WATCH: Gov. Jay Inslee and Loren Culp face off in only televised Washington governor's debate


good evening i'm jessica janarcastro we

are just moments away from the 2020

governor's debate live in olympia

democrat jay inslee is seeking a third

term republican lauren kolp is the

police chief of republic and ferry

county there's a lot at stake

let's go to olympia now where they're

seeking the state's highest office

tonight from the tvw studios in olympia

republican lauren kopp and democrat jay

inslee meet

in the only debate in the race for

washington governor

this debate has been organized by the

washington state debate coalition

and its premier media partners seattle

city club founded the coalition to

enhance voter access to those

who hold and seek our state's highest


thank you to the washington state debate

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aarp washington to preserve social

distancing the moderators are seated in

the main studio while the candidates are


in separate rooms elsewhere in the


this debate will be moderated by four

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essex porter from cairo seven randy


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and good evening from the tvw studios in


and to all of you watching across the

state from spokane

to sierra wooley from omac to ocean


and from washtachna to walla walla let's


in our two candidates for governor the

incumbent washington governor jay inslee

and republic police chief lauren culp

first of all tonight

gentlemen i need an affirmative that you

can hear us from the studio

yes yes wonderful and we do want to let

viewers know at home that the candidates

are alone

in those rooms that you see them in

there they are upstairs

from us here in the studio there are no

campaign staffers allowed in there

no members of the production crew are in

the rooms with them

and they also were not allowed to bring

in any notes or

cell phones or computers it's just them

in there

the candidates do have screens however

where they can see each other

they can see us the moderators and they

can of course see the

digital time cues i'm going to go over

the format for tonight's debate

it's somewhat different from last week's

presidential debate we will begin with

opening statements

questions will be asked of both

candidates who will have timed answers

and rebuttals

the moderator may ask a follow-up

question and we will end with closing


the candidates have agreed that they

will not interrupt each other we the


will enforce the rules as you watch the

debate we invite you to join the


on social media using the hashtag ylx


l e w-a-e-l-e-x and with that it is time

for opening statements we have already

flipped the coin

lauren kolp will go first and mr culp

you have two minutes

thank you very much uh and welcome to

everyone uh thank you to our moderators

thank you to the governor for agreeing

to this although i would have preferred

it to be on the same stage

i appreciate your cooperation and at

least getting this part done

this is the most important conversation

i believe that this state

is going to have and needs to have for

the next four years of our state

what we have right here in washington is

a leadership crisis

i've been in leadership positions my

entire life

i served in the united states army i was

a sergeant i went through drill sergeant


i also went through the non-commissioned

officers academy i was

honor graduate from the non-commissioned

officers academy i was also an honor


from my advanced individual training

class i trained

civilians into being soldiers after my

military service

in the 101st airborne division i went


the civilian workforce i learned the

building trades

and worked in the olympia area right

where we're at right now

i worked for other people for three or

four years and then in 1988 i started my

own construction business working right

out of olympia right here

i built that up from nothing ran it over

20 years

and then realized my childhood dream in

2010 and became a police officer

i've been in leadership positions my

entire life i've got

three different careers where i've been

in leadership and this state

is in a leadership crisis right now you

can tell that

by the governor just taking a big pay


and saying that he can't control that

well he can issue

executive orders to affect your pay

and your job and your business but

apparently he can't issue an

executive order to stop his own pay


so that's a little bit one-sided i think

we need some strong leadership and we

need someone who's going to represent we

the people

and stand up for citizens rights thank

you very much

thank you mr colt governor rinsley two

minutes uh thank you

uh i am delighted to be here tonight

with the coalition

and chief cult i am delighted that the


seattle storm or again world champions

and i'm really delighted that tonight we

can have a discussion

about why our state should be confident

that we can defeat the covid pandemic

and that we can rebuild our economy and

fundamentally the reason we should be

confident is because of the

extraordinary work that we have done

together in the last few years and it is


uh we have done great work in health

care for the health care needs of our

people 800 000 people now have insurance

and now having started the first public

option in the united states

working people have needed help and we

have produced extraordinary benefits

with the best pay

uh family and medical leave policy in

the united states the highest minimum


and the best overtime rules our children

obviously need a great education

and we should be proud that we've

accomplished the best most generous

financial aid program

for our college students and

apprenticeships programs for those

going into this into the skilled trades

we've accomplished so much in clean

energy but tonight we have

a bigger question to answer and that is

are we going to step up and fight the

covet pandemic

or are we going to do belittle it to

ignore it and in some sense surrender to

it surrender to it

and i feel very strongly we have to

stand up and face this

and beat this virus into the ground we

have to do smart things including

wearing a mask and social distancing

because we know that these things work

and when we follow science in washington

as we do

good things happen we are a

science-oriented state

and we can use our science and our heads

and beat this virus and the reason is

so we can reopen our economy and i'm

looking forward to that

so let's get started governor inslee

thank you we're going to move on now to


and the topic is covet 19 and the clear

differences between the two candidates

chief cult the first question

is going to be for you while president

trump's covid 19 diagnosis certainly

brought out well wishes it also renewed

criticism that he doesn't take the virus


you have faced the same criticism you

called the mask mandate a quote bunch of


you continue to hold large campaign

rallies where hundreds of people

are in attendance what do you say to

those who believe

that your approach would not only kill

more people

but would prolong the pandemic you have

one minute and 15 seconds

right i've never come out and spoke

against wearing masks i came out against

the the direction and the order from

the government a public servant that

sits in the governor's office

everyone in government whether appointed

or elected are public servants

and i firmly believe in individual

freedom and liberty i believe in safety

obviously i've been working in public

safety for the last 10 years

the problem is when we have one person

sitting in the governor's office telling


what they're going to wear whether

they're going to go to work or whether

they're not going to go to work

that's the problem that i've had with

this and as governor i would put out the


with medical professionals tell everyone

what's going on what they

should do to protect themselves and what

might happen if they don't

and make sure the supply chain is open

for the equipment that's needed

and then let free individual citizens

decide what's best for themselves their

family and their business

because you can't tell me that a barber

with one customer in his store

can't cut that person's hair safely and

protect him and his customers

but a marijuana store or an abortion

clinic or a big box store

is okay to open with 100 or 200 people

in it that is not common sense and it's

lacking in the governor's office right

now and i will bring that

to olympia and remember we will have

time for rebuttals and follow-ups but

first governor inslee to you

washingtonians have now been living

under your coven

mandates for 200 days more than 200 days

they were told first to stay home stay


three months ago you told them that if

they messed up we could open up

in may you introduced a phased-in

approach to reopen the economy called

safe start but just two months after

that it paused indefinitely and despite

announcing just one day

before this debate that you would start

to lift more restrictions because we've

made progress

counties still can't move into the next


why should voters after seven months

believe that you have a coherent plan

to reopen the state you have one minute

and 15 seconds

it's really quite simple it is because

we are saving washington's lives

by the hundreds maybe the thousands

there's been two hundred and ten

thousand people

who've lost their lives in america over

two thousand in the state of washington

and our fundamental duty is to save

those lives

and there's good news here because this

is working this is working big time

i'm pleased to share with my fellow

washingtonians that tonight

what we have done in our social


in our masking campaign because

washingtonians are not listening to

donald trump

and frankly chief colt they are wearing


they are socially distancing and as a

result of that

we have lowered our infection rate

dramatically tonight we were

fortunate 45 other states in the united


have higher infection numbers some five

ten times more

than the state of washington this

translates for people going home with

their families

parents being able to see their children


that i think still have value i believe

in this society

their lives will be saved and we are

opening in our economy we've been doing

that for two months we've opened all

kinds of bowling alleys

more restaurant activity wedding parlors


and that will continue in the next few

weeks uh chief kolp you have the first

chance at rebuttal here i do want you to

speak specifically

you know we've talked about the

governor's mandates do you believe that

the governor's mandates

have ultimately saved lives and you have

45 seconds to

to respond to the governor's answer

there yes he claims he claims that

his mandates are saving lives but the

federal government

set the state approximately 29

per patient per day in our nursing homes

and we know

by the by the data that those are the

most vulnerable among us is the people

living in nursing homes

the elderly over 61 percent of the

people who have died have been in

nursing homes

the federal government sent 29 dollars

per patient per day for nursing homes


extra staff extra equipment and this


said no we're not sending them 29

dollars per day for extra staff and

extra equipment in nursing homes

we're only sending them five dollars a

day i would like to know where the rest

of that money's going because it

it came up to about 41 million dollars i


uh governor ensley i want to give you a

chance to rebuttal here to what uh chief

culp has said and i also want you to

just weigh in you know he talks a lot

about the constitution and that being

his guidebook

for how he'd handle this and how he'd

govern in general so can you just touch

on also in your response

how you use the constitution the state

constitution when you go about putting

some of these mandates down and making

these decisions

well i follow the constitution in all

its respects and i've done that in this

i've done this in gun safety and we have

saved lives this is this is

scientifically proven there's no debate

about this

it is clear for donald trump and and

chief culp to deny that

is really tried extraordinary the

scientific community is clear

it has saved thousands of lives and more

importantly it will save

thousands of more lives in this country

in this state if we continue this course

no court no court has struck down

any of my decisions that are obviously

controversial look this has been hard on


saving lives sometimes is not easy

people have had all kinds of

difficulties in their lives in their


but it unequivocally has shown we had an

infection disease doctor

yesterday check his testimony out he'll

tell you

all right thank you gentlemen i want to

talk about boeing and governor inslee we

are going to start with you

on this question you have said that


threatened you mugged you to get this

largest tax break for a corporation in

washington state history

you personally called for a special

session years ago to get 8.7

billion dollars in tax incentives in

exchange for the production of the 77x

line but now boeing as you know is

moving the entire 787 production line

from everett to north charleston south


did you get fooled no

in fact we built into that agreement

things that had not been built in the

787 deal that was done before i was


and they are not building a second line

for the for the triple seven

uh so no uh we made a decision about

jobs i'm all about jobs and i come from

surrounded by boeing families in

in my cousins and my my best friends

growing up

and i believe that these these planes

should be made here

we have the best workers in in the world

on this

uh to go elsewhere did not make sense

and if it did make sense

the thing that is most disappointing to

me is that the company did not give us

any way to consider bringing them back

when market conditions improve

look i can read i know that the market

has been down for airplanes

but this market is going to come back

and when it comes back

the boeing company needs to treat

taxpayers fairly

so we need to look at their tax breaks

to act in a responsible way so that they

have an incentive

to bring these jobs back and make sure

the next airplane is made here

as well i believe that should happen

both because it's the best place to make

airplanes according to the teal group

and it's a fair treatment of washington

citizens and i think we should ask for


lauren kolp you've talked about your

construction in western washington ties

you also know that a lot of these jobs

tied to boeing are in king pierce and

snohomish counties

you are from the east side of the state

what would you do

to keep those jobs in western washington

okay well as far as being from the

eastern side of the state i

lived most of my life actually on the

western side

uh jay inslee is also from the east side

i don't you guys

keep trying to pigeonhole me like it's a

negative i love this entire state

north south east west but the problem

with in this state right now

is the governor has lost touch with

reality he's been working in government

for decades he has no clue what's going

on in the real world he's never built a

business from the ground up

i have i started my business with one

single employee

and an old truck that i had bought from

my grandpa on payments i had a homemade

single axle trailer

that's how i started my construction

business and i built that up over 20


where i had multiple trucks and crews

doing jobs all around puget sound

this governor has no clue what it's like

in the real world this is not a business

friendly state

it has not been a business business

friendly state for a long time

and he has exacerbated that by his uh


extra regulations and higher taxes this

is a governor who promised eight years


that he would not raise taxes and he has

lied to

us 33 times

the state budget has almost doubled

under his tenure

and when i'm governor this will be a

business friendly state

businesses like boeing will want to come

here and stay here

governor i want to give you a chance at

a rebuttal and also i i want to ask you

about a comment that you made by

publicly threatening boeing

with taking a hard look at those tax

breaks aren't you playing with fire here

no we're playing with common sense which

is the citizens of this state should be

treated fairly

and that means as boeing's futures

improve which they will we want them to


inspired and incentivized to come build

planes here

and this is one way to do it and if we

give them an incentive they might think

twice about leaving more jobs and that's

a fair thing

this business thing is interesting you

know we had

the the highest grade of gdp growth

a year or two ago under my stewardship

our state has been named the best place

to do business by business insider and


cnbc it has been named the best place

to live and that's why people are moving

here like crazy

people are coming from all over here if

this is such a terrible business

place why do these businesses keep

coming here and growing

this is a growth oriented state it is

going to grow again when we defeat this


governor i need to cut you off on time

there and chief culp i want to give you

a chance at a rebuttal you know there

aren't a lot of large global

aerospace firms that are in republic in

ferry county

what makes you think you're better

equipped to deal with a company that

size given your background

well the thing is this current governor

thinks he's a leader of everyone

he thinks he's the leader of companies

he thinks he's the leader of our


he thinks he's a leader of our children

and our businesses

that's exactly the opposite that's true

the governor

is not the leader of the citizens lives

or their businesses

or their families the governor's job is

to run the executive

branch of the state government and keep

it within the confines of the

constitution which is the rule of law

he raised his right hand and swore an

oath that i will uphold and defend the

constitution of the state of washington

and he's failing article 1 section 7

says that no citizen shall be disturbed

in their private affairs

i think we've been disturbing our

private affairs quite a bit by this


thank you mr pope this next question

goes to you you have said you do not

believe there is systemic

racism how then do you explain some of

the big disparities for example the

median income of white families in

seattle is

two and a half times that of black

families and hispanic people are

hospitalized with covet

at four times the rate of white people

in king county

and what policies would you implement to

close this gap

the federal government and the state

government have laws

in both constitutions that say that

everyone will be treated equally

regardless of their race

their sex their gender or their

orientation and i firmly believe that

that's the way that it

is and should be there are sure there

are racists among us

and we need to root those people out

when they commit crimes hate crimes is a


in this state and it needs to be

enforced the biggest way that you

uh bring in racial inequality is when

you don't enforce the laws

evenly and we have currently we have a

governor who breaks the laws and commits


and no repercussions no one's held


you know if you want to talk about

racial inequality let's talk about the

human trafficking that's going on in

this state

and in a big way and usually young women

and young boys

are the victims of that what's this

governor doing about that

and then look at all the the unsolved

murders of our

native american people what's going on

with that

that's racial inequality that's real

racial inequality

and if this system is racist who has

been in charge of the system

in washington state for the last 35


the democrats thank you mr culp governor


uh this question to you as well do you

believe in systemic racism

and what concrete steps beyond

appointing task force or committees will

you implement

to close the many gaps between the races


the racial disparities is something i

think that

all of us should uh want to do something


they are profound uh you know white

families have 10 times as much wealth

as black families we have racial

disparities in education we have racial


in health care it has not helped that

we've had a president who has fanned the

flames of division in this regard

and we have to act we have to act in

many ways and one of the things i hope

is that

our action is not limited to looking at

criminal justice issues yes we are going

to do

things to assure independent evaluations

and investigations

and independent prosecutorial decisions

i'm confident we'll pass that

legislation in january

but i think this is a window to do much

more i think let's look at a way to

to get kids of color that are ready for

kindergarten and ready for first grade

so they don't fall behind

let's look for health care and by the

way this world of donald trump

and chief culp means we will not have

health care for many people of color

we've got health care now for eight

hundred thousand people right now

because of obamacare and you can be sure

that is not going to be protected

if my opponent became became governor so

these are concrete states we're taking

them we just started an office of equity

and i'm confident we're going to make

progress in january

and mr culpa an opportunity for a

rebuttal and as you do

would you talk more about any policies

that you think government should


to close some of these gaps beyond

criminal justice so the the economic

gaps between the races

everyone should have equal opportunity

in the united states

one of my best friends immigrated here


from kenya at a young age

this was the land of opportunity this

was where he could live his

dreams and do anything that he wanted to


and he immigrated here legally and now

he's the owner of a company that has

about eight or nine hundred employees

i want that opportunity for everyone and

so often politicians pander to

minorities when it's election time

and say how much they're going to do for

the minorities and how much they care

and then after the election turn their

back on them

that's why we still have the same

problems we've had for the last 15 or 20


in our inner city governor inslee uh

your rebuttal would you go beyond

offering opportunity does more need to

be done than just

offering opportunity yes what we the

first thing we need to do

is to stop the republicans from taking

away the things that

do have a chance of ending this

disparity i do have to express

frustration on occasion with my


colleagues who talk about equality but

every time we actually want to do

something about it they oppose it

let's start with healthcare look

healthcare is one of the most important

precious things we have right now

it is important we do have disparities

in healthcare

they actually want to take it away from

800 000 washingtonians

i can't see how this makes us a more

equal position

they have not helped us on a host of

family leave issues from family leave

i did overtime rules to protect working


myself so we have done a lot financial

aid apprenticeships i've started an

apprenticeship program

probably leading the nation this is

great to help

kids of color get new careers he wants

to return me

out of office thank you bo

governor i want to ask you a question

turning the question to

police reform and actually reforming

police departments since the killing of

george floyd by minneapolis police

we have heard many discussions about how

to hold police more accountable for

abuses of force

you just spoke about in independent

investigations but i want to ask you

about two

other sort of reforms do you want to see

the end of qualified immunity that

protects abusive police officers from

civil lawsuits

and do you support rewriting police

union contracts

to allow cities to reform and

restructure their police departments

so i'm open to discussions with the

community and

rather than run out and propose

solutions to all these things myself

i've decided to listen to the to the


and so we have a task force that is led

by the black community i think listening

is pretty powerful right now to the

people who have suffered

this indignity and violence and that's

what we're doing as you noted i am

confident we will pass

the rule on independent investigation

and independent prosecutorial

and we'll listen to other ideas that are

brought before us

one way or another we have to bring more

justice we can do that

that is not inimical or inconsistent

with good policing

i also believe we need to look at ways

to provide

help for folks in mental health problems

we've had some disasters where police

are called and people have been in

mental health crises

i think we have to find a way to deal

with those mental health challenges

to prevent some of the of this violence

and again i want to note that this whole


i hope it comes from a broad scale

societal conversation about how to get

to racial inequity and i believe we can

do that

thank you governor chief cole i i want

to ask you the same questions you have

worked in law enforcement for a decade

i would like to hear your views on this

on qualified immunity

do you want to see an end to the

qualified immunity that

protects abusive police officers from

civil lawsuits

and do you think that police union

contracts need to be rewritten so that

cities can

have different police reforms and

restructure their departments well i

don't agree with the way you formed that


the qualified immunity does not protect

abusive officers

officers are prosecuted all the time for

committing crimes

and the governor talking [ __ ] about

mental health in this state let me tell

you a thing or two about the mental


problem in this state i've dealt with it

on the street level

i was a narcotics detective for three

years i've dealt with people

in addiction i've dealt with people in

mental health crisis

and the mental health system in this

state is a joke

and he's had eight years to do something

about it but he lost certification

to western state hospital and with that

went uh hundreds of beds and millions of

dollars from the federal government for

our mental health system in this state

so that we can help people that are on

the streets and in mental health crisis

when an officer and this happens every

single day every single night all across

this state

i have had this happen almost every time

when someone's tries to take their life

obviously they are in a mental health


they are taken to the hospital by a

police officer

and talk to the first level uh mental

health counselor and they call around

the state to try to find a bed for them

to get higher level of care

and nine times out of ten there isn't

one and they're turned back out on the


thank you governor easley governor

inslee i

we're going to have 45 seconds for a

rebuttal to what chief cult just said


mental health and also anything else you

want to add about

his statement well we are moving on to a

major reform of our mental health care

system we have improved it significantly

our hospital improved significantly over

the last few years

but it is an ancient facility we need to

reform our system and that's why we are

starting a program

to get mental health in communities to

have community-based mental health where

it's closer to people

but if people don't have insurance they

cannot pay for this

and the fundamental problem of chief

cope when he talks about this issue is

his party and his president

want to take away health insurance and

mental health insurance

from 800 000 people and then whenever we

talk about actually paying for this

they want to cut the budgets his very

opening statement was how he wants to

cut the budgets well

if you're going to cut the budget you're

going to cut people who are in pain

including mental health pain

right we need to care for people

governor isn't it chief cope i i want to

give you a moment to respond to that

but i do want to ask you a little bit

about you have said that

the good police officers arrest the bad

ones and put them in jail where they


but we do see police officers who are

rehired after being fired for

misuses of force can you address that

yeah can you tell me which

which circumstance you're talking about

which officer uh for instance in seattle

the this often happens with appeals to


where an officer is fired appeals to an


and then they are reinstated in seattle

it happened when a man

punched a handcuffed woman in in the

face and broke her eye socket

while she was handcuffed and then he was

fired but reinstated when he appealed to

an arbitrator so

i'm curious if uh how would you address

or anything like that dealing with


well that sounds like that was uh chief

best department

and you're telling me that that she's

not for law and order she's

racist of some some way i don't know i'm

not sure

i did not say that okay so i don't know

the details of that

case anytime an officer abuses their

power they should be held accountable

i'm all for that okay well

thank you very much for your responses

gentlemen all right we're going to move

on to the topic of civil unrest just a

friendly reminder to

try really hard to answer the question

that's asked of you

that's why we're here governor inslee

the first question is going to go to you

nearly two days after demonstrators took

over an

area outside the seattle police

department's east precinct dubbing it an

autonomous zone

you claimed not to know about it despite

it being the subject of non-stop

local and national news coverage despite

it trending nationwide on twitter

what should voters make of the fact that

you were apparently oblivious to police

abandoning an entire precinct in the

state's largest city

you have one minute 15 seconds yeah well

listen if you look at the facts of that

situation i could not have been

oblivious to it

because i actually deployed the

washington state national guard

sir then why do you why did you say you

did not know about it you'll have to go

back and and look at some quote i can't

comment on the quote right now but i can

tell you that what we did was is to

respond when

cities in the cities of course are the

ones responsible for their

initial security and we support the

cities and when they ask us to send the

national guard we responded promptly and

we sent the national guard i believe in

the hundreds

when they asked for assistance from the

washington state patrol our washington

state patrol went

in fact our washington state patrol was

ready and i had cleared this decision

when the decision was made by this uh

the city

to bring back police forces into that

area and they were ready they were

staged in fact

if they were needed so it is clear that

we did provide

support as appropriate but this is a

very frustrating situation i'll tell you


you had tens of thousands of people

peacefully protesting

tens of thousands of people marching

without breaking windows without

starting fires

and in their midst these these folks

came in and caused violence

and it was very frustrating to those who

believe this is a righteous cause

but don't want to see this violence this

violence is unacceptable to all of us

from any source

and it should stop just from clear

governor because i feel like i need to

address that with you right now your

quote was this is news to me you went on

to say i haven't heard about it from any

credible source nearly two days after

chop happened you're now saying you did

know about job

listen i can't i knew about chop that's

why we had

state troopers ready to respond at the

city's request

so if i made a misstatement okay i made

him a statement but clearly i did that's

why we sent troops

so this was something we did respond to

seattle's request

okay we'll follow back up on that sir

i'll give you time for rebuttal to chief


chief culp on the topic of civil unrest

one minute 15 seconds

we're talking about the nightly protest

seattle dealt with at times riots over

the summer

washington leaders including the

governor pushed back at the idea of

federal intervention

when it was suggested by the president

if elected governor

governor under what specific conditions


would you support the presence of

federal forces on local streets in

response to civil unrest

right we currently have a governor

that's very soft on crime that that's


uh he doesn't know that crimes are being

happened that parts of seattle have been

taken over

and i saw him in that live conference it

was clear that he had no clue what was

going on or he was lying or one or the


and yes he did send in the national

guard you know and we all have

a right to peaceably assemble and speak

our mind right that's our first

amendment right

um but when it turns violent when people

start looting stores when they light

buildings on fire cars on fire and throw

rocks and frozen water but also their


that's no longer a first amendment right

that's a crime it's called rioting

and although the governor did send in

troops the national guard you know

because the governor is the commander

chief the washington state national

guard he sent them in there

at the request of local law enforcement

but he disarmed them before

he sent them in i will never ever

send our young men and women in uniform

into a violent situation

without the means to protect themselves

and other people

that's what they're going there for and

when people are committing crimes

the national guard will assist the local

law enforcement to arrest the criminals

and put them in jail where they belong

and the rest of the people that are

involved in it will be told to disperse

because it is a riot and if they do not

disperse they will be arrested as well

that's how you deal with crime that's

how you shut down a riot

okay chief i'll follow back up with you

on the question i had asked about

federal intervention here in your

rebuttal time um

governor ainslie in your rebuttal time

uh quickly was it your decision

not to arm the uh the national guard

because i recall it as the governor or

as the mayor's decision

and also do you support the federal

prosecution of accused riders such as

people who assault police officers or

burn down buildings 45 seconds

yes i do support prosecution of anyone

involved in violent activity that is a


i used to prosecute drunk driving cases

and spousal abuses cases

and so i do support that these were

decisions that are led by the


elected officials in the cities we sent

help not only to seattle

we sent state patrol to spokane i

believe to bellevue so we have helped in

numerous cities during these difficult


and they have acted appropriately

general dougherty who i think is a


general he has helped me in many many

emergencies like oso and the bridge

falling down

he does a great job and what he told me

was we do not and he did not want

firearms he did not believe that more

firearms was the answer to

to sort of magnify and give potential

violence to this situation unfortunately

no one was hurt of the armed guard

because i respect these people

they do fantastic work and so we want to

continue to to follow the law and by the

way we're on the fall

in the law excuse me do i have 45

seconds excuse me ready yes

your 45 seconds round out if you want to

oh i'm sorry finish off on one second do

you want to finish no no

it's a little curious to me that we have

a police officer

consciously violating the law refusing

to enforce gun safety laws

and then say the answer is more guns on

our streets all right how many people

follow the laws i want to give you a 45

second rebuttal and why why don't you

respond to what the governor just said

right there uh because you know they're

voter approved gun control measures uh

the mandates that courts have upheld

that the governor put down that you

refuse to follow is it law order for

everybody else but not for you

45 seconds police officers have

discretion to enforce or not enforce

you ever get pulled over and not get a

ticket police officers have discretion

chiefs of police and sheriffs have

discretion on what their departments are

going to enforce

what they're going to focus on whether

it's drug crime sex trafficking

or speeding that's up to the discretion

of the

chief law enforcement in that agency and

for me to make that decision

is based on the washington state

constitution which you governor

raised your right hand and took an oath

to uphold and defend have you ever heard

of article 1 section 24

the right of the individual citizen to

bear arms in defense of himself or the


shall not be impaired i'm sure that you

can understand that if not maybe your

grandkids can tell you sir

well if you'd like me to answer that

question i will thank you gentlemen

we're out of time on this topic over to

chris daniels

all right let's pivot to the budget uh

there and we're going to start with you

lauren kulp there was some good news

actually from the state's

economic and revenue forecast council

which said last month that the projected

budget for

shortfall will not be as bad as first

thought but still

significant as well over 4 billion

dollars i know you used the words


earlier but those are bigger numbers

than anything that you have had to deal

with in republic or ferry county in fact

your police station

is smaller than the tvw building that we

are in

right now so what is your plan where do

you cut

yes and a career politician is obviously

doing a great job

so what we have to do is freeze spending

as soon as they take office we're going

to free spending we're not going to have

any new programs

no pay raises no new equipment we're

going to take a snapshot in time and

find out where we are

and then we're going to we're going to

take a look and do programmatic cuts

from the bottom up

and that's the way it's got to be done

look at every program

and it's going to be the hard work i'm

not going to do like the current


does and suggests all the time across

the board cuts

that's the lazy politician's way of

doing it in the

business world which i spent 20 years in

if you do across the board cuts you're

cutting your sales force

you're cutting your fuel for your uh

crews to get to jobs

you're cutting your advertising budget

it's like cutting off your nose to spike

your face

across the board cuts are the

politicians lazy way of doing things

we need to go through the budget line

item by line and do a programmatic cuts

and i would start specifically with

anything that has the word

study in it politicians love to study

things to death

they spend and waste millions and

millions of dollars on study after study

after study

but it's a way for crony capitalism it's

a way for them to get money to their


well let me follow up with you governor

there are going to be spending needs but

there are also spending shortfalls

despite that good news the state

transportation's revenues

are short 701 million dollars coming up

in this next budget cycle you look at a

place like west seattle with a need for


a bridge there it's a bridge that not

only supports 100 000 people but the

port of seattle the washington state

ferry system

sound transit down the road can the

state afford to put money into

transportation projects

given the revenue shortfalls right now

well we i will be talking to legislators

i actually

had discussions yesterday with them to

see about a potential transportation

budget in the next session

and we have had huge progress we passed

the largest transportation budget

in the most environmentally friendly

budget perhaps in state history after

the republicans said no for three years

so i am willing to fight for


and i think we need a big capital budget

this year so we can actually put people

to work

but obviously we need to uh look at

rational cuts i actually have cut

over half a billion dollars myself by

executive action in the last two months

so over

one half billion dollars i've already

made those cuts

and those were painful at times but they

were necessary and i've already prepared

us to get us in better position

and i've been vindicated in my decision

about special session because we have

got four and a half billion dollars


revenue moving forward but the plans i

have seen

from uh from chief kulp and the

republican parties essentially boil down

to taking away

people in the middle of a pandemic we

should not take away

health care from people who have cancer

or covid right now in the middle of a

pandemic we should not take away

their mental health we should not take


the right for a woman's right of choice

in the ability to finance that

and that is very much at risk right now

and governor

governor i want to give chief culp you a

chance to

rebut uh the governor he just said he

was vindicated in his decision

to not call for a special session do you

feel the same way

and do you also feel that there should

be any sort of state money put to a

project like the west seattle bridge

that engineers feel could collapse well

it's kind of funny what he takes credit

for you know but everything that goes

wrong is somebody else's fault

and this is a governor you know he's

talking about not taking money away from

the taxpayers well maybe we should talk

about the hundred and sixty four

thousand dollars a week

that this governor paid a global

consulting firm

to tell him what to do and what to say

on the covet crisis

and i didn't misspeak a hundred and

sixty-four thousand dollars per

week is a no-bid contract that he signed

with a global consulting firm

that's taxpayer money how many

businesses that he put out of business

would that help

how many small mom-and-pop shops would

that help how much unemployment got sent


maybe that could be put into there

instead of in a global consulting firm

to tell him what to think and say

governor inslee i'd like to give you a

chance to rebut the claims just made

there by

chief culp you have 45 seconds i have no

idea what he's referring to but we have

made good decisions on dealing with


let's talk about let's talk about what's

really on the table here

that is whether we're going to save

lives whether we're going to have

leadership to help people wear masks

which chief cope has never provided not

only has he

disagreed with my orders but he hasn't

been willing to show leadership which is

kind of modeling your behavior going

around rallies with no mask

hobnobbing with the the trumpians you

know we just can't

it's too dangerous to have a mini trump

right now in the middle of this pandemic

that's what it is at risk

and i am in favor of saving lives i'm in

favor of falling science

i'm following in favor of valuing

everybody's life and not diminishing


and i'm in favor of doing things that

are working our efforts against this

pandemic are working

it's saving lives and we ought to keep

doing it governor

chief thank you next question uh is uh

for you to begin with mr culp and let's

talk about these fires

that we have seen in our state these uh

intense fires

you've raised the question that the

wildfires were coordinated do you have


direct evidence of that and what role if

any do you think that climate change


um i don't believe i ever said that

these fires were coordinated

now actually it is on your website a

conversation with

people who have had their homes

devastated you raised the question

that they were according it seemed like

it felt coordinated to you

i just wondered if you were responding

to any evidence of that okay do i get my

time back or

is that please go ahead not the case

okay i appreciate

that yeah i talked to a firefighter when

i was in okanagan visiting the families

that were burned out over there

and the firefighter told me that they

were just minutes behind the person who

started that fire

in the elm okanagan area and so that's

where that came from

um i don't have any evidence it's kind

of suspect that all those fires started

at the same time with

with uh no storms going on but this


calls these climate fires

that's nothing i mean he's just

deflecting from you know like i said


nothing is his fault everything is uh

someone else's fault and in this

instance he's blaming these fires on the


you know and i don't deny that the

climate changes you know i remember in

the 70s it was all over the news that we

were in a

um global cooling and then global

warming and now

climate change the climate changes i

would i

don't dispute that but these are not

climate fires these fires are the result


very poor management on the state level

we don't log our forest

and replant them we don't thin the

forest we don't clean up the carbon on

the forest floor

and we've been shutting down road access

which limits firefighters

to get back and fight these fires as

well as

access for the citizens to cut wood and

go hunting and fishing

so we need to manage our forest we need

to clean them up that's why they burn so

hot and so fast and kill people and burn


governor inslee we do have more than 2

million acres we're more than 2 million

acres behind on the kind of

forest management that prevents

wildfires from being so devastating

why did we get so far behind during your

eight years in office and what are your

plans to eliminate this backlog if

you're elected to a third term

actually essex actually checked on this


we have improved our management while

i've been governor dramatically our


has gone up by seven or eight times our

acreage we have treated

treated has gone up significantly but

there's 22 million acres

of forest in our state and it takes a

lot of money to do that

you can't send out a gardener with a

rake like a donald trump suggested

so we are doing thinning we are

increasing thinning

it's a little frustrating because when i

wrote a letter to donald trump asking


to do more thinning on the federal force

for us he actually slashed the budgets

for it

so there's a lot of lies coming out of

the white house and i think it's most

distressing but look let's talk about

the real issue here which is climate


for people to run for governor the state

of washington at this date

with the damage that climate change is

doing to our state not just fires

but killing our salmon because the water

is too acidic and too hot

and changing the hydrological cycle so

that farmers don't have irrigation and

changing the very growing season we have

to have someone run for governor the

state of washington following donald


over this cliff into the abyss of

climate change

that just i believe is unacceptable in

our state we deserve better we

believe somebody will not just follow

science but will act on it and we have a

plan to do that and i hope you're going

to ask me about it because it's a pretty

important issue

mr kolp as you respond would you tell us

whether you have any

policies that you would try to implement

to make a difference in preventing

climate change yeah i love clean water

clean air clean land no one cares

about our climate

about our environment than people that

actually are hands on with it

the farmers the ranchers the loggers the

hunters and fishermen

i've been a hunter and a fisherman my

entire life i spent

days uh and hours uh

on my whole life out in the out in the

woods and on the water

my grandpa was a commercial fisherman my

other grandpa on my

dad's side was a sport fisherman i grew

up on the water

i grew up hunting no one cares about the

land and the water more than people that

actually have hands on

we need to get bureaucrats out of the

way then the reason that we don't have

salmon is because this governor has

failed to take care of that we need a

hatcheries putting out a hundred percent

all right and governor rinsley as as you


would you talk about whether anything

you want to do with climate change would


much of a difference in the short term

we're already seeing these fires

yes well what makes a difference in life

is when you do something to save


and the health of your children this is

a health issue

and i think we should fight for a health

that's causing respiratory distress

our children should not have to breathe

this smoke every day in the summer which

they're going to have to if we don't act

on climate change

and i don't know what's worse denying

climate is caused by carbon

or or admitting it and refusing to do

anything about it chief cope has


zero policies to defeat climate change

we can grow jobs and we deserve a little

more time to talk about this

about how we're going to grow jobs in

solar like we're doing in bellingham

in cross-laminated timber like we're

doing in spokane

in solar panels the solar farm in

southeast washington

we're growing jobs all over this state

this is a perfect economic growth growth

opportunity for us

and i'm confident we can exploit those

if we have a governor

who understands climate change and job


okay let me end it here thank you

gentlemen i want to talk a little bit

about your record as governor

governor inslee during your two terms in

office there have been several

high-profile instances of mismanagement

at state agencies under your watch

this includes as chief colt mentioned

the decertification of western state

hospital and the loss of more than 50

million per year in federal funds

it also includes more recently the mass

unemployment fraud that we have seen

that went undetected at the start of the

coronavirus crisis

costing the state hundreds of millions

of dollars

given these kinds of lapses why should

voters have faith in your ability to

competently manage the state for the


four years because i care about them and


want to do everything humanly possible

to help them and the frustrations with

the unemployment compensation

difficulties are profound and sincere

and i feel them as much as

or more maybe as people who are

suffering them well not

more but look what happened here

natural disasters can can destroy

buildings they can destroy

agencies a capability to respond in a

timely fashion that is fundamentally

what happened here

the number of claims went up by a factor

of 10 factor of 10 overnight

now that's kind of like 700 000 people

showing up at the husky stadium

that seats 70 000 these lines developed

and we have been moving heaven and earth

to get people's uh

checks to them who are entitled now it

takes time to figure out who's entitled

we've hired 1300 people we've brought in

the national guard they've done a great

job we've done new technology

and in the midst of that these criminals

these criminals of a sophisticated

international ring

attacked us just like they attacked

other states and they made off net with

about two percent but i'm pleased that


of those dollars went to deserving


and i'm happy that we've reduced the

people who are waiting from the hundreds

of thousands

to a few thousands and we are determined

to do everything humanly possible to get

those folks

dollars they need it we've expanded

workers comp and unemployment

we want to help them we have had


on evictions and thank you yeah chief

colbert i want to ask you a little bit

about your background in management

you currently manage a police department

of one person yourself and at its peak

under your leadership as chief i believe

your department had two officers

including you

i am wondering since you are police

chief at a town of

1100 people what makes you qualified to

lead a state with

7.6 million residents and more than 68

000 state employees

i appreciate that that question and i as

i said earlier

i'm not running to be the leader of

everyone's family i'm not running to be

the leader of

your business i'm not running to be the

leader of you

you the citizens will be the leaders of


your family and your business i will be

the governor

that understands the servant role of the


and i will run the executive branch of

the state government

and you will run your business and your


that's the way it should be that's the

way a public servant

should act and this governor

wants to tie me to

things that he thinks that president

trump has done wrong

well and call what did he call us called

people that come to my rallies

trumpians is that the new deplorables


these are thousands of washington

citizens that come out to my rallies

these are people that that care about

their state

from all over this state from king

county to spokane county

from ferry county down to click attack

county these are washington citizens and

i'm hearing from them by the thousands

every single day and they don't like

what's going on in this state they want

a servant government

back one that will stay within the

confines of the constitution and the

rule of law i'm going to ask you

each one quick question because we don't

have much time at all um chief colp

uh you often talk about how we have a

mental health problem and a drug problem

not a homelessness problem

but you also are saying you will not

raise the state budget you will not

increase spending to

you know possibly address these problems

how would you

invest in mental health and drug

treatment if you are

promising to cut the state budget i

never said we don't have a housing


but it's not all about homes uh this is

about a mental health and addiction


we are already spending and wasting

millions and millions of dollars across

this state

on mental health and drug addiction

programs that are not working

i know of one i toured one down in

longview not too long ago

that went from single digit success rate

to 76

success rate by taking less state

funding and making their own

point we didn't have 45 seconds on this

one um

15 seconds okay yeah i would like to

hear from your campaign what that long

view program is because i have not been

able to

actually get an answer on specifically

what it is um governor i we don't really

have any more time but i want to ask you

very very quickly

you had promised in previous campaigns

that you would

you said taxes were not the right

direction for our state when you ran in


do you anticipate tax increases will be

necessary just answer in 20 seconds

well you can't you can't make that

decision now we have to look at the

economic circumstances that we have in


i will propose a balanced budget at that

moment i will protect health care

i will protect those who are most needy

i'll protect women who

have choice right now that the

republicans want to take away

by the way i also protect those from gun


and gun safety we have not talked about

tonight but i've heard chief koch talk


law order he's a law order person i'm

sure he believes he is

i i don't understand why he refuses to

force the constitutional law that has

been upheld

that protects us from gun violence from

bump stock

all right gentlemen we're gonna yeah

we're out of time for questions we gotta

move on to closing statements we want to

make sure you have time to wrap up your

thoughts uh mr culp we're going to have

you go first you just have one minute

for a closing statement sir go ahead

okay thank you very much

and just to to cover what the governor

just talked about

gun violence right just like i said he

wants to focus the blame on something

other than what it is

we don't have gun violence problem

in this state or in this country we have

criminal violence problem

we need to focus on the criminals and

put them in jail

and in prison where they belong and we

need a governor that will quit releasing

prisoners convicted felons

violent felons from our prison system

and putting them back on the streets

back in our communities where they


you know he released almost a thousand

of them because the state courts

told him that he had to come up with a

plan to keep prisoners safe from covert

in the prison system

and instead of coming up with a plan and

keeping these violent felons in our

state prisons

he just said open the gate let them out

and then you add that to the three or

four thousand that were

released not too long ago because of the

they said that it was a glitch in the

department of corrections software that

the governor knew about but didn't fix

uh two murders have happened because of

that and people are have reoffended and

are back in our

jails and in our prisons because this

governor is soft on crime and doesn't

care about the citizens safety

all right governor inslee your closing

statement one minute thank you by the

way i have nothing against republic my

grandmother was born there on april 4th

1904 but i am against going backwards in

our effort to build this state

we have shown profound progress in


some of the best education in the

state's history profound progress in

health care

we have demonstrated the ability to

build a great economy

and now we can still do that and i'm

confident that we can return to those


but first we have to knock down this

virus we know that the key to opening up

our economy

ultimately is to reduce the number of

people who are affected by this virus

and to do that we do have to have

leadership we can't ignore this we have

to have governor

who will help people understand the

science behind math

and we'll under understand the the help

to help businesses recovery

as we are doing right now so i tell you

i'm excited about the prospects of

leading this state

i'm confident i believe the bold

decisive leadership works

it has worked and i hope it continues

and i'd be honored by your vote

thank you very much well that is the end

of the debate

yeah we thank all of you for joining us

uh for this debate and melissa's gonna

bring us out here yes that is the end of

the debate thank you to the candidates


this discussion of the issues in the

campaign for governor

our next debate is in a couple of weeks

it's on october 22nd it's in the race

for lieutenant governor between denny


and marco lee and we want to thank our

lead sponsor aarp of washington

tonight's debate

organized by the washington state debate

coalition and its founders seattle city


ballots will be mailed to voters over

the next 10 days and must be postmarked

return will return by 8 pm

tuesday november 3rd thank you so much

for joining us tonight

good night from the tvw studios in

olympia and please

everyone make sure to vote