North Carolina governor says he's prioritizing public health over politics

want to ask you what your reaction was

to the president's tweets about the

convention yesterday and secondly when

do you think you might be able to give

him the assurances that he asked for and

what would you need to know to make that


I'm not surprised by anything that I see

on Twitter I will say that it's okay for

political conventions to be political

but pandemic response cannot be already

we've been in talks with the RNC

about the kind of convention that they

would need to run and the kind of

options that we need on the table we're

talking about something that's going to

happen three months from now and we

don't know what our situation is going

to be regarding kovat 19 in North

Carolina these are the same kind of

conversations that we're having with the

Carolina Panthers the Charlotte Hornets

other large arena owners everybody wants

to get back into action soon but I think

everybody knows that we have to take

some steps to make sure that people are

protected because this virus is still

going to be with us in August and we're

going to have to take steps to protect

people we have asked the RNC to present

to us in writing their proposals we've

had discussions with them about a very

limited convention all the way up and we

want to see in writing what their plans

are we asked NASCAR to do the very same

thing and NASCAR did a good job this

weekend of executing their plan face

coverings of social distancing signage

cleaning we want to see from the RNC

what their plans are and we have asked

them to submit those plans to our public

health officials they have someone hired

to to advise them as well and we look

forward to the back and forth on that

we'd like to reach a resolution

that everybody can be reasonable about

that puts public health safety the

science and the facts as the number one

thing we're trying to do here so we look

forward to those continued conversations

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