mercurial is commonly used to

refer to something or something erratic

volatile or unstable derived from

Mercury's swift flights from place to

place he is often depicted holding the


and as a left hand which is a staff that

has two serpents entwined around it

that's used a not as a medical symbol

tube nowadays at least on pharmacies

like Hermes he was also a Messenger of

God and a God of trade particularly of

grain trade mercury was also considered

a god of abundance and commercial

success particularly in gold mercury

carrier Morpheus dream from the value of

somnos to sleeping humans he has his

myths are connected with the myths of

bulk and created a net out of an

unbreakable steel so that he could catch

Venus the goddess of beauty and morons

the god of war in the act of making love

Vulcan managed to catch them but

afterwards mercury stole the net from

the blacksmith God so that you could

catch Cloris a nymph who he admired

Cloris was tasked with the flying after

the sun wah rose and scattering lilies

roses and violets behind Mercury's

temple in the Circus Maximus between the

Aventine and palatine hills was built in

495 bc this was a fitting place to

worship a swift god of truth trade and

travel since it was the major center of

commerce as well as a racetrack since it

stood between the plebeian stronghold on

Aventine and the patrician center in the

palatine it also emphasized the role of

mercury as a mediator he had a major

festival on May fifteenth that miracle

Ralia during the murgu Ralia merchants

sprinkled water from his sacred well

near the porta Capanna on their heads so

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