Colorado Governor Jared Polis on reopening

now the governor of Colorado jared Polis

governor very good afternoon gee thanks

for joining us

always a pleasure how concerned are you

by some of those statistics in

neighboring states or if we look further

afield Texas Florida North Carolina

seeing cases thought to spike quite

significantly since they reopened yeah

well we saw in Connecticut New York New

Jersey was very much a regional

phenomena what Colorado is larger we

absolutely have a lot of people who

daily or monthly travel between Utah and

western Colorado Arizona and Southwest

Colorado so while we're making great

progress here and we're working hard to

maintain it of course we're worried

about some of our neighboring states

going in the wrong direction how's your

reopening going a business and daily

life it's going great

you know we've had we ended the stay at

home order in April we've had stores

open for a couple months restaurants in

the last few weeks people are doing

things smart they're doing things safer

we want you know as much normal economic

activity in life to resume as possible

and that just means we need to be smart

about it do it in a good way my

six-year-old daughter is in a our camp

this week and so we're very excited to

have her there our day camps have been

back for a couple weeks now governor

what's your outlook as to what it would

take to go into a severe lockdown again

do you accept that the bar is much much

higher this time to want to shut the

economy down in full well our goal from

the very start we've been very

consistent from our actions in March to

now is we don't want to overwhelm our

health care system in hospitals meaning

if you get sick and that's with Kovan or

non-coated right heart attack stroke

appendicitis koban we want to make sure

that there is a bad in treatment for you

so we've expanded our hospital capacity

about 20 20 % more emergency beds we

have extra step-down beds that we've

worked to set up and you know we want to

make sure that if you get sick in

Colorado you have a fighting chance of

getting better what have you learned

about the the sort of responsible ways

of reopening things like business

that might help guide you toward

potentially reopening schools and that

you could tell states here in the

Northeast like New York and New Jersey

which are preparing their phase three

openings about how to do this or

successfully what have you learned about

masks wearing and and other best

practices you know it's not rocket

science it's common sense right it's

about staying six feet from others where

you can our stores have you know decals

on the floor where you wait wearing

masks all people who work in stores

where mass several municipalities also

require customers to wear masks in areas

that don't require it I still certainly

encourage them as governor if you're

going out if you're in public wear a

mask protect yourself protect others you

know when we salons came back in April

hair nail both parties wear masks both

the client and the the person

administering the the nail paint or the

haircut and we've had a good experience

with it we have to have as normal a life

as possible that means socially

psychologically economically but just do

it in a new smart safer better way

governor I wanted to ask what your

thoughts were on the the recent protests

that have broken out all across America

and then Colorado as well what do you

what's your advice to people that still

want to protest in light of clearly the

risks given coronavirus and can you

understand when sometimes protests boil

over a little bit from from being purely

peaceful well look like most Americans

of course I chose for the cause we need

to end you know racial discrimination in

criminal justice and so many other areas

from the public health perspective of

course I'm worried in fact that's

probably been my biggest concern this

last week we're gonna start seeing any

increase in cases really in the next few

days we've made so much progress against

this virus in Colorado are things safe

no are they reasonably safe yes people

can choose what level of risk to take

but I'm really worried about additional

cases from all those that are out there

exercising their rights and to their

credit when I look at the pictures and

see them most are wearing masks and

they're trying to do social distancing

but it's just hard with so many

thousands of people