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few you are by now very well aware of

the intensified efforts of the Church of

Christ led by the Church Administration

in eradicating poverty all over the

world there's been a lot of efforts that

have been exerted by the the Church of

Christ most especially in the continent

of Africa in order to reach that goal of

well like I said eradicating poverty all

over the world

Lord willing the questions that we'll be

addressing in our taping for today of

this broadcast of the program that's in

the Bible are questions that come from

ordinary citizens that the that's in the

Bible team that went to Africa they they

were able to meet some of the ordinary

citizens of Africa and they posed a lot

of questions or like I said we're gonna

address a couple of them here in our

broadcast for today but before we get to

those specific questions I would just

like to share with you for two and a

half minutes a short video clip of some

of the kind of wonderful things that are

that the equation increased the Church

of Christ is currently doing right there

in the continent of Africa let's take a





you know go to some Indonesian in the

high temp Iraq yeah they're very


here IKEA rest until America Crested

Italy to durometer Allah hontou wa koko

Peter Obama inaugural address magnet

rapido guru in a lagoon need to borrow

from Anna pool



the church's nutrition has implanted 16

people to help making everything pop

they appointed me as a caretaker and a

supervisor of these 16 people

this project changes so many lives

because so many people were unemployed

before me now we can maintain our

families and everything that's just a

couple of the many wonderful things that

the Church of Christ in glacially Cristo

is doing throughout the continent of

Africa whether it's building houses of

worship or creating these eco farming

projects in Africa and even in other

places of the world just doing our part

and we were happy to receive some

questions because as the continent of

Africa learns about the Church of Christ

well it has begun to prompt some

questions we're we will continue to

reach out to our fellow men there and

everywhere and the that's in the Bible

team as I mentioned our recently visited

and received the the followings specific

questions to this program and we'll be

tackling them together for today I first

question comes from John in Johannesburg

South Africa let's take a look at the

question that John posed for today who

is Jesus who is God these are these are

questions that usually stem from what

some would call a confusing nevertheless

a very common concept that in fact God

and Jesus are one in the same but how

does the Bible respond to that John has

asked and the Bible their Bible gives a

response first of all we cite from the

book of Matthew chapter 3 verse 17 and

suddenly a voice came from heaven saying

this is my beloved Son in whom I am well


here dear friends God is the one who has

introduced Jesus God

introduced Jesus as his son that's

according to the father himself so John

asked well who is Jesus

answers by saying that's my son never

has any correct translation of the Bible

ever said that Christ is in fact God the

Son what can be read very clearly from

the Bible is the fact that Christ is the

son of God God the Son and son of God

are two very very different things and

they must not be interchanged aside from

being the son of God John's question was

who is Jesus so there's so many verses

that we could cite how else was Jesus

introduced in the Holy Scriptures for

example if we were to read Acts chapter

2 verse 36 the Bible says and shows that

well Jesus was made Lord in the book of

Acts as well chapter 5 verse 31 it makes

mention that Jesus was also made as

Savior in 1st Timothy chapter 2 verse 5

the Apostle Paul wrote to his to Timothy

that Jesus was a mediator between God

and man all these attributes are given

to our Lord Jesus Christ so when we say

who is Jesus the Bible does not answer

it by saying he is God and I'd like to

cite another statement of Apostle Paul

here in Ephesians r122 the Bible says

anyone all things under his feet and

gave him to be head over all things to

the church so dear friends here the

Bible clearly teaches us that Jesus was

placed above all things to the church

this is the Jesus of the Bible any other

Jesus would be a different Jesus than

the Jesus of the Bible but here's the

question that some opposed when they

when they read that verse if Jesus is

just a man as we cited from first

Timothy 2:5 just a moment ago if Jesus

is a man we didn't we didn't read that

he was just a man then why is he also

worshiped and then in here in Ephesians

1:22 he was placed above all things so

and that make him God first off no one

heard us or read or say that Jesus is

just a man we cited first Timothy 2:5

but it didn't say that he's just a man

or just an ordinary man like like all of


instead what you did hear from the Holy

Scriptures was that the very the various

qualities or distinctive unique

qualities that the Bible gives or

attributes to Jesus which makes him and

proves that he is not just an ordinary

man and and regarding that the point

that well he is worship so therefore he

must be God yes we do worship Jesus but

why is it because he is God answer of

the Bible Philippians chapter 2 verses a

9 10 and 11 answers this way therefore

God also has highly exalted him and

given him the name which is above every

name that at the name of Jesus every

knee should bow of those in heaven and

of those on earth and of those under the

earth and that every tongue should

confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the

glory of God the Father so dear friends

based on what we have just read do we

have a reason to worship Jesus even

though he's not God absolutely yes we

worship Him not because he is God but

because as we just read together God

commanded him to be worshiped

we worship Jesus yes why because that's

in the Bible remember obeying the

commandments of God as we just read also

that's what gives glory to God God as we

read they're highly exalted Jesus given

him gave him a name above every other

name and gave the instruction that

people and every knee should bow bowing

is a form of worship and that's the

commandment and instruction of God to

the to us also

we have to obey and follow that because

that's what will give glory to God the

Father sometimes though people to reason

out and say for example like well if

he's above everything that's got to make

him God it's got to make him God because

only God is above is placed above

everything else what do you think studio

audience does that seem like a

reasonable a reasonable conclusion to

draw seems seems reasonable I turn

however here the first Koreans Apostle

Paul is the the good news Bible

I turned to first Corinthians 15 let's

say let's take a look here at verse 27

and 28 how does how does the Bible

respond to that for the scripture says

God put all things under his feet it is

clear of course that the words all

things do not include God himself who

puts all things under Christ but when

all things have been placed under

Christ's rule then he himself the son

who will place himself under God who

placed all things under him and God will

rule completely over all who is over all

God Jesus is over all with one exemption

who's that God still Christ is under or

subject to God as God has placed all

things under Christ Christ will still be

is still subject and subjected to God

and you know despite all the great

attributes of Christ the Bible also made

very clear in fact Jesus himself made

very clear and will cite a quote

directly from Jesus himself he made

clear his nature or let's say his his

state of existence

concerning this topic there's

one clearer to go to than the Lord Jesus

himself so we turn to John chapter eight

and asking him what Lord what then is

your state of existence Jesus answers in

840 in the book of John but now you seek

to kill me a man who has told you the

truth which I heard from God who spoke

this Jesus and we know God's nature is

that of a spirit and that's recorded we

often read John 4:24 in this in this

program God is a spirit what did Jesus

just say about himself he clearly

introduced himself as a man is that I'm

a man here to tell you the truth which I

heard from God Christ never said that he

himself is the true God if he were the

true God he would have introduced

himself as such according according to

his own apostles since Jesus taught them

that he was a man when the when the

apostles started teaching that to the

church did they change it how did they

teach the church or what did they teach

the church about Jesus concerning his

his state of existence in Apostle Paul's

a letter to Timothy here in a first

Timothy chapter 2 verse 5 for there is

one God and one mediator between God and

men the man Christ Jesus what the

Apostles teach when they when it came to

teaching it to the church they didn't

change what Jesus said Jesus said I'm a

man here to tell you the truth when the

Apostles taught that they didn't change

it it made very clear that Jesus is a

man mediating between whom God and

mankind if Jesus is God

and he's the mediator between God and

mankind and Jesus the mediator is also

God he's mediating between God and man

how many gods then would that be that

would be would be two gods how many true

gods are only one albeit Jesus is not

just an ordinary man like us Bobby or be

at the very very special man that God

God performed miracles through that was

what that by the way was also mentioned

by Apostle Peter in acts at 2:22 but a

man nevertheless John also asked in his

question in his question from South

Africa what was the second part not only

who was Jesus he also wanted to know who

is yes who is God John also asked who is

God and it was none of them Jesus

himself who answers John's question and

answers hoo-dee-hoo D through God is

let's take a look at John 17 where

Jesus's words are are cited Jesus spoke

these words lifted up his eyes to heaven

in sent father the hour has come glorify

your son that your son also may glorify

you allow me to pause studio audience

who's praying here who's the speaker

written quoted here by Apostle John

who's speaking

who is he speaking to you can see it on

the screen right who's he addressing now

while he's praying to the Father what

important truth did he reveal let's go

ahead in to verse 3 and this is eternal

life that they may know you the only

true God and Jesus Christ whom you have


did Jesus make known who the true God is

absolutely he introduced the father as

the only true God so John they're in

South Africa to answer both your

questions the first who is Jesus he is

Savior he's the head of the church he's

worshipped because God come

and him to be worshipped so many

attributes were given to Jesus but not


who is God was John second question

jesus answered that to the Father and he

even used the word only to eradicate any

confusion huh to eradicate any confusion

he said the father's the only true God

the Bible makes very clear the

differentiation between God and Christ

then this book the Bible is irrefutable

proof of their distinctness irrefutable

proof of Christ's true nature's that of

a man let's move to as the second part

of John's question in Africa let's take

a look at it on the screen from people

they know the saying is if a baby

somewhere on the web so that's what what

the second part of John's question is

well I've heard that Jesus has a family

how many even studio audience has heard

that Jesus has a family you heard that

maybe from some very popular movie

scripts there's been very popular

Hollywood movies of a lot of books and

this course is made about Jesus marrying

Mary Magdalene they having children and

that family lineage continues and there

are people seeking to find out that

whole ideology like I said was

popularized by Hollywood in some very

popular popular movies but here's the

thing it's not in the Bible it's just

not there but what is here is a very

important principle that we must not

forget before we will just believe in a

movie script or any magazine article

that we would pick up and read about

about these these things before we

believe in that turn to a principle or

an instruction of God let's let's call

it written here through the Apostle Paul


in thien's for verse six now these

things brethren I have figuratively

transferred to myself in Apollo's for

your sakes that you may learn in us not

to think beyond what is written that

none of you may be puffed up on behalf

of one against the other what's the

principle don't even think beyond what

is written so if it's not written that

Jesus got married to Mary Magdalene they

had children there's a lineage we should

be chasing around the world trying to

find who's the the DNA connected and all

such things like that that's all absent

from the scriptures so the instruction

or principle of God must be followed

which says once again you saw it on the

screen don't even what think don't even

think that that much less use that as

the basis those things were just

entertainment but it must never be

embraced as the basis for one's faith we

can't dwell on those things what we

would dwell on is what is written and

that it's the distinction that the Bible

gives between God and Jesus and as we

have learned they are not the same

person or the same being why do we

believe that because thank you studio

audience and thank you John for your

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