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Apollo is one of the most renowned and

revered Greek gods in Greek mythology he

is the son of Zeus with the goddess Leto

and he is the twin brother of Artemis

the goddess of hunting his odds were

born on the legendary floating island of

Delos after being fixed to the bottom of

the ocean the island became a sacred

place the God is usually represented

with his lyre or the famous bow the

artists have always been very generous

in the representations of Apollo myths

always describe this God as a figure of

unparalleled beauty symbolizing the

Greek ideal of male beauty Apollo was

young tall handsome strong and charming

but despite all these qualities he was

unlucky in love many of his

relationships ended in tragedy in other

cases he was not reciprocated and in the

case of Daphne and Cassandra they both

rejected Apollo the nymph Daphne to

escape the gods onslaughts was turned

into a laurel the plant was eventually

associated with the god and the laurel

wreath became one of his symbols in turn

Cassandra who had the power to predict

the future was curse for rejecting the

God and although she was able to see the

future her power of persuasion was taken

away so even though they were true no

one believed in her prophecies Apollo is

a God with several attributes he is

considered the god of light the God of

Prophecy the god of medicine the god of

arts the god of archers among other

designations he is also the god of music

with his inseparable lyre produced by

Hermes with it Apollo enchanted the

muses while playing his instrument on

mal Helicon he had a son with his muse

Calliope called Orpheus who inherited

much of his father's talent for music

the cult of Apollo spread rapidly

throughout Greece the god of light

greatly increased his importance the

coming identified as a solar God

conquering the position that

traditionally belonged to the Titan

Helios the god is also known as an

exceptional Archer and when he reached

maturity he set out in search of

vengeance against a serpent python who

persecuted his mother at Harris behest

at a time when the god and his sister

were only babies

Apollo faced a terrible serpent and

struck it with his arrows in the place

where the beasts fell the Temple of

Apollo was built in Delphi there the

priestesses of Apollo's known as Pi

Theus performed their prophetic rituals

under the influence of Apollo's the God

of Prophecy Delphi became a place of

pilgrimage many wanted to ask the Oracle

of Apollo for advice the Pythian games

also took place in Delphi similar to the

Olympic Games dedicated to the god

Apollo Apollo is a deity associated with

medicine his son

Asclepius became such a skillful healer

that through his healing arts he was

able to achieve death but Apollo also

has a sinister side the God is

associated with pests and epidemics

during the Trojan War he cast a

pestilence upon the Greeks that they had

disrespected one of his priests who

wished to pay the ransom for his

captured daughter in the Trojan War

apollo supported trojans and it was this

that allowed paris to shoot an arrow

into achilles heel his only weak point

in Rome the God was known as Phoebus the

brilliance for he was also much

worshipped Apollo's as the God of

Prophecy used his powers as a link

between men and gods through his

Oracle's the God revealed the will of

Zeus and also the destiny trace at the

Moray when Apollo's cast his light on

something any lie was undone revealing

only the purest truth the God associated

himself with the search for truth and

rationality therefore he was honoured by

the ancient philosophers the importance


the God Apollo's made his cult last for

centuries even after the adoption of

Christianity by the Roman Empire

although he is no longer worshipped

Apollo continues to be referenced by

painters sculptors and poets who pay

their respects to the God considered the

patron of the Arts