a lady Manton a man by the name of

Michael's heart he said and who was

michael hart michael hart was a

contemporary historian historian and

mathematician and he gathered other

historians and biographers together and

they said let us compile a list of the

hundred most profound human beings in

history and to make a long story short

they made a category they set up 32

different categories by which to compare

and produce these hundred most great

profound human beings and let me tell

you what michael hart said he said that


so long molly was alarming he placed him

at the head of his list and those with

him could not dispute it because

categorically he earned that position

and micro heart said I would have chosen

I would have liked to choose Jesus

Christ because I'm a Christian but there

were several categories that honestly I

could not choose him not you

because Jesus Christ was not a father

Mohammed he was Jesus Christ was not a

husband Mohammed he was Jesus Christ was

not a statesman Mohammed he was Jesus

Christ was not a warrior Muhammad he was

and Jesus Christ was not a ruler

Muhammad he was and so Michael Hart and

his other collaborators they said the

greatest human beings that has impacted

history and all annals of document

history it had to be Muhammad sallallahu

wasallam and that statement you will

find you will find it in the archives of

the Time magazine of the New York Times

the magazine they put out it's in their

archives you can read it and in some of

the bookstores here in Australia other

places or you can go on the website and

put in michael hart and you will get a

website put it into google and you'll

get it you'll see the evidence there but

let me read to you what some others have

said about Muhammad the man and his

message George Bernard Shaw said if a

man like muhammad sallahu wa salam were

to assume the dictatorship and rulership

of the modern world he would succeed in

solving its problems that would bring it

much needed peace and happiness

my heart said my choice is Muhammad to

lead the list of the world's most

influential persons may surprise some

readers and may be questioned by others

but he was the only man in history who

was supremely successful on both the

religious and secular levels and castles

weekly SID in little more than a year he

was actually the spiritual nominal and

temporal ruler of Medina with his hands

on the lever that was to shake the world

millions of Muslims all over the world

throughout the last 1400 years have

accepted the religious teachings of

Muhammad SAW Hollywood celebs and

illiterate often brought up in the harsh

desert climate of Arabia transformed a

backward society into a great

civilization he was the only leader who

realized his vision in his own life he

was born in Mecca as an orphan he was

raised in Mecca he was driven out of

Mecca he was punished had to flee he was

persecuted his followers were killed but

Allah allowed him to come back 23 years

later as a victory as a conqueror and

when he came back he gave everyone

amnesty he realized his vision and after

that the prophets awasum spread his

message he spread Islam throughout the

peninsula of Arabia so that Islam became

established as a state as a government

he was the ruler but he was still eating

and drinking and dressing the same way

that he was doing as he was born and as

he grew up The Messenger of Allah so

Allah while he was salam

he was just and he was fair he didn't

give to his family he didn't distribute

to his friends he didn't make judgments

for those who he liked and made

judgments against those he didn't like

like the kings like the presidents like

the Chairman's like the rich people like

the judges of today and like those who

have done it throughout history this was

a man in this world but always thinking

about Hereafter because Allah sent to

him the ayah and our healer to hire on

what abaca the al Qaeda is better for

you and for everyone else than what is

present his message was to call humanity

to the worshipping of the creator and to

destroy all kinds of injustice in the

earth and to establish a character a

paradigm of human conduct for the human

beings to follow if one reads the Quran

you will see on every page that message

comes through on every single page this

is what sets Muhammad peace and

blessings be upon him from any other

ruler any other prophet messenger

individual the prophets all along while

he was salam

never in his life that he ever lifts his

hand to hit any human being ever not a

service not a wife not a child not a

friend nor an enemy except when that

enemy was opposing allah

and opposing the message and when the

companions of the prophet salallahu

alaihe salam used to look for him on the

battlefield they said wallahi we found

him in the middle of the enemy's

fighting and they said we used to seek

the protection of his person we used to

hide behind the Prophet SAW Allah while

they were setting them on the

battlefield he was such a warrior and

Statesman on the battlefield commanding

and fighting for the way of Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala but once he was off

the battlefield

his eyes were downcast and he was

speaking softly and he was gentle and he

was warm and he was sacred and soft and

caring and crying the prophets awasum

was also during the course of that day

feeding the poor visiting the sick

discharging the army acting as a

statesman acting as an arbiter talking

to the people addressing the women

giving out the zakah sewing his clothes

watching his house shopping for the food

doing all the things that you and I do

and at night standing in prayer for four

or five hours at a time and in the day

fighting the battles discharging the

armies giving the command the rulings

explaining the Quran instructing the

people in behavior how could a man do

all of that and stand four or five hours

at night at one time

what kind of human being could that be

it was a messenger it was a prophet this

was a man with a message all Muslims and

non-muslims Muhammad according to the

Koran he was a witness over the

believers he was no more than a

messenger he was a man dealing gently

with all people he was a great favor he

was set with an irrefutable truth he was

that unlettered prophet he was a mercy

and a messenger he was a mercy to

mankind he was a witness over the

believers and a believers a witness over

mankind he was a mercy to the world he

was the best example to follow

he was the last prophet of mankind he

was sent to all the mankind and the jinn

he was victorious over all systems and

he was created on an exalted standard

standard o Muslims and non-muslims

there's not a person in the whole of

history that can compare with Mohammad

saw a lot of assalamo matter Confucius

not one Tama Buddha not Alexander the

Great not Bonaparte Napoleon not Julius

Caesar nor Constantine not Mahatma not

Mahatma Gandhi not King Richard or King

Ferdinand not Winston Churchill not

Charles Darwin nor Deng Xiaoping nor

Karl Marx not Albert Einstein's not

Martin Luther or Martin Luther King jr.

not George Washington not John F Kennedy

and certainly not Bill Clinton not Tony


no jonhoward no George Bush Senior

or George Bush jr. not you not me not

our parents nor our grandparents nor any

of our ancestors can match this man

Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to

the non-muslims I say to you go home and

read about Muhammad SAW Allah loves them

tonight if you dare if you're not afraid

of change because if you read about

Muhammad so awesome with an open heart

and open mind there's a chance that love

for this man and respect for this man

will come into your life come into your

heart coming to your mind coming to your

family and your home and you also may

want to be a follower of Muhammad some

illallah WA ceramic and if you should

choose to do so he will never elevate

his name he will never increase any

blessings to his Ummah but you will

benefit your own selves and so we invite

you to embrace to understand to respect

that man Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam and his message