West Virginia Governor: Face Masks Required In Indoor Public Spaces | NBC News NOW

and I promised you that day that I would

make a decision in regard to wearing

masks in buildings outside of your home

I absolutely felt like at that time that

it was the right thing to do I have

watched your numbers every day I know

it's not the popular thing to do but as

far as wearing some level of face

covering it doesn't have to be a mask

that you purchase or whatever but a face

covering absolutely it is at this point

in time in my opinion the only thing we

can do the only smart thing to do you

see I know it's not going to be popular

but you didn't elect me to do popular

things you elected me to try to pull

West Virginia out of the dire straits

that we were in economically he didn't

really anticipate in any way that we

would have a worldwide pandemic and

surely you neither to die but we do have

it and we have navigated our way through

this to date and we have done so in a

way that has protected you and you have

shown the world just how good you really

are now I have a wealth of experts all

around me the number one expert that I

have around me is our coronaviruses our

in dr. clay Marsh and you'll hear from

him in a few minutes but you'll hear a

man that is absolutely without question

committed to the fact that we have got

to go to a mandatory masking or wear or

face coverings at this time now I

understand I say mask but I am just

referring to face coverings absolutely

you know if you have some form of face

covering that you make at home

ever maybe that protects you and

protects others that's all I'm asking


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