Mexico's Government

this our country Mexico it is divided

into 32 states that are divided into

municipalities the separation of each

section is essential for the division of

powers and we currently have a federal

system which divides the control of the

country into three different powers

there's the judicial level made up by

eleven ministers the Supreme Court of

Justice the old guys and then there's

the state court of justice

we also have the executive level

conformed by the president the state

governors and the mayors

comes together for the hundred and

twenty eight senators and five hundred

deputies will be taking a deeper look

into this time there are two types of

local deputies take care of certain

sections of new state without acting in

other states federal deputies have the

job to improve all states as a whole

nation but they also represent different

states the Chamber of Deputies is

integrated by the other 200 left are

chosen by the percentage of the votes

that the party obtained better-known a

circumscription is the geographical

division of national territory for

electoral purposes it would be very

difficult to make the whole nation fall

toward the deputies so in order to

factor the process 300 electoral

districts won't be very simple ways of

voting for our deputies it's called the

single-member constituency and system in

which the winner of the elections if the

individual winner regardless of the

the other is elected because we hope

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