NOW: Governor Ducey Update on ARIZONA STAY-AT-HOME ORDER

good afternoon everyone I want to say

thank you all for for being here

let me begin by just saying thank you

all for being here I want to also say

thank you all to all Arizonans there's

been a lot of sacrifice that has

happened in our state over the last 45

days it's been an incredible couple

months from Easter to school to canceled

weddings to the folks that have lost

their jobs or had reductions in pay the

small businesses that are not operating

but we've been doing it for a reason

we're going to share with you the latest

information and data and where Arizona

is today but I want to just express my

gratitude and appreciation for the

cooperation partnership and support of

the people of Arizona and how grateful I

am for the sacrifice

now we have been behaving as a family in

this state what families do is mutual

sacrifice to take care of those who

can't take care of themselves or those

that are most vulnerable we're prepared

today as a state because we have

approached this as a family we've worked

together we've united together and we're

going to continue to to take that

approach to protect our citizens to let

Public Health lead and to pay attention

to the other things that are necessary

I've invoked my grandmother a number of

times in these press conferences

she's 96 years old she's in a long-term

care facility these are the folks that

have been the most vulnerable that

remain the most vulnerable and these are

the folks that we want to protect and I

want to say that your actions are

working everyone is doing their part

it's just not that I feel that or it's

anecdotal you see it my job part of the

contract is that I come in every day

there's no rush hour the guys that drive

don't speed but but they could yeah

because there isn't much traffic it's a

40% decrease in terms of what's happened

year-over-year and really that's been

part of the objective that's a lot of

these decisions were so that we could

have the social distancing and the

physical distancing so people have been

paying attention to what's been asked

and again I want people to know how

grateful I am and we're seeing some

evidence that it's working I want to

take you through this chart the the Gold

Line is the covert like illness

surveillance and this is back from

December 29th and the blue line is the

influenza or flu-like surveillance these

are tens of thousands of visits both to

emergency room

and inpatient month-over-month

the stay home stay healthy stay

connected order was put into effect on

the 31st of March and you can see the

trend downward and this is where we want

to see a downward trend over the last

few weeks so this is good news and a

good direction

and it gives us the ability to hopefully

see what's possible and what's next in

our state even with that good trend this

isn't just about numbers or trends or

pie charts this is about the people of

Arizona and we have lost to date three

hundred and four lives in this state so

we have an unsound authority that will

grieve with those that grieve and mourn

with those that mourn everyone in our

state has been indirectly affected by

Kovan 19 no one more directly than these

304 families these 304 people these

souls that have been lost and we want to

make decisions so that we reduce this

number to the best of our ability

eliminate unnecessary deaths that are

happening in our state and to slow this

spread so let's let me give you the

latest so these are the Cova 19 cases

day by by day if you look at the the the

far side of the chart our first case

came again on January 26 that seems a

lifetime ago

the next day we set up the Emergency

Operations Center and you can see the

decisions as they happened over the

course of time the public health

emergency declared on March 11th schools

closed on the 15th dining restaurants

closed on the 19th the stay home stay

healthy stay connected order

on the 31st and you can see what's

happened over the next 30 days now if

you're looking for I take away from this

chart again there's a lot of information

here there is case by case daily

information but there is not a trend and

what I'm looking for what dr. Crist is

looking for our trends those last four

or five days lag and those those will be

filled in we also track deaths by day

this is something we want to see reduced

again a lot of information here with the

last four or five days having yet to be

filled in you don't see a trend but I

want to share with you the tough

information now if you look at this on a

composite basis if you look at it by

week and you'll notice the most recent

week so that we could fill in the dates

is April 19th so the question is have we


are we decreasing and what will the

information look like at close of week

April 26 and again that lags one week

we'll have that information on May 3rd

but the fact of course that you see this

decrease in deaths by week is is good

news and really it's it's what we've

been preparing for is the unknown this

is a global pandemic you do plan on a

worst-case scenario and that's what

we've been focused on and we haven't

seen it yet if indeed it is coming in

Arizona so let me give you a brisk

update and where we are if this were to

come in full or force than what we've


we need hospital beds for our people the

gray line

or the gray color indicates inpatient

beds that are available the blue line

indicates the beds that are in use and

the the gold or orange depending on how

it shows on your screen that shows the

inpatient beds that are being used today

for Co vyd 19 patients you can see that

is a small population of our Hospital

capacity today and it is hovered

somewhere between seven and ten percent

and it's been fairly consistent if

there's a takeaway from this slide it's

that we have capacity today in our

hospital system if necessary I also want

you to know I should have introduced

them as we sat down to my right is dr.

Kara Crist who leads the Department of

Health Services to my left is Major

General makhmud wire who's standing up

our department of emergency management

and leads the National Guard together

they've added fifteen hundred and sixty

beds in hospital capacity over the last

twenty four days intensive care unit

hospital beds that's if you get sick and

you're very sick you need an ICU bed

same graphic scheme here gray is

availability blue is beds and use and

the orange indicates Kovan nineteen

patients it's about eighteen to twenty

percent of available beds and it's


it's a plateau not really a trend but

you certainly do not see an increase and

this is data that we have in real time

on the ICU beds dr. Kristin and general

McGuire were able to add 1928 beds over

the last 24 days and lastly several

weeks ago the big discussion nationally

was on ventilators we want into

acquisition in discovery mode where are

our ventilators how many do we have we

knew of 300 in the state of Arizona

gray represents available ventilators

today blue represents the ventilators

that are in use and the ventilators for

kovat patients you can see there at the

bottom kind of represents what you've

seen before a flatline there's not a

surge but a take away is there are

available beds that are available ICU

beds there are available ventilators

Arizona has been preparing and Arizona

is prepared we were also able to surge

that number of ventilators from three

hundred to one thousand seven hundred

and eighteen available today now there's

a lot of discussion around testing and

we've done nearly 70,000 tests to date

in Arizona I think it's sixty nine

thousand and seventy seven we reported

today we need more testing we need

diagnostic testing and antibody testing

we're going to have a blitz this weekend

in partnership with our community labs

to rapidly increase diagnostic testing

available it drive through sites I want

to thank the partners Banner Health

Walgreens and others that are stepping

forward what this test will tell you and

these tests have been prioritized to

people that were symptomatic or sick and

of course our health care workers it's

now being expanded dr. Chris has issued

a statewide standing order allowing

anyone who thinks they are infected with

kovat 19 or has been recently exposed to

kovat 19 you can be tested and we will

have available tests thousands and

thousands of them this weekend so if

you're in this category if you think you

are infected if you think you've been

recently exposed to Kovan 19 please go

to AZ backslash testing blitz

and sign up to be tested this weekend

and what this diagnostic test tells you

is if you are sick right now

that tells you if you have Kovan 19 you

could wait in line get this test

leave your car open up a door of a

public building and contract kovat 19 so

it's not only about finding out if

you're sick we of course want to

continue to prevent people from getting

sick but that's the testing blitz we're

also going to be ramping up antibody

testing what that tells you is if you've

contracted covin 19 in the past and have

since recovered

Senhora quest laboratories have a

thousand to three thousand tests per day

and growing from there you're going to

see more on that and early May where you

can find information I had dr. Bobby

Robbins here about ten days ago

the University of Arizona is funding

250,000 kovat 19 antibody tests for

healthcare workers first responders and

I saw dr. Robbins on a national news

show last night he said he's going to be

able to test all of the University of

Arizona faculty and students I'd love to

see that extended to all of our college

students throughout Arizona and I'm

thankful to dr. Robbins for his

leadership on antibody testing so going

forward I just want you to know that

we're going to continue

we're going to continue to act with both

our heads and our hearts on this we're

putting public safety and public health

first I'm following the guidance and the

health guidance and we realize that

every decision that's been made affects

the citizens of Arizona and we want you

to understand why we're making decisions

and in in what what orders because we

know that we have asked a lot of the

people of Arizona so let's get to

today's announcement our travel

restrictions order will be extended

through May 15th this was to areas of

the country that had travel advisories

most recently and today that is New York

New Jersey and Connecticut and that will

continue through the 15th in addition

our stay home stay healthy stay

connected order is extended through May

15th with modifications so that we can

return stronger not only from a health

perspective as a state but but

economically I think you can see with

what we've been able to share so far we

have avoided what has happened in so

many parts of our globe and our country

our physical distancing is working your

cooperation is working I'm confident

that we can say that we've seen the

spread has been slowed and these have

been hard-fought gains we've earned

where we are today and we are not going

to undo this the objective is that we do

return stronger economically we are

going to focus on public health and we

have our arms around that at this time

so I want to discuss a little bit about

what returning stronger will look like

I've talked about turning up the light

in Arizona's economy this pandemic has

has dimmed our economy as a result of

the sacrifice that everyone in our state

is making to slow the spread of this

virus and of all that we didn't know 45

days ago now we know more and the

objective while continuing to focus on

protecting public health is going to be

to turn up the light in our economy

heading into this pandemic Arizona was

the brightest light in the nation for

economic growth development and momentum

and I'm confident that if we're

responsible and thoughtful and

methodical we will be the brightest

light economically going forward so

let's talk about how we're going to do

this we're going to return to physical

health and economic health

the Arizona way so it will be gradual

and phased in you can think of that dial

if we make the right decisions at the

right time we'll be turned up at the

appropriate times in the coming weeks

and months we're going to balance public

health with the idea of returning

stronger economically we're going to

increase testing to return in May while

maintaining strong physical distancing

so that these habits that we've acquired

over the last 45 days will not be with

us forever but they're going to be with

us for the time being and we're going to

face and returned on the recommendation

of the Centers for Disease Control and

health experts through May and June

so before I talk about that I want to

say I've been listening I've had a lot

of phone calls a lot of tell up

conferences I've talked to a lot of

business owners and just about everybody

knows my background was in the business

world before I came and and ran for for

public office

I'm aware of what other states are doing

but my focus the entire time has been on

the state of Arizona our circumstances

are different than any other state in

the nation and our decisions have been

made to do what's the right thing for

the state of Arizona I was talking with

a fortune 100 CEO of a major big-box

retail chain everyone would recognize

the the brand and he was sharing with me

the numbers that they were seeing across

the country and in Arizona and he said

to me earlier this week he said governor

30% of your citizens are ready to go out

tonight to dinner they are ready to go

they are over whatever feeder was there

and now it's all frustration he said

there's another 30% of your citizens

that don't want to leave the house until

a vaccination is found the fear remains

very high they are concerned and they

are very scared of contracting kovat and

he said and then there's a group in the

middle 40% who are sure that don't know

that want to see evidence as to how they

make decisions before they reenter the

economy so I want you to know that my

decisions are going to be made and

what's best in Arizona but but what good

is it to make a decision if you don't

have the citizen and consumer confidence

of the largest portion of your

population because I not only want to

reopen the economy I intend to

open the economy successfully in doing

this I intend to have our largest cities

participating in it our industries

participating in those decisions and I

thought of this because I saw some

decisions that were made elsewhere in a

state with some similarities in terms of

population to Arizona and some of the

leading folks in the restaurant industry

said we're not opening we're not going

to participate now many of you were

there when I kicked off my campaign for

governor I kicked it off at a Sam Fox

restaurant now Sam Fox isn't political

we're just friends because we were in

the same business some time ago so he

let me come to that venue and and and

make the announcement what good would it

be to reopen our restaurants if leaders

like Sam Fox said we're not going to

participate so we're going to make the

decisions in a responsible way so we're

not only successful in doing it but we

have safe participation so I want to

begin because I don't think that anybody

ever believed that on May 1st we would

have a return to normalcy in Arizona

what we want to do is eventually and

gradually get there so to review what's

closed the objective was that we didn't

have large gatherings that's how you had

the rapid spread of covin 19 that's what

we had seen in New York State in Mardi

Gras in New Orleans and in some other

large cities so schools universities

restaurants down the line dispersed it

meant of spring training the fact that

major league baseball never started up

the NBA never finished up places like

casinos and I realize the sacrifice

around weddings and outdoor events most

retail and daycare but what's been

closed has made the difference in terms

of where we are right now in hospital

capacity and the

we can make different decisions going

forward I hope it's not lost on anybody

that we did do things differently in

Arizona we had a later timing and a

lighter touch 32 States issued a stay at

home order before Arizona they did it

because their circumstances were

different we wanted to do ours in

alignment with Centers for Disease

Control and public health and if you

want to be judged in this position right

now I'd say the first thing you want to

be judged on is how did you protect the

citizens around public health and I

would say so far so good

with more to follow what's next is how

will we be judged on our economic

recovery and rebound in the state of


so in Arizona we allowed a greater

number of industries to stay operating

just this week I had a call from another

friend in the restaurant industry who

said I realize we're not ready in the

restaurant industry to reopen today but

you've got to get other stuff open just

open it up and I said well like what

what what are you talking about that

you'd like to see open they said let's

build something let's reopen

construction well I want you to know

look at this list health and public

health operations never shut down

construction never shut down because you

can physically distance on a

construction site our manufacturers

never shut down and they were

responsible in their practices in their

manufacturing plants and down the line

delivery and take-out grocery stores

pharmacies essential retail gas stations

hardware stores hotels and motels car

dealers auto mechanics I ask people to

be healthy they've been out in our state

parks hiking and running and walking a

lot of the folks in the media didn't

like that golf

forces remained open but there's no

place that's easier to physically

distance than in a golf course our

charitable organizations have remained

operating and doing a great job good

will the media of course has remained

open well along with banks credit unions

critical trades Postal Service's laundry

services and at our last meeting

elective surgeries were reopened so I

want you to know as much as we need to

turn the dial and brighten our economy

our economy has not been completely

darkened there has been some energy and

revenue flowing through it that's been

part of the gradual responsible and

balanced approach and that's what will

continue to go to do going forward

step-by-step so the next step in terms

of breathing life back into small

businesses is we're going to bring back

a small step in terms of a revival to

Main Street with a partial reopening to

retail you'll see this beginning on

Monday May 4th and expanded on Friday

May 8th it will be voluntary we've

learned a lot from our big-box really

big big-box operators our Costco's and

our targets our grocery stores our fries

and safe ways in terms of how to

socially distance we're concerned most

not only about our most vulnerable and

public health but our small and medium

business owners and this will be a way

to allow them to participate in a safe

and gradual way there will be more

details on our website and Arizona

connected org I also want you to know

that we have a goal we're planning ahead

in terms of what we want to do next week

you'll see a plan that's going to be

released informed and in cooperation

with the restaurant industry we're

working with the Arizona rest

Association and Steve kukri within CDC

guidance so that we can begin to expand

Dinan our goal is to do this sometime in

May we are aspirational at this time the

best-case scenario according to the

industry would be on May 12th but it

will have to be in coordination with the

industry and public health our goal is

to get this open in May we're working

with the leaders in the industry for for

best practices a lot of people are

talking about a new normal that's going

to happen going forward I'd like to

think of it more as a temporary normal

you know when you do walk in to one of

those opened restaurants for dine in it

will be a different experience it'll be

a temporary experience with food service

workers and service workers wearing

masks rather than coming to your table

and asking you what you'd like to drink

they'll likely inform you that they've

just washed their hands and asked how

you would like your food delivered etc

etc etc but a best-case scenario on that

is May 12th we're going to work with the

industry and and we'll have best

practices going forward elective

surgeries were brought back last week

they'll begin on May 1st they authorize

hospitals and outpatient surgical

centers to resume elective surgeries if

they can demonstrate adequate capacity

today there's 1090 of these

establishments that are eligible to

resume surgeries so that includes

hospitals outpatient surgical centers

physicians and dentists

so going forward this this won't change

the new habits we've acquired of washing

your hands avoid touching your face

covering your cough this makes a

difference I think this is something

that's just going to be good manners and

and and good social etiquette going

forward so let's keep it up and again if

you're sick please stay home don't come

to work as we see our economy begin to

reopen if you're teleworking today

continue to telework we'll have more

information on small and medium

businesses and in the coming weeks what

you can expect in May and we'll visit as

often as necessary as we will continue

in Arizona to put public health first

it'll be a step-by-step approach we're

going to have ongoing announcements as

data informs our decisions will give

citizens and businesses the time to plan

and adjust the goal is that there will

be no unpleasant surprises going forward

and we're going to follow the facts and

CDC guidelines so if you're looking for

a headline among all this information

and data and I know that there is a lot

here I get to spend time with it every

day but if I wanted to summarize it I

would say that the stay at home order is

in effect until May 15th and Arizona's

economy begins to gradually reopen dr.


thank you do you mind going to the next


so just to give a brief update on where

we are today we're at seventy two

hundred and two cases we've had over 68

thousand tests performed in Arizona and

we're hoping that that will increase

with this weekend splits we do have

cases in all 15 counties and there have

been 304 deaths of our Arizonans soon so

thank you thank you dr. Crist

now I'm going to turn it over to Major

General makhmud wire who's going to give

an update if Arizona did have a hot spot

a thing that informed many of our

decisions it was on the Navajo Nation

it's something we've had a laser focus

on protecting Public Health I was able

to address the community via their

Facebook live meeting on Saturday night

and general McGuire along with the

National Guard has sir surge emergency

medical supplies and personnel to Navajo

Nation will you give us an update please


yes sir governor thank you as I

mentioned last week we did get a federal

type 1 incident management team up there

led by mr. Dave Sami hago to join up

with Brigadier General McDonald working

with President Nez and all the leaders

on the nation in the last week we've

received two federal disaster medical

assistance teams I want to thank FEMA

region 9 for that those two teams are

intended to man alternate care sites

facilities in Chinle and ship rock the

staffs arrived early so we were able to

get them integrated into the city Chinle

Fort Defiance as well as Crown Point and

ship Rock to get them familiar with

what's going on as we stand up or

waiting final equipment for the two

alternate care sites there and we expect

to open them this weekend and then

additionally we continue to surge in

Task Force logistics meet in the food

bank mission and appreciate all the

agricultural and food suppliers in the

state stepping up and helping fill the

requirement at the food banks we've

really increased that mission as we've


away from the restocking mission and

looking more at movement food to the

food banks for our citizens thanks very

much general thank you for the the hard

work of the brave women and men of the

National Guard Arizona and Navajo Nation

is eternally grateful we also with dr.

crest and general McGuire we just got

off a conference call with Secretary of

Defense Mark asper who was specifically

asking about Navajo Nation I want to say

president Trump vice president pence dr.

Anthony Fauci dr. deborah birx secretary

Esper secretary Ross who I'll be talking

to you later this evening have given a

real attention and focus on Arizona we

need that partnership and commitment and

we are grateful for it and I'll I'll

close by just saying again to the people

of Arizona thank you we are headed in

the right direction there is a real

opportunity for May to be dramatically

different than March or April April I'm

cautiously optimistic and we're going to

make the right decisions with public

health at the top of mind while

gradually opening and increasing

Arizona's economy and with that we'll

take some questions


so good question and the question was

what specifically would I need for for

bars and restaurants to to open so let

me clarify that at this point in time

bars are not under consideration okay it

will be dining in restaurants and I

realize that there are some some bars or

pubs where they serve hamburgers those

types of settings will be different and

will work with the industry so that they

have the guidance but if you're thinking

of a primarily that bar that's that's

later on in the in the White House and

Centers for Disease Control guidance and

really what we're measuring our are the

cases the the symptoms and the hospital

capacity along with some data from

testing we do have some good trends we

just need some more data and information

I'm very hopeful like I said I wouldn't

have put out an aspirational date if I

didn't think that it was achievable or

if that we could come within a week or

two of it if good news would accelerate

we could accelerate I want you to know

that we're working with the industry and

the industry has said to us the the

fastest we could open and and have that

temporary new normal inside our dining

experience would be May 12 now I've

heard from a lot of business people who

want to inform me on what other states

are doing in other parts of the country

that have other situations I know there

are states that have opened I think this

upcoming week at 25 percent capacity

well anybody that's ever run a

restaurant knows that 25 percent is the

surest way to just continually lose a

lot more money okay we'll be able to

open up within CDC guidelines

enforcing physical distancing that it

will allow restaurant tours to rehire

and re-engage the employees and also

have a pleasant consumer experience so

that's what you should expect first bars

larger areas like that that don't have

dine in or sit-down will come later and

then the second part of your question so

it would be any small business that was

out of that essential grocery category

many of these closed voluntarily to

begin with I think it was Howie you

asked last week how is it how is it fair

that that uh a Costco or a target is

open and some of these other small

retailers are not well again we just

people have stayed home they haven't

really been out shopping except for

their essentials these are our basically

pickup situations and we've gotten much

better at Collin pickup and delivery

with an expansion of that over time from

May 4th to May 8th it will be gradual

but it's it's really a catch-all

category of small businesses

well the first thing I want to say is to

every small business owner out there -

every medium-sized business owner -

every employee that that is paid and

lives week to week that is the world

that I came from those are the people

that I have worked with my entire career

and I feel your frustration and I have a

sense of urgency - to reopen and I want

to do that I just want to do it at the

right time and I want to be successful

it would be irresponsible for me to make

decisions to reopen with the chance that

I would have to come back because we

didn't have the proper guidance or data

and ask people to do this again if we

are able to do this and do this

successfully and what I've given is a a

line of sight till May 15th I've

actually said that the date on May 12th

and that's according to the industry I

would like to be there it's aspirational

and it's it's possible so I want to get

there now there's a there's a a raft of

of help that is coming from the state

and from the federal government we'll be

talking more specifically about that for

the employees I don't want to see anyone

get laid off but if you are laid off

there's eight hundred and forty dollars

a week in benefits from the state for

twenty six weeks with an extension of 13

weeks thereafter if it would were to be

necessary and there's also the Paycheck

protection program from Congress and I

understand the frustration that not

everyone has been able to access this I

have relationships that have been able

to access it and I have relationships

that have gotten stiffed on this so I'm

working with our congressional

delegation with our senators so that we

can can make this right and I'm asking

people to hold on we've we've worked

with landlords and what

so that no one is is evicted no one is

locked out no one loses their their

place of business and once we can get

reopened and we see that that light at

the end of the tunnel beginning to

brighten we're going to have options

beyond that until that date this order

is in effect and I'm asking everyone as

they have this orders been in effect for

30 days and I know it's been a long 30

days for all of us most of all those

that are the small business owners and

the medium-sized business owners and

their employees people that have lost

their jobs or had a reduction in pay

it's 15 more days I'm asking for some

patience governor I want to follow up to

that question there are many people even

in your own party small business owners

who say they're going to reopen Friday

morning they've already put it on

Facebook they say there are no

repercussions so why not do it how are

you going to be enforcing this well so

far people have listened to the order

and I'm grateful that they've done that

like a zombie let me let me answer the

question please

I've got the question and to date we've

had where of course some phone calls

have had to have been made or law

enforcement has had to show up but I

would say by and large there's been I

don't know if I could say a hundred

percent cooperation but pretty close to

100 percent cooperation I'm asking for

that going forward if that's not there

this is an order that is enforceable by

law a violation is a $2,500 fine and up

to six months in jail and for those that

own an establishment and are publicly

going to flood the order you are playing

with your liquor license don't do that

governor as you start to reopen segments

of the economy if there are employees

who are right now click they're getting

unemployment because they're unemployed

and they're offered their job back but

they don't feel safe going to work maybe

their immune systems compromised maybe

their partner is a cancer patient

are they still eligible for unemployment

what do you say to those so JJ I'm gonna

restate your question because I don't

know that everyone heard it but before I

do it I just want to circle back and say

I want everyone to remember it as a

small business owner in the past I don't

take any joy at all in putting an order

out there that's enforceable by law that

provides fines and etc let's remember

why we're doing this and it's there

protect public health it's because we

have people that are dying that have

contracted kovin 19:00 we've been able

to reduce that number we've been able to

slow the spread we're heading in the

right direction we want to continue

heading in the right direction and I

want to be cautiously optimistic because

I'd rather under-promise and


but we're were closer so please stick

with it and the question beyond that was

as people are being rehired into the

economy and they are on unemployment

today if their immune system is

compromised if they're affected by kovat

19 would they lose their their benefits

if they were not to take their job back

as that fair JJ we're gonna have

flexibility okay we're gonna have

flexibility around this we want to see

people that were employed re-employed

I'm thankful to the business owners that

have been innovative and have provided

telework are allowing their employees to

stay on I know some business owners that

have been able to access benefits and

they continue to pay their employees not

only their salary and benefits to not

work but to hang on until they until

they reopen and the the state benefits

were there for just a downturn we never

we never imagined that it would be

falling off a cliff like our economy did

but we realized that there's real fear

and anxiety there were many more

unknowns going backwards we're starting

to fill in some of the blanks going

forward but the the the social safety

net is not there to be punitive it is

there to keep people from falling

through the cracks and when it's

properly administered it should also

serve as somewhat of a trampoline to

appropriately return them to the

workforce at the right time I'm gonna be

working with the the legislative

leadership and I want to thank

legislative leadership for being so

helpful along the way to where we are to

make sure we provide clarity governor

two questions one first one is strictly

technical I'm trying to think of

restaurants I know that your colleague

mr. rabbit in Texas had some very

specific guidelines I know you I don't

want to do 25% but he talked about

things like non-reusable menus and one

use packets and things like that and no

salad bars can you give us some better

idea of how this is gonna work for

restaurants because I think you've

talked about it'll be a nice experience

but I'm not sure I understand how this

is going to work yeah it's a good

question howie this idea of what would

this temporary normal look like when you

go out into a restaurant well of course

I have a really talented team but we

also have some really talented

restaurant tours here in Arizona I think

we've seen over the last 10 or 15 years

it's as good as anywhere in in the

country or the world they are putting

together some ideas around this because

as much as they want to reopen at the

earliest by May 12th they want to reopen

successfully that 30% of the population

that I talked about that's ready to go

out to dinner tonight that is not going

to make for a successful restaurant

industry we want as many people as

possible participating in the resurgence

of our

economy so to do that they're going to

have to feel safe and the 30% that I

talked about that are going to according

to the the large box retailer their data

that aren't going to leave their home

and until there's a vaccine well it's

possible that they're persuadable that

they'll be listening to that that forty

percent in the middle who are saying

when they want out that they could tell

the restaurant was cleaner that social

distancing was enforced that the the

server and the food people on the line

not only had a mask on but where

appropriate they had gloves that there

was a reminder around hand-washing and

an increased sanitization I'm certain

that the the restaurants will also have

even better ideas I know that there's

concern around the menus and the spread

of the virus on the menus so we're gonna

work with them and have some time so

that's presented and that's the the

standard of expectation and excellence

that you would see and then for us to be

successful and for our restaurants to be

successful they're gonna have to have

people coming in and I think people are

going to be going to have a healthy

skepticism as to how things have changed

and how can I feel comfortable that I'm

not gonna be exposed to this virus in

your establishment

quick follow-up you made a point of

saying we're not like other states

we're not like Texas we're not like New

Mexico we have 91 cities and 15 counties

in this state I've talked of mayors I've

talked to supervisors and yet you want a

one size fits all for Arizona I mean

Wilcox is different than Tucson

Flagstaff is different than Yuma so are

you going to leave an option in there

for mayors looking at the facts on the

ground to say come May 15th no maybe

we're not ready so let me clarify

Arizona is different than other states

we've taken a different approach we'll

continue to take a different approach

and you and your point is well-taken

different parts of the state are

different I realize that that's one of

the best things about running for this

office is you get to all 15 counties and

every part of our

beautiful state and your words not mine

I do not want a one-size-fits-all of

course it would be more convenient for

everyone if all guidance could be

statewide there would be less confusion

but if there were evidence that we could

differentiate from that we would and it

would be county by county today none of

the counties that we have if you look at

each section of the state the northern

part of the state the central part of

the state or the southern part of the

state each of them have their their own

issues that wouldn't allow for that

county wide declaration now I know

nearly all of our mayor's we visit with

them we've certainly have gotten their

their input and we're going to continue

to to listen but we're going to make

those decisions whether it's continuing

statewide or a county by county it would

be whichever came first that was most

responsible to make to make it clear in

the City of Tucson if mayor Romero says

our restaurants are not ready to open up

on may 15th May 18th whatever it is she

will not be free to decide that when I

give guidance statewide it is statewide

and it is enforceable by law it is the

same when the governor give gives

guidance county by county to date our

guidance has spent statewide those are

the options and those are also the

options and recommendations from the

Centers for Disease Control and the

White House governor thanks for taking a

question and you said mores to come kind

of on your road map with dine in

restaurants etc but why not release a

phase by phase approach the road map so

we can see what businesses are going to

fall where so they have an idea and how

come you're the one deciding what

business is more important than the

other so retail opening compared to a

salon so

I want to say that uh what what uh

doctor Chris does is is is medical

science okay

what what we are doing in the reopening

of the economy is with the guidance of

medical science and protecting public

health first but the decisions are not

if you look at the decisions heading

into the pandemic it was to slow the

spread about shutting down the largest

possible gathering points if you look at

what we've done in terms of the the

steps we've taken so far it's been

opening things in the most gradual of

ways and it will be ever-increasing now

when you hear somebody say play ball or

batter up or are you ready for some

football when fans are allowed these are

the largest possible gatherings and that

will be an indication that we've come as

close to a return to normality from

where we are but the decisions that I've

been made have not been about which

business is more important than another

business it's been around what public

health is and where can we enforce

social distancing and you up you talked

about a category that I have a lot of

affection for for the people that work

in it and that's our our barbershops I

don't spend a lot of time in nail salons

or hair salons but they are in the same

category oh we are working with the

industry on what best practices are

around increased sanitization business

by appointment social distancing inside

the shop facial coverings both for

employees and for customers in a

voluntary capacity there will be more to

follow and those are small footprints as

well Nicole those are smaller footprints

so those are things that we are

aspirational to be talking about in May

about large gatherings we're just

learning that the president is expected

to come next week he'd

large crowds here if people flock to

where he is what are you going to do

with thousands and thousands of people

and should he be coming well first of

all I want to say the president's always

welcomed in in Arizona if I we don't set

the Whitehouse travel schedule from from

the governor's office we've been talking

of course I'm talking with the president

and vice president every week I think

there's a specific reason that he wants

to come to Arizona I don't know that

that's public and it's not my role to

disclose it large amounts of people show

up though are you gonna do any I've I'm

asking people to stay home stay healthy

and stay connected I am going to stand

by the words that I've said and Howie

that's not what thank you Leon and I do

think you know as thoughtful and

hardworking as we have been as Congress

has tried to be this is something that

was not anticipated I think people are

making the best possible decisions that

they can in this environment the focus

first and foremost has been around

protecting public health and making sure

that anyone that contracted kovat 19

that was in a situation where they

needed assistance a hospital bed ICU

ventilator that that was available we

have that today now we're looking to to

navigate to the best of our ability to

the other side of this pandemic with

still a lot of unknowns

in front of us but we're going to

continue in in that spirit hi Lorraine

yes I can hear you Lorraine go ahead so

I'd ask a people it's a good question I

think people can hear it because it was

on the loudspeaker small or retail that

is selling product in a curbside

delivery fashion and not in violation of

any order that's that's out there or has

been has not expired can go ahead and do

that the information will be at AZ or Arizona together dot org

and and that would be to sell product it

would not be to conduct the additional

services but I am aspirational that we

will get there we're just not there yet


well first I want to say we have not

made decisions about what places can

actually function we have made decisions

around what is the proper guidance to

slow the spread of this disease and it's

been from the Centers for Disease

Control that gatherings of fewer than 10

are what helps spread the disease and

that's as you look through the the

slides of the places that have been

closed the places that have been allowed

to remain open and the places that are

reopening it's still in that same spirit

there will be a point where we'll have

gatherings of larger than 10 I want to

say to the pastor's the priests the

rabbis the faith-based leaders they have

been incredibly responsible through this

there's been guidance that's been given

out from the Catholic Church diocese by

diocese the LDS Church and the

evangelical community and to date

they've been shoulder to shoulder I've

not only had meetings but conference

calls I'm grateful for their innovation

the way that they've protected their

their flock there's special attention of

the most vulnerable in their

congregations and will continue to act

in that spirit as well

Jim if I give all Meridian home and I

hear that okay we don't want restaurants

to go back to 25% they won't be as

successful but it's a best-case scenario

of May 12th what's the best-case

scenario before me as a gym owner or as

a salon or as a bar chat what if I think

your restaurants are gonna have more

than 25 percent capacity I probably have

that so it's a good question I don't

know if everyone heard it but the

question was specifically around gyms

and I gave a best-case scenario for

dining in with social distancing of May

12th what's the best-case scenario for

Jim's salons barbershops

we're working with all these industries

I mean we think of all of these things

there was a an order that was put out

earlier sometime ago around essential

services well anybody that has a job

sees that job is essential especially if

it's what feeds their family and

eventually we're going to turn that dial

and bring you know full light and energy

to our economy and the businesses that

you're listing of gems and and barber

shops and salons are all part of it so

we are working with those industries and

if you look or think of it from the

places where smaller numbers congregate

to larger numbers congregate though that

will likely be how the decisions are

made along with seeing reinforcing

trends within the guidance and I think

you can kind of see how we can get there

I'm hopeful for the month of May I think

may can be a very positive month again I

rather under-promise and over-deliver

yeah I do want to kind of circle back to

salons barber shops and stuff like that

I mean if you only closed it down after

a lot of public pressure now they are

not part of this list any they are yeah

yes I think I've I think the questions

been asked maybe two times and answer

two times made a mistake keeping it

I think we made I think that every

decision that was made along the way was

a decision that was difficult that I was

reluctant to make but thought it was the

best possible decision to slow the

spread of Kovan 19 and the decisions

that I'm going to make going forward are

going to be decisions to turn the light

back on in our economy to allow people

to get out and make a living while not

putting our citizens and our most

vulnerable in harm's way promise not to

ask about so long sir I'd like to talk

go back to the beginning of the news

conference and something you said last

week these are going to be data-driven

decisions you acknowledge the trends

don't show us trends aren't positive as

far as I can see there's no data that

would support any kind of opening by

anybody so why open retail as slim as

this is right now and then aim for an

opening of restaurants by mid May when

as of now there's no data that would

support well I want to really push back

on how the question was was posed

there's a lot of data I took you through

just a summary version of all the data

that you're seeing

let's not reset the goalposts in the

media shall we this has always been a

disease and a virus that has spread

which is determined by science to be

widespread the virus is not going away

what we're going to do is mitigate the

illnesses and reduce the deaths you just

saw all the data that we have since

December 29th 2019 in Arizona ok

the trend on kovat like surveillance is

positive for the last three weeks the

trend on influenza like surveillance is

positive for the last four weeks there's

other data we're measuring around cases

symptoms hospitals and

testing the steps that we've put forward

are incremental they're balanced they're

responsible they are in alignment with

the Department of Health Safety and I'm

confident that we'll be able to maintain

or improve the position where we are and

if I can the CLI data is just one of

three measures or six measurements

actually where we're okay you look at

the other side of the CLI data and

hospitalizations are about 50% pretty

that goes counter to what's happening in

the ER well I mean there and again you

sit you put up at least two charts

perhaps three today where you said well

and I give you credit for this there's

no trend here so again

where is the data that backs up any the

the the data is on the website a Z now yes we have sick people

inside our hospitals that do not have

covin 19 we're going to take care of

those people that's not how we're

measuring the healthcare capacity for

the pandemic okay remember it wasn't

that long ago that I was hearing from

from folks in the audience live audience

here that we don't have enough PPE then

we didn't have enough ventilators then

we didn't have enough hospital beds that

we didn't have enough testing okay we've

addressed each one of these problems and

situations in turn it is all been so

that we can care for the individuals

that contract kovat 19 and today we can

do that we're not even showing you

what's possible with the Army Corps of

Engineers and the National Guard in

terms of increasing and surging field

capacity if it were to be needed it's

just I'm the horizon we're not seeing

that nursing homes and prisons

these are two hot spots in Arizona and

there is absolutely no transparency on

either of them we don't know what's

going on with testing in prisons what

testing there is appears to be fairly

slim as far as I know as of now a DC

still has not confirmed that an inmate

has died of Cove at 19

nursing-homes we don't know where they

are we get calls all the time from

people saying hey my grandmother my my

mother my this my dad what's going on

okay I wanna I want to address first I

want to push back on the question okay

there is an incredible amount of care

and attention to long-term nursing homes

I've mentioned my grandmother happens to

be in one of these and it is where our

most vulnerable population it was the

first executive order that I put out

after we had our first case of kovat 19

and dr. Chris is going to talk to you

about the transparency that is in those

nursing homes you see them as places I

see them as people okay and in terms of

our Department of Corrections that is

the responsibility of the governor and

the Department of Corrections we've got

CDC guidance that's on the AZ

Corrections rehabilitation and reentry

website 26 pages which we are following

and what we want to keep all of the

inmates safe and we want to keep all the

correctional officer safe and when we do

have a positive transmission or test we

cohort that imp made outside of the

general population we're going to have a

lot more testing that's going on not

only for the inmates but for the

correctional officers and if they are in

the vulnerable category or not we've got

the hospital capacity to care for them

dr. Crist

so as we look at long-term care

facilities these are residents these are

their homes this is their address there

is state law that requires me to protect

people's communicable disease

information and I take that job


if a court of law decides to disagree

with the department's interpretation of

what type of information we need to

protect I will happily release that but

I've got a lot of communicable disease

data and I don't think people want their

home addresses released with that data

we have talked to multiple HIPAA experts

nationally and here in Arizona that say

it is not a violation of HIPAA

in any way whatsoever and furthermore

you've invoked your grandmother a number

of times

governor Ducey and I just spoke with a

woman whose father is in the ICU on a

ventilator and he was in a long-term

care facility another resident his

neighbor actually passed away this past

week after contracting kovat at

Westchester and Tempe and she tells me

she actually has pulled her will her

father's in the hospital but she says

when I have to put him back in a

facility I want to know which one's had

20 deaths and which ones had zero and

she thinks she has a right to know that

and that would guide her decision so

what do you say to these people who have

to place their parents in a facility or

are scared about the numbers sure so

what we would encourage for any facility

that you are looking at putting a loved

one in we would recommend talking to the

administration so we have developed

letters that they can use to send out

information to residents their families

their Guardians letting them know

because they are the ones that are

impacted if there is kovat in that in

that facility we would take this as a

very vulnerable population and so and

this is a very dangerous disease so I

would not rank the number of deaths in a


and use that against the facility

because this is a very hard disease to

treat in this population they will tell

me if I want to place my mother in a

different facility do I have the right

and do they have to answer how many

cases they've had at that facility so I

would talk to the administration I don't

know that they actually have to release

the number of cases or deaths but we are

asking them to be trained well that's a

fundamental question why not so to

clarify you want to go to court over

releasing the names of facilities you'd

rather this go to court and people fight

for the simpler

I this is something that is very

important I think people put a lot of

trust in us with their communicable

disease information and it is state law

so you're not HIPPA but we want people

to be able to make the most responsible

decisions possible we are treating the

residents of these facilities as people

we are listening to them in terms of

their next of kin or next of care we're

informing them

we're not informing the media okay well

we don't want to go to court we're I'm

deferring to dr. Crist and what HIPPA

lies well listen we want to see

everybody inside the Department of

Corrections rehabilitation and reentry

be in a safe situation that includes the

inmates that includes the guards the

correctional officers and if there's a

situation where we've had to make

adjustments and director Shin is done

that he briefed me last week on the

situation I'm confident that they're

doing that follow back up on assisted

living facilities and nursing homes

you've mentioned family members that you

know you have living in that type of

facility would you want to know if you

were placing them in a facility other

people I would don't Cove it I would

know and should you have the right to

know if I would know that's what dr.

chris explained if that's what doctor

crest explained it different to let's

say a memory care facility or something

else why would I not

have the right as her legal guardian to

be able to find out this facility has

positive cases why would that not not be

my right if I can find out she's already

there why can't I find if I want to put

her there if there have been inspections

or if there have been issues with

infection control at AZ care techcom

that's a different issue I every nursing

home I've seen has that was the question

that is the answer that'll have to

satisfy for today we'll be back soon is

that you