God Of War - The Story Behind Kratos - (Greek Mythology)

there is a game that many of you may be

familiar with a game that has introduced

an entire generation to Greek mythology

the game that has created a character so

iconic and epic that many people just

assume that he must have existed within

the Greek pantheon for those of you

still wondering I am indeed referring to

Kratos in the God of War franchise got

off initially launched in 2005 from the

PlayStation 2 and as far as it's fast

paced hack and slash combat system was a

large part of its success can be

attributed to its story allowing the

plate to battle against the face as

creatures of Greek mythology and bring

down the Greek pantheon itself the story

is not much more than your classic

revenge and redemption story arc but its

integration of Greek mythology and the

creation of a world that brings so many

of the gods and monsters that people may

have never heard of to life is the main

reason that got a voice such a success

and why it is loved by millions across

the globe

so the protagonist of our story as we

mentioned earlier is of course Kratos a

fierce Spartan warrior who began to rise

in the ranks as the youngest captain in

Spartan Army he had what looked to be a

very promising military career ahead of

him that was until he faced the

ever-growing barbarian threat in the

east the battle itself lasted for

several hours but the sheer size of the

Barbarian army was too much for the spot

and so overcome with the majority of his

men slain the young captain taqueria

looked like he would come to a premature

end but there was nothing that Kratos

valued more than victory so much so that

he would be willing to sacrifice

everything including his own soul

in that moment kratos is desperate

quarter Ares was the only means of

victory but it was a decision that would

haunt Kratos for the rest of his

existence the goal of war would

eventually answer Kratos is called

descending from the sky

Ares recognized the potential of the

young Spartan and the opportunity to

mold him into a perfect warrior once

Kratos had pledged his life to Ares the

barbarian army will dispatch with ease

and he granted his new apprentice

ultimate power mere mortal weapons were

now beneath the God of War newest

servant Kratos was given weapons forged

in the depths of Hades the blades of

chaos and they would be seared into his

skin and ever-present reminder of the

oath that he had taken he would serve

Ares for many years where he would do

terrible and unspeakable things all in

the name of the God of War in his thirst

for victory

Kratos would eventually stumble upon a

temple and kill all those inside when he

eventually looked down at his final two

victims they were his wife and child it

was that exact moment that Kratos knew

he could no longer serve Ares he would

have to kill the God that once saved his

life the Oracle that had warned Kratos

not to enter the temple while his wife

and child was seeking refuge then

decided to curse the Spartan she bound

the ashes of his wife and daughter to

his skin for all those who see the

terrible deed that he had committed and

it was on that night that the Ghost of

Sparta would be born haunted by his past

and all of those that he had murdered

Kratos INBOX on their journey to restore

the memories of his past life but when

he eventually does he finds out that his

nightmares were in fact the memories of

all the people he had slain he would

serve the gods for a further 10 years

until he grew tired of the nightmares

when he eventually confronted the gods

about relieving his burden the goddess

Athena promises to absolve his sins and

help with his nightmares but only if he

assisted her in stopping her brother

Ares from destroying Athens the only way

to kill a god was by opening Pandora's

box and harnessing its power but before

Kratos was able to do so

Ares held a stake from across Greece

pinning him to a wall and eventually

killing him Kratos then fallen into

Hades refused to accept his fate

and fought his way out of the underworld

where he would eventually come face to

face of the god

when Kratos opened Pandora's Box the

powers of the gods were Unleashed and

Kratos would do what no one had ever

done before

he was the first mortal to defeat a god

unfortunately for Kratos Athena tells

him that he sins may be forgiven but he

will never be able to forget what he had

done upon hearing the news

Kratos leaps from the highest mountain

in Greece in an attempt to end his

misery unfortunately for the Spartan his

journey did not end there as he was

saved by Athena who then tells him that

with Ares gone

he must assume the throne and the role

of the new god of war with his newfound

godly power he began destroying in

second cities at will which in turn

caused some concern amongst the rest of

the gods attempting to stop Kratos

Athena would resurrect the Colossus of

Rhodes but at this point you should also

intervene offering Kratos the Blade of

Olympus telling him that if he infused

the blade with all of his godly power he

would be able to defeat the Colossus but

what Kratos was unaware of was that when

he defeated the Colossus the blade will

so drain all of his power and leave him

weak and defenseless Zeus will then

reveal himself killing Kratos and once

again sending him back to the underworld

but just like the first time Kratos

would not spend much time in the

underworld this sum he would be saved by

the goddess Gaea

and the two hatched up a plan to use a

luma feint to go back into time and

defeat Zeus Kratos would once again

return to the world of the living

but this time with a plan to kill Zeus

and any God that stood in his way for

those of you wondering why Zeus would

kill kratos in the first place

Zeus had learnt of a prophecy that

stated he will be killed by a marked

mortal and so he previously sent Athena

and Ares to find that mortal Ares would

come across a boy who was set a very

distinctive markings this boy was not

Kratos but he's younger brother Deimos

when he attempted to save his brother

from the God he was easily brushed aside

and only through the persuasion of

Athena was he allowed to live he's

failure to protect his brother caused

him to join the spartan army and in

order to honor Deimos he had a full-body


mimicking his birthmark

with Kratos his brother dead Zeus

naturally assumed the prophecy to now

refer to Kratos and thus why he took the

opportunity to kill him Kratos ventured

to the land of creation and after

defeating countless enemies he would use

the loom of fate to return to the exact

moment that he was killed by Zeus hoping

to change the outcome

Kratos who claimed in the blade of a

power Zeus but before he was able to

kill the God

Athena leaps in front of the sword

saving her father in her dying breath

Athena tells Kratos that Zeus is in fact

Olympus and if he is slain Olympus will

fall and all the gods with him she also

tells him that Zeus is his father which

has little sway over the Spartan as his

father did just kill him once again

using the loom of fate guy and Kratos

create an army of titans recreating the

war between the Titans and Olympians as

they attempt to scale Olympus there is a

huge blow dealt to the Olympians when

together Kratos and Gaia defeat Poseidon

and in turn flood the entire world when

the two finally manage to reach their

way to the top they are greeted by an

eagerly awaiting Zeus who hurls bolts of

thunder knocking them both off and

leaving them to die but Gaia manages to

hang on revealing her true intentions

and leaving Kratos to die once again

this time in the underworld Kratos

defeats Hades and learns how to kill

Zeus just like when he killed Ares he

would need to once again open Pandora's

box but this time the box is hidden

behind the flames of Olympus which can

only be extinguished by Pandora herself

when Pandora attempts to sacrifice

herself Krait have seen her as he would

have seen his daughter attempts to stop

her but despite his best efforts Pandora

eventually breaks free and she's instead

halted by Zeus after a heated exchange

of words the two would once again fight

to the death

this time the confrontation is cut short

when Pandora once again attempts to

extinguish the flames only to be stopped

by Kratos again when Zeus says don't

fail like you failed your family

Kratos lets go of Pandora and the box is

released when the box is eventually

opened crater servals nothing the box is


with Zeus and his son looking onto the

flooded world that had been engulfed in

chaos they prepared for their final


what guy haven't survived earlier has

now reached the top once again and

attempts to kill Kratos and Zeus the two

end up falling inside of guy his chest

where Kratos wouldn't pay all buff Zeus

and guy's heart killing them both with

this final blow Kratos has now defeated

all of the gods and Titans bringing an

end to the Greek pantheon but as you

would expect as Zeus had one last trick

releasing his spirit from his body in

the final attempt to kill his son using

the memories of his wife and daughter

after dealing with years of guilt and


Kratos finally overcomes himself force

and Zeus his spirit back into his body

where he then proceeds to pummel him to

death I guess some people just have

different ways in dealing with their

father issues

Athena appears once again but this time

in her newly transcended form and

reveals that when Kratos opened

Pandora's box for the first time he

unleashed all the evils and fears of the

world upon the gods of Olympus those of

you who are familiar with Pandora's Box

we know that hope was also released and

it was hope that gave Kratos the power

to defeat the gods with his tasks now

complete he's asked by Athena to return

hope to her so she can in turn give it

to humanity but Kratos having no trust

left for any God impales himself

returning hope to humanity directly

rather than given Athena control

infuriated by his action Athena leaves

the God of War to die his final death

and will left the one final cliffhanger

Kratos his body is now gone was a trail

of blood leading to the edge of the

cliff and were given one final shot of

the world in chaos for those of you who

have seen the trailers regarding the new

god of war we see that Kratos is in fact

not dead and has somehow made it to the

Norse world with a son named the Trias

we don't exactly know what adventures

await the two but after seen them

encounter your beg and we can be sure

there'll be just as epic as before I

hope everyone enjoyed today's video and

a brief look at the God of War story so

far feel free to share any thoughts and

ideas with me and if you'd like me to

make a video covering the new god of war

and create a

his journey into Norse mythology and

then please let me know in the comments

below as always I've been your host

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