10 Greatest Fighters in MMA History

going all the way back to UFC one Evan

when it was marketed with slogans like

two men enter one man leaves and there

are no rules extremely talented

technical fighters like hoist Gracie and

Kim shamrock were the stars of the show

same with the first pancrase event

happening just before the first UFC

event in September of 93 also including

Ken Shamrock Funaki and bas Rutten pride

one featured hoist is older brother

Hicks and Gracie in the main event as

the years have gone on in the skill

level has continually increased more and

more complete MMA fighters have emerged

with each generation and year that

passes by fighters so incredible and

prestigious that history won't soon

forget them as they have become the

ultimate blueprint for future fighters

to aspire to that's not to say none of

these fighters are flawed or even

controversial but their mastery and

technique still shine through and today

I'm here to talk about the best to ever

do it I'm Jason from MMA on point and

these are the best MMA fighters in

history so there is zero way I'm gonna

please half of you on this list without

a doubt it's the toughest subject matter

to tackle because the truth is there are

a lot of subjective elements to this

I'll try my best to lay out the most

objective reasons I can but ultimately

this is my opinion and thankfully I'm

not afraid of expressing it be sure to

leave a comment with your top 10

fighters or even top 5 that suits you

best in the comments and definitely game

to debate any in all of this just keep

it classy

number 10 BJ Penn starting off with a

fighter that would take on anyone

anywhere at any time

BJ Penn's first championship was

actually against Matt Hughes in the

middle of his incredibly dominant first

championship reign and he did it as a

tremendous underdog coming up from 155

to 172 everyone surprised he then left

the UFC to fight other competition

including a 225 pound lyoto machida and

k-1 when he returned he challenged GSP

and Matt Hughes again and a couple of

losing bids and immediately began what

is still perhaps the most impressive

lightweight title streak today beating

rival and former champ Jen's Pulver just

before doing so and dominating Joe

Stevenson Sean Sherk Kenny Florian and

Diego Sanchez as the 155 pound champ who

was also during this streak that he

challenged Georges st. Pierre again

after he

came the welterweight champion and one

of the only real and true super fights

in MMA history his record closed out

with a 16 and 12 record presuming he

doesn't actually fight again and it's

one of the most deceptive records when

you look at it six of those losses came

from men far out of his weight range and

Frankie Edgar three times said that

accounted for nine of his 12 losses what

he did was nothing short of spectacular

in his career number nine Randy Couture

there's another fighter with a deceptive

record 19 and 11 it definitely doesn't

tell you the whole story he's a true

pioneer of the sport being one of the

first Olympic wrestlers in MMA whose

introduction to the sport was winning

the UFC 13 heavyweight tournament he's a

three-time UFC heavyweight champ and

two-time light heavyweight champ

he's got winds over Vitor Belfort twice

Marie Smith Jeremy Horn Kevin Randleman

pedro rizzo twice as well Chuck Liddell

Tito Ortiz Tim Sylvia Gabriel Gonzaga

Brandon Vera Mark Coleman and James

lights-out Tony okay that last one was

more of a clinic than it was a

competitive fight but it's incredible

that he accomplished so many of these

things especially past his 40s he only

cared about finding the best in

competing at a higher level and as you

can see from his resume he did it better

than almost anyone ever and also during

the middle of his last heavyweight title

reign he actually tried to sue the UFC

in part so he can leave and fight the

then pound-for-pound King Fedor

Emelianenko in affliction he just wanted

to fight the best

it's incredible what Couture achieved

and it's hard to imagine what he could

have accomplished if he started just a

little bit younger

number eight Chuck Liddell as the former

face of the UFC and one of the most

instrumental fighters in bringing the

sport to popular in the West and out of

the Dark Ages it's evident why he would

be on this list like everyone on here so

far he comes from that old generation of

guys that would fight absolutely anyone

whether they were heavyweights coming

down to light heavy or he'd go after

them himself and other organizations

like pride when it was on top of the


he earned wins over Jeff Monson Pele

Kevin Randleman guy Metzger Marilla

Bustamante Vitor Belfort babalu Sobral

twice Alistair Overeem Tito Ortiz twice

and the only man to knockout Randy

Couture cold and he did that twice he

also beat Jeremy Horn and had one

most epic clashes and a winning bid

against Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79 his

streak as the light heavyweight champion

is one of the very best and the sport

and as a result of his wins and

rivalries that are still perhaps the

most legendary in the sport he earns a

top spot as one of the elite of the

elites in MMA history number seven

Wanderlei Silva while Liddell was on top

of the light heavyweight division pride

middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva

was perhaps the most dominant champion

the sport had ever seen

he held 22 wins and pride the men with

the most of any pride competitor also

holding a 20 fight unbeaten streak in

Pride he won the 2003 middleweight

tournament one that Liddell had entered

and was eliminated by Rampage Jackson in

that same tournament he rudely knocked

out Jackson and did it again

at pride 28 for what was considered the

fight of the year

he holds wins over guy Metzger Dan

Henderson Sakuraba three times two

Murrah and an epic drought with cro cop

Ricardo Arona Fujita Michael Bisping

kundli and Brian Stann it wasn't until

near the fall of pride that he was

knocked out brutally by cro cop and dan

henderson that you started to see him

fade incredibly he still competes today

and is going for a fourth fight against

Rampage Jackson in Bellator number six

Demetrius Johnson I've said it before

and I think it bears repeating that DJ's

phenomenal streak is flyweight champion

is unlikely to be beaten in the next ten

or even twenty years he holds the record

for the most consecutive title defenses

at an astounding 11 in total with 13

unbeaten fighter flyweight backed back

he earned the SB in 2017 for fighter of

the year a distinction only a handful of

fighters have ever earned as well as

multiple fighters of year Awards through

various publications he earned

submission of the Year in 2017 with his

incredible armbar over ray Borg and

right up until the loss to Henry cejudo

he was considered the number one

pound-for-pound fighter in the world

he's got wins / Miguel Torres ian mccall

Joseph Benavidez three times John Dodson

twice Horiguchi Henry su Hooda the first

time and famously Ray Bourque in his win

at UFC 216 the only knock on him has

been a perceived lack of competition or

lack of name value with his competitors

either which are impossible to quantify

objectively what he's done is nothing

short of incredible

his only UFC losses are to then champion


in 2011 and NASA hooda number five

Daniel Cormier as at the time of this

video Cormier sits at the top of the

pound-for-pound list on his the

UFC second ever simultaneous to weight

champion at light heavyweight and

heavyweight with his win over Steve

paimio Church at UFC 226 he now

currently holds the longest title streak

in UFC competition going back to 2015

first winning the light heavyweight belt

against Anthony Johnson via rear-naked

choke his only officially recorded loss

ever is from John Jones at UFC 182 and

after his second loss was overturned due

to Jones's positive drug tests at 214 he

only has that one loss meanwhile he

holds wins over Jeff Monson Bigfoot

Silva Josh Barnett Frank Mir Roy Nelson

Pat Cummins Dan Henderson Anthony

Johnson twice Alexander Gustafson

Anderson Silva Vulcan uzt Amir and now

Steve a Miocic most of those wins he

completely dominated he also has an

Olympic wrestling background where he

was even team captain of the US 2008

squad at the age of 39 and a couple more

fights that could include one more fight

with Jones it could be a chance to claim

the top spot ever if he can avenge that

loss number four Fedor Emelianenko this

man never lost from May 2000 when his

career began all the way until 2010

against for bricio / doom and now I

don't count the Rings phobia of cuts as

a loss Sports Illustrated called him the

fighter of the decade in the 2000s and

his title defense against cro cop was

even heralded as the fight of the decade

as well the only other man to hold the

pride heavyweight belt was Big Nog and

he beat him decisively twice a man who

was unbeatable prior to phaidor he holds

wins over Ricardo Arona babalu Sobral

Heath Herring Big Nog Fujita Gary

Goodridge Mark Coleman twice Kevin

Randleman cro cop Mark Hunt former UFC

champ stem Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski in

addition to many others like Frank Mir

the only reason I don't rate him higher

despite all of that is well he has the

least amount of actual title defenses on

this list with just three in Pride and

most of those guys were honestly over

the hill both of the Coleman fights

Randleman Fujita all fit that

description and Mark Hunt was at a low

point in his career the truth is fader

was fed a lot of cans for the Japanese

system back then like zulu Zinio Kusaka

Matt Lindland and hong-man choi don't

get me wrong although extremely

extremely impressive enough to get him

to the number-4 spot of all time his

only real top competition fights in

Pride during that entire rain when you

subtract those names were against Big

Nog and crow cop Tim Sylvia and arlovski

were even past their primes as well

after Pride had he also earned a UFC

title it'd be really hard not to see him

topping the list not arguing one way or

another that it was his fault or it was

Dana's I'm neutral to that I don't

really know what happened neither does

anybody else regardless we never got to

see fate or fight those guys while they

were all on top number 3 Anderson Silva

Anderson checks all the boxes here

incredible win streak huge names

objectively against top-level

competition Hart and some of the most

brutal Kos in the sports history

he holds several fight of the year

fighter of the year and ko of the Year

distinctions he holds the most finishes

in UFC history with a tie against Donald

Cerrone and Vitor Belfort at 14 total

and it's important to keep in mind that

all of his finishes except for Chris

Leben before he got the bell and his fur

raised at light-heavyweight were all

title shots against the best in the


he holds wins over Carlos Newton Jeremy

Horn Lee Murray Chris Leben Rich

Franklin twice Dan Henderson Patrick

Cote Force Griffon Demian Maia Chael

Sonnen twice Vitor Belfort you should

Okami and Stephan Bonnar his fight with

Dan Henderson was also a title

unification with the Pride welterweight

Bell Hendo held the only thing holding

him back are his USANA violations the

second incident was reduced to

negligence instead of being called

outright doping but wasn't for that he'd

be easily be in contention for the best

fighter ever number two Georges st.

Pierre heel holds only two losses from

2002 to 2007 teen as of the time of this

video and it includes another man who

could have easily been on this list Matt

Hughes and the biggest upset in MMA

history losing to Matt Serra

he's the two-time undisputed

welterweight champion in the one-time

middleweight champion with his win over

Michael Bisping at UFC 217

he's been awarded fighter of the year on

many occasions when you include his

interim title against Matt Hughes at UFC

79 and his middleweight title along with

the rest of his undisputed title wins

GSP actually has the record for the most

title wins in UFC history 13

total he's got wins over Karo Parisyan

Frank Trigg Shawn shirt BJ Penn twice

Matt Hughes twice Josh Koscheck twice

Matt Serra John Fitch Tiago Alba's Dan

Hardy Jake Shields Carlos Condit Nick

Diaz Johny Hendricks and Michael Bisping

you could easily argue it's the best MMA

resume in history he's dominated nearly

all of his opponents from bell to bell

and has a completely clean doping record

not a single violation in fact he was an

early proponent of wada or Olympic level

testing like the UFC now employs through

you sada it's one of the chief reasons

why you could argue he is the best of

all time and it's hard to argue with

anyone that thinks that so before I do

get to number one I want to show some of

the best ever that just as easily could

have made it onto this list one way or

another as fans we're lucky to have such

talent come through the ranks over the

years I'm sure many of you will argue

that they should have been on this list

once again I encourage you to comment

your top 10 or top five fighters below

number one John Jones this is an

unpopular choice and I fully realize

that there are ton of reasons to dislike

this man of the UFC's champions you

could say without batting an eye that he

is the most controversial ever the hit

and run of a pregnant woman drag racing

jail time you saw the violations

altercations outside of the ring and his

two faced media appearances take your

pick but this is where we have that fax

over fillings conversation I don't care

if you dislike him think he's an awful

guy how we were all pissed at him for

hitting that lady and running away that

was awful Despicable is terrible

but none of that has anything to do with

his official record you can infer he was

cheating in those other fights sure but

you are opening up a massive can of

worms if you really want to start poking

around with you sodded level testing

prior to being officially adopted every

single fighter on this list has been

accused of the exact same thing I'm

super suspicious about all those old

fights now though wow those Nogueira

fights they were those weren't fake no

no no that's not what I mean that's not

what I mean I mean steroids challenged

that champion for that belt the

difference is that it can't take

steroids anymore because you sada there

are uncomfortable realities about doping

and not just MMA but sports in general

even a cursory level examination can

begin to

cover this do you think that are all

doping horrible 50 times over the last

six years I've been tested in

competition out of competition at home

at a race 7:00 in the morning 7 at night

whatever they're all acquaintance that

was his teammates who had turned off as

part of the federal investigation yes or

no did you ever take banned substances

to enhance your cycling performance yes

Serena Williams locks herself in panic

room and drug test mix-up oh it's just a

mix-up ladies and gentlemen the fact is

Jones beat a murderer's row of

competitors that I don't think any other

resume can compete with he beat Stephan

Bonnar Brandon Vera Ryan Bader Shogun

lyoto machida Rampage Jackson Rashad

Evans Vitor Belfort Chael Sonnen

Gustafson Glover Teixeira OSP and who

could forget his win over DC in 2015 and

let's be clear I'm not here to tell you

what you want to hear people have been

asking for this list for the full year

that the channel has been around and I'm

not sugarcoating anything again tell me

why I'm wrong and I appreciate the

dialog just don't be a dick about it

thanks for watching my list guys if you

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legends the champions who held their

titles for hundreds of days building up

a collection of title defenses that made

them staples of their divisions and even

the sport itself through these reigns

iconic moments were crafted that will

live forever I'm Tom from MMA OnPoint

and this is ten longest UFC title reign