Top 10 Greatest Players in NBA History

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let's get on to our list number 10 Kobe

Bryant - some Kobe is one of the most

overrated players of all time but when

you look at his stats and what he's

accomplished the black mamba has earned

his place in history with five

championships - Finals MVPs and a

regular season MVP under his belt Kobe

has the hardware

he's also third all-time in total points

number 10 all-time in points per game in

the playoffs and number eight all-time

in total win shares for the playoffs

some say Kobe only won his rings by

playing with other great players like

that's never happened ever in the

history of the NBA

but did you know that he's the only

player in NBA history to score at least

600 points in the postseason for three

consecutive years and is the only player

in NBA history with more than thirty

thousand points and six thousand assists

clearly he's done his work and his

reputation for being a low percentage

volume shooter doesn't really hold up

when you consider his career shooting

percentage of 45% in the regular season

and 44.8% of playoffs

Kobe also holds numerous franchise

records and considering the fact that he

plays for the Lakers one of the most

storied franchises in the NBA that's

saying something number 9 Tim Duncan

we've done several powerful profiles on

this channel so you probably already

guessed that we consider Tim Duncan to

be the greatest of all time at that

position Dirk and Karl Malone are close

at second and third but they just can't

Duncan's five rings three Finals MVPs

and two regular-season MVPs yes Duncan

has had the honor of playing with other

Hall of Fame players but he's silently

carried the team for most of his career

he's number 17 all-time in scoring

number six all-time and wind shears for

the regular season and second only to

Jordan in wind shears for the playoffs

he also has the seventh all-time highest

PR for the playoffs


number eight Magic Johnson there's some

debate over who is the greatest point

guard of all time

generally most would consider it to be

between John Stockton and Magic Johnson

both of them defined the point guard

position in their own special way

but Magic became a legend with his three

Finals MVP s and three regular season

MVPs heck the guy won Finals MVP as a

rookie he had the opportunity to play

with some of the all-time greats but

rather than writing their coattails to

history he made his own by being the

magician that made the Showtime Lakers

work and he's number five all-time and

wind shears for the playoffs he truly

earned his spot in history number seven

Shaquille O'Neal everyone knows the

paint belongs to Shaq he dominated games

but sometimes we forget just how

dominant he was he has a third all-time

highest P er for the regular season and

the fourth all-time high is P er for the


he's also 10th all-time and wind shears

for the regular season and seventh

all-time for the playoffs and don't

forget that he's sixth all-time in total

points he's top 10 and total blocks and

top 15 in total rebounds to be in the

top 10 or 20 in so many categories is

very rare now we'll admit that his road

through the playoffs was sometimes um

assisted we'll say but he can't be

blamed for that the fact is that Shaq

dominated the paint and there wasn't

really anyone who could stop him


number six Larry Bird maybe white men

can't jump but Larry Bird proved that

they could do pretty much everything

else bird really did do it all his

career numbers show that he won three

championships two Finals MVPs three

regular-season MVPs had a 50-40-90

season twice which is just crazy and his

number 11 all-time and wind shears for

the playoffs just about the only thing

he didn't do was crack the top ten

scoring list but he did only play 13

seasons so that's probably why Birds

game was complete we'll put it this way

Shaq averaged ten point nine rebounds

for his career bird averaged ten plus

six point three assists there's any

number of things you could say about

bird he was the greatest scorer greatest

shooter greatest passing forward great

defender basically he's just one of the

greatest of all time number five Wilt

Chamberlain man where do we even start

he scored a hundred points in one game

nuff said let's move on but no seriously

wilt was a beast just leaving

championships and MVPs out of it he's

number five all-time in scoring number

two all-time and wind shears for the

regular season and number six all-time

and wind shears for the playoffs he's

number two all-time and points per game

for the regular season and number one

all-time and rebounds that's


number four Bill Russell okay if you

were impressed by Wilt bill Russell's

accolades will blow your socks off he

won 11 championships by the way for

anyone who says Russell only looks good

because most players back then weren't

very athletic

consider this Bill Russell was only six

nine and 220 pounds and he was going

against Wilt Chamberlain the guy who

scored a hundred points and beat him he

also beat Oscar Robertson the guy who

averaged a triple-double as a rookie

Bill Russell holds the record for most

rebounds in the finals with 40 at which

he did twice he's the all-time playoff

leader in total rebounds and rebounds

per game and holds the highest

rebounding average for a final series

with 29.5 now with 11 championships a

lot of people put Bill Russell higher

than number 4 all the time

sometimes as high as number 1 however

we've kept him a few spots down because

this game was mostly about defense and

rebounding offense wasn't really his

strong suit maybe he didn't have an

all-around game but he's truly the

greatest winner ever number 3

Hakeem Olajuwon ok so this might be

surprising to some people but hear us

out yes he got his two rings and Finals

MVPs and his number 10 all-time in

points scored but consider his era he

want his championships when Jordan was

out of the game so you could say that he

was the second best player behind Jordan

which is saying something in itself but

also without Jordan he probably would

have won even more than two

championships also during the 95 finals

versus an up-and-coming Orlando squad

Olajuwon embarrassed Shaquille O'Neal by

putting up thirty two point eight points

eleven point five rebounds per game five

point five assists two steals and two

blocks which led to another Finals MVP

and let's not forget the dream shake

Hakeem is number one all-time in blocks

one Defensive Player of the Year twice

and is the only player in NBA history to

win regular season MVP Finals MVP and

Defensive Player of the Year in the same

season number two Kareem abdul-jabbar if

you watched our Kareem versus wilt

comparison and thought we were on the

fence about it now you know that we're

not stats aside kareem tops so many

categories it's unreal here's his resume

six championships two Finals MVPs six

regular-season MVPs a record number one

all-time in scoring number one all-time


chairs for the regular season number two

in wind shares for the playoffs number

one in offensive wind shares and number

three and defensive wind shares and

let's not forget that Kareem unleashed

the most devastating shots the NBA has

ever seen

the skyhook but what puts Kareem at

number two on our list is the fact that

he did it for 20 seasons some guys are

good for a decade and then they taper

off but Kareem averaged double-digit

points for 20 years so yes his extra

games and seasons meant he could score

more points and add to his legend but he

wasn't just playing during those years

he really could play at a high level for

20 years and that's simply unheard of

number 1 Michael Jordan where do we even

start with this one yes it's a

predictable pick so let's just have some

fun admiring Jordans achievements Jordan

created the blueprint for greatness and

all shooting guards did you know that

the Jordan Bulls

never lost three consecutive games from

1990 until after he retired he currently

holds the record for most points in a

single playoff game with 63 and has 850

plus point playoff performances for more

than anyone else let's see what else His

Airness did six championships six final

ISM VPS five regular season MVPs 10

scoring titles number one all-time and

points per game for the playoffs number

one all-time and points per game for the

regular season number one in PR for the

regular season and the playoffs number

one in wind shares for the playoffs

number four and win shirts for the

regular season at number four all-time

scoring be it his serious clinching

buzzer beater over Craig Ehlo

his 63 point dismantling of the Celtics

the flu game the up and under the 96

comeback championship or MJ's farewell

cross up of Byron Russell

there has been no player that has

provided us more legendary performances

than Michael Jordan

so there you go the top ten greatest

players in NBA history at least

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