Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Fairy Tales – Full Story

Goldilocks and the three bears

In a dense forest there lived in a little

cottage the family of father bear mother

bear and baby bear

what a pretty cottage it was with bright

yellow curtains a pretty red rug and

lovely flowers growing outside now the

bear family loved porridge and mama bear

made its everyday mama bear is the

forage ready

oh yes I'm just bringing it to the table

that smells nice but i think the

porridge is very hot i will certainly

burn my tongue if I eat it now what

shall we do now I know it's such a beautiful

day let's go for a walk and when we

return the porridge must have cooled down by then

come on baby bear put on your mittens

and bonnets we're going for a walk

oh I love to go for walk maybe i will

find some wait for me pop on mama and

yes yes darling we are waiting

make it quick and so the bear family

went out into the forest for a wall

now on the edge of the forest there

lived a young girl who had beautiful

long golden hair and everyone called her

Goldilocks she loved to spend her time

with the little animals in the forest

the birds and butterflies and the tall

green trees and colorful flowers all


one morning she got ready is usual to go

out there I'm going for a walk in the


Oh Goldilocks see if you can find some

berries there i was thinking of making a

nice berry pie for dinner tonight but

don't go too far dear i've heard there

are some bears living in the forest

boo berry pie i just love it

I know a place where there are some

sweet blueberries growing it is not too


so don't worry mother I'll be back soon

so Goldilocks set off to war forest how

she loved to go there

the flowers the little rabbits and old

the colorful butterflies that you might

go to look so happy i think i will take

some of these pretty pink flowers for

mother I know she will love them they

will look so pretty on the table all ah

I wonder where my friends are a little

bunnies go hop hop hop

naughty monkeys that suddenly from trees

drop beautiful butterfly is full living

from flower to flower then flying are

far far

where are all my little friends I can't

see any of them today so looking for the

rabbits of the beautiful butterflies

Goldilocks kept going farther and

farther into the forest after walking

for some time

Goldilocks thought she was lost where am


it seemed to have come very far they

promised mama that I would not i am so

tired suddenly Goldilocks or something a

little ahead

what is this cottage in the middle of

the forest

this can't beat

Goldilocks went near and peeped through

the window the casino i wonder if i can

rest here for a minute

hello hello anyone there

they're just seen anyone around

Oh doors open slowly Goldilocks pushed

open the door around then went into the

culture is very lovely caught it

ah I smell something very nice in time

suddenly feeling very hungry

yeah on the table Goldilocks or three

bowls with had porridge in them

this is a nice big ball i will have the

porridge from this one

oh it is so high i think i have burned

my tongue after a few minutes Goldilocks

tried the porridge in the second bowl

this is too cold it is not tasting nice

then she went to the last bowl which was

the smallest i like this porridge I hope

no one will mind by having it i'm so


that was so yummy after finishing off of

the porridge in the small bowl

Goldilocks started to feel drowsy

i think i will rest here for some time

and then go home

Oh stairs too big it is not at all

comfortable so saying she went to the

next chair which was mother best chair

but found that share two big also i

think the small chair should be fine but

as Goldilocks at down on baby bears

chair the chair broke and she fell down

out that hurt the tears broken

oh I hope the owner will not be very


Goldilocks tried her best to put the

chair back together again but couldn't

do so i have been a bad girl today I

promise mama that I will not go far and

i did now I have eaten someone's pour it

and broken their chair Goldilocks was

feeling very very sorry for being a

naughty child she decided that she would

wait for a while until the owner came

back so that she could say sorry to him

I do hope the owners of this cottage

will be kind and forgive me I really did

not mean to eat his porridge and break

his chair Goldilocks went to the window

to see if anyone was around but she

could see no one

I will wait for a few minutes more only

otherwise it will become dark and i will

be able to find my way back home

Oh mom is going to be so angry with me

Goldilocks looked around for some place

where she could wait and wandered into

the next room where there were three


I am so tired and the beds look so


I'll just rest here for a few minutes

she went to the largest state and lay

down this bed is so hard i don't think i

will be comfortable here

Goldilocks got out of father bears bed

and went to mother bears paid

this bed is too soft i will just sink

into it let me try the last bed

Goldilocks then when so baby bears bed

ah this is so comfortable and nice i

will lie down for just a few minutes and

then go back home

I will have to go and say sorry to mama

also for being so late tho Goldilocks

thought of resting for a few minutes


she was so tired that she soon fell fast

asleep soon after the three bears came

back from my walk I'm hungry now after

the long walk and the porridge must have

cooled by now what's this

someone has been having my porridge

someone has been having my ports 200 my


well I eat now now now baby don't worry

i will give you some more but who could

have come here

no one ever comes so deep into the


someone has been sitting on my chair

mother bear baby bear

hurry to look at their chairs I think

someone has been sitting on my tier two

oh mama Papa look broke my chair

who could it be let's look around and

see if there's someone in our house they

all go to the next group i see someone

has been sleeping on my bed and someone

has been sleeping on my bed too

oh mama Papa has shown sleeping on my

bag I'm sure value ate my porridge and

broke my chair

come on Papa the loud sounds of baby

been made Goldilocks wake up with the

start and she got the fright of her life

she jumped out of bed ran to the open

window jumped out and ran away as fast

as a little legs could carry ER oh the

poor thing we really scared her she ate

my pouring she broke my chair

she's horrible I'll come on baby you can

always get more ports in a new chair but

that portal think that's so scared I

don't think we'll ever see her again

Goldilocks did not stop running till she

reached her house she had never imagined

that the cottage where she decided to

rest belong to bears mother mother

what is the matter my dear you are so

wait and I was so worried why are you

panting like this

oh mama I saw some beers in the forest

and I was so scared that it's strand and


I dropped all the berries i had

collected and even some pretty flowers i

had picked for you

oh my child promise me you'll never go

so far again I promise mother I will

never do it again

now go wash your hands and have your

dinner and then go right up to bed

you've had a nasty fright but a good

night's sleep will make you feel better

I will never ever disobey my mother

again i am lucky that I managed to

escape just in time of course Goldilocks

didn't know that the Bears were very

friendly and would not have harmed her

but she did learn a very good lesson

that day didn't she

but as he plucked the Rose a

horrible-looking beast dressed in royal

finery glared at him from behind the

bush with eyes blazing you are

ungrateful man