Delaware Welcomes You...Sort Of: Governor Asks Visitors to Stay Away | NBC10 Philadelphia

yeah can you take a look and see that

street sign right there that state line

road that says it all this is the actual

border between Delaware and Pennsylvania

the welcome to Pennsylvania sign is

about a hundred yards that way the

welcome to Delaware sign is about 120

yards that way it's not that people in

Delaware don't like people without a

state tags but right now the governor

says we'd rather you not come here

welcome to Delaware kinda that's the

message right now from Governor John

Carney he has stepped up restrictions to

further isolate Delaware but it really

is a message to really discourage people

from coming across the border from

moving around you know under the new

guidelines travelers coming into

Delaware must self quarantine for 14

days or until they leave whichever

shorter passing through Delaware is

allowed commuters who come to Delaware

for work are encouraged to work at home

in their own state and of course this

does not apply to essential workers the

whole idea is to isolate and protect

Delaware's hospital space now is not the

time for out-of-staters to say come here

to their beach house of course we can't

have folks coming from other places you

may bring the virus with them and then

they get sick and need to be

hospitalized so that's part of it as


the governor says they'll have to figure

out how to handle non Delaware II and

Cape May Lewis Ferry travelers he also

says he's concerned about places like

this target near the Pennsylvania border

many of the cars here are always from

Pennsylvania it's even more dramatic at

the total wine store just south of the

border off i-95 near Clemont this is a

great store and there aren't too many of

them around this huge store is like

Disneyworld for beer and wine fans the

lot is loaded with cars from PA in New

Jersey this Pennsylvanian majorly

stocking up most folks hadn't heard

about the new restrictions laws no area

and if enough people don't follow the


the governor says Delaware law

enforcement could legally start making

traffic stops one should take some

measures to to stop people and and query

them about their reason for coming to

Delaware today I think the message will

get around and

yeah light traffic here along the border

if you care for an elderly relative or

an animal you can come into Delaware

lots of people my family included we

kind of live near the border we drifted

a Pennsylvania drift back down they're

not looking to bust anybody what they're

trying to do is limit the exposure they

don't want to bring Pennsylvania's virus

into Delaware trust me we already have

it in Delaware everybody here just

doesn't want to make it any worse for us

or for anyone in Maryland Pennsylvania

New Jersey anywhere else

we're live along the border tim furlong

NBC 10 News some great advice there Tim