God of War's Story in 7 Minutes (2018)

with a new god of war game on the

horizon a mellowed out kratos working on

his dad of the Year award and a shift

from Greek to Norse mythology it's

important to take a look back at the

journey of Kratos and see just how far

he's come

here's got a voice story in seven

minutes spoilers ahead this is our

antihero Kratos a Spartan warrior who he

later learned is actually a demigod

born of Zeus and a mortal woman named

Callisto but we're getting ahead of


one day Kratos gets overwhelmed in

battle and cries out for help to Ares

the God of War Ares destroy my enemies

and my life is yours and Ares responds



and thus Kratos becomes a servant to the

God of War that is until that fateful

day when he is tricked into killing its

own wife and child in a fit of rage the

image of his two final victims would

stay with him for all these days Kratos

attempts to break free of his blood oath

with Ares but in the process gets

defeated and captured by the three

Furies the Furies mess with Kratos his

mind giving him amnesia and leaving him

docile in their mystical illusion this

goes on until Orko's the keeper of ODEs

leads Kratos to the Oracle Delfy to

clear his cloud of mind and learn the

truth but remember the truth the Oracle

tells Kratos said in order to break free

from his madness he must kill those who

keep his bond Ares the Furies and so

Kratos does just that afterwards

Kratos learns that he must kill one more

person in order to truly be free of his

bond and restores lost memories sweet

innocent Orko's Kratos kills him but it

turns out that the memories that he

fought so hard to restore were actually

the nightmares of him murdering his

family he then makes it his goal in life

to remove these memories through his

service to the goddess Athena cut to

Persephone who's rightfully pissed off

about being forced to marry Hades and

rule a bunch of dead people in the

underworld to get revenge she plans to

destroy the pillar of the world which

would bring Mount Olympus down with it

more importantly though during Kratos

his mission to stop her Stephenie he

travels to the underworld and is

reunited with his lost daughter Calliope

I am in now child

and I will be seeing her again makes

Kratos want to forsake everything in

order to be with her unfortunately

that's not a possibility and Kratos must

leave his daughter behind to stop

Persephone and Atlas from destroying


after killing Persephone and chaining

Atlas to the pillar Kratos once again

resigns himself to his fate of serving

the gods which she does for about a

decade until he gets fed up still

haunted by his nightmares that the gods

have promised to get rid of he confronts

Athena about it I served the gods for

you when will you beat me up these

nightmares the goddess of wisdom lays it

all out for him defeat the rampaging

Ares and she will rid Kratos of his

burden his journey leads him to

Pandora's box inside of which lies the

power to kill a god but before he can

claim that power Ares hurls a steak from

exactly 620 1528 yards away it's true we

measured it and pins Kratos to the wall

Kratos somehow falls down to the

underworld fights his way back up

because that's apparently how it works

opens Pandora's box becomes a giant

defeats his inner demons and finally

kills Ares after saving Athens and

Olympus Athena thanks Kratos for his

service but still won't rhythm of the

nightmares at play again instead of just

letting him die Athena makes the biggest

mistake of her immortal life she puts

him on the throne as the new god of war

Kratos takes a sidebar to find his

long-lost brother Deimos who was taken

away by the gods out of fear of an

Oracle's prophecy that a March mortal

would bring the destruction of Olympus a

prophecy that I'm sure the gods wished

was a little more specific during his

adventure Kratos sinks the blandest

beats the heck out of his child self and

kills the god of death he finally

reunites with his brother only to see

him killed in a battle against Thanatos

with all of Kratos ties to the mortal

realm now severed Athena attempts to

fully transition Kratos into a god and

shockingly Kratos replies with a vitriol

soaked threat it just knocked off

of gods will be officially the god of

war kratos rules with an iron fist

conquering cities left and right to the

point where the gods of olympus start to

get a little bit concerned after Athena

brings the colossus of rose to life zeus

tricks kratos by offering him the Blade

of Olympus and convinces him to put all

of his godly power into it in order to

bring down the Colossus which to Zeus is

credit it totally does but it also

leaves Kratos drained and well mortal

this gives Zeus is opening to kill

Kratos and send him down once again to

the underworld

Kratos doesn't spend very long in his

yearly vacation to Hades and returns to

the world of living with a brand new

goal kill Zeus and anyone that gets in

his way

in order to do that Kratos enlists the

help of the Titan Gaia and sets off to

find the sisters of fate kill them and

use their power to return to the moment

he was killed Kratos succeeds but before

he's able to kill Zeus Athena sacrifices

herself by throwing her body in front of

Kratos his blade and her dying words she

explains that Zeus is Olympus and that

his death will mean the total

destruction of the gods oh and she also

tells chaos ensues as his father

spoilers no I have no father

Kratos really couldn't care less though

as he goes back even further in time

gets an army of Titans to fight

alongside him and storms Mount Olympus

destruction after a brutal fight with

Poseidon Kratos confronted Zeus and

wouldn't you know it he dies one more

trip to the underworld but this time he

actually kills Hades himself before

making it back to the world of the


Kratos learns that the key to killing

Zeus is once again within Pandora's box

locked away behind the flames of Olympus

which can only be extinguished by

Pandora herself after killing pretty

much every remaining God left in the

Greek pantheon


Kratos finds Pandora faces off against

Zeus in a rage charge shouting contest

allows Pandora to sacrificed herself to

quo the flames Olympus and then checks

inside the box to find nothing turns out

when Kratos first opened the box to kill

Ares he released all the evils kept

inside of it those evils infected the

gods and instilled Zeus with the fear

that drove him to try and kill kratos

but Athena hid something else inside the


hope using the power of hope Kratos kill

Zeus once and for all which leaves the

world in a pretty bad way the ghost of

Athena attempts to get the power of hope

back from Kratos in order to rebuild

humanity with her as its ruler instead

Kratos takes the sword of Olympus drives

it through his belly once again and

returns the power of hope to mankind but

death is a minor speed bump to the God

of War Kratos his grief journey ends

with a blood trail leading off a cliff

and a horizon full of godless chaos

obviously Kratos adventure is far from

over how did he survive this make his

way into the world of Norse mythology

and become a seemingly solid dad to a

kid named at Reyes we'll find out when

the next God of War hits PlayStation 4

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