Basic Beliefs of Islam - God

hello we have dr. Musharraf who sang

with us he's a chief executive of the

Karimi Institute here in Nottingham and

he's going to talk to us about God as

one of the six basic beliefs of Islam so

what should the Muslim believe about God

Musharraf well first and foremost we

believe that God is one he's the

absolute creator the maker the fashioner

the designer of the universe he's God

who is actually a caring God and this is

the word rahman and rahim the famous

formula of bismillahi rahmani raheem

which occurs in the quran and also

muslims use it whenever they begin any

work that in the name of God the one who

is most kind and caring so the idea of

God who is really involved in our lives

and in the working of the world all the

time really and and and you know it's

very interesting that the Quran always

talks about the signs of God not that

God needs a proof God is there I mean

it's just like if somebody asks you is

there a son well it's there you know you

know and and so it's not about proving

God it is actually trying to understand

more about God and so Islam is really

about trying to understand more about

God and-and-and-and but more than that

trying to fulfill his will and because

it is through that that a person can

really be good because one of the names

of God is that is al bill the good now

in the Creed's I believe there is

sometimes try to answer this question or

at least speak to this issue of how God

is one but as you mentioned God has all

these attributes how do Muslims fit that

together well

the attributes the qualities or very

simply the names of God talked about his

different qualities his different ways

of working in the universe really you

know so when we talk about a God who is

not fair the benefactor you know here

we're talking about the God who created

the Sun for our use and for our benefit

who created the the plant kingdom for

our benefit and for our use and so

really the the it's one of the best ways

of understanding God I mean these are

descriptions effectively of God really

that they and Muslims have sort of there

are thousands of names of God really but

we sort of confined it to ninety nine

because the Prophet you know a

beautifully said that you know learn

about God through these ninety nine most

beautiful names we call them a small


and the idea is to really describe God's

his his activities his works and in some

ways trying to really understand the

divine mind as well through these so

there's one being with many different

descriptions that's that's what you're

saying the names and the attributes and

so forth yes these are really the

characteristics or the divine character

really or divine morals I mean that

would be perhaps quite appropriate

because the Prophet used this word look

be a Clark in law which means really

that develop the character of Allah

meaning God is kind you be kind God is

generous you be generous in fact Imam

Ghazali when he in his book the 99 names

of God he actually talks about each name

of God describing what it is and then

asks then what is your share in this

it's very interesting term to use and

and what is is really saying is how will

you act this out because as the

ha'la'tha as the representative of God

on earth your job is really to be that

representative by having the qualities

of the one who you

present so then these are names actually

this it's a very beautiful way of

acquiring the divine character and to

live in accordance with you know the

Divine Will we have this tension don'twe

between God's mercy and God's wrath and

I assume all of these characteristics I

mean that they're included with all

those characteristics and we are to take

on those characteristics how do you

understand that relationship between

God's mercy and God's wrath or God's

love and God's wrath I think it's a very

easy to reconcile between those because

yes in neuropathy was he had polish a

the Quran says that my mercy and my

kindness envelopes and encircles

everything it is in mine in other words

even God's anger is really God's mercy

it's it's you know when isn't God angry

well God is angry when human beings are

unjust unfair ruthless brutal cruel and

have have taken others rights and and

and therefore God reacts in that way

effectively so he's wrapped in many ways

is to bring about justice so that is it

you know in a way God's kindness as well

so it's not a that God wants to be angry

for the sake of anger that is not divine

way and in God's Way good thank you

that's helpful so this is our

presentation on God and thank you much

other for helping us understand this