New York Government

when you hear the word government you

probably think of the federal one in

Washington DC but with 50 growing states

the US has many local governments there

are more than 78,000 counties towns

boroughs villages and special districts

and each one needs to be governed while

few are run exactly the same way there

are a lot of similarities adapted for

size area population and economy as they

try to meet the needs of their citizens

the state government of New York is run

a lot like the federal government it's

divided into three branches and they'll

probably sound familiar the executive

branch the legislative branch and the

judicial branch in New York the

executive branch makes sure the laws are

followed and includes the governor the

Attorney General and the Secretary of

State the judicial branch has three

court systems which are in charge of

understanding and interpreting the law

the highest court is the Court of

Appeals the legislative branch has two

parts the state Senate and the State

Assembly which make the laws for the

state the New York government is housed

inside to the State Capitol and there it

does a lot of work trying to ensure that

New York is the very best it can be a

safe just and free place for people to