Eros: The God of Love and Passion - The Olympians - Greek Mythology Stories - See U in History


in Greek mythology eros is the God of

love and passion he is usually

represented as a handsome Wayans young

man with his famous bow he is also well

known as Cupid his Latin name in Rome

the Romans represented the God of love

in a more infant alized way and in many

of the artistic representations eros had

an angelic form but this God has no

trace of a saint he embodies desire and

lust eros instill love and passion in

people's hearts under the influence of

arrows they were capable of

self-sacrificing actions inconceivable

to those who did not have a heart

dominated by this feeling there are two

famous versions behind the origin of

arrows in the best-known version he is

the son of Aphrodite

another deity linked to love and of Ares

the God of War

but according to Hesiod eros was a

primordial God born out of chaos without

the influence of arrows all creation is

compromised since it is his power that

unites the various elements and these

unions are necessary to foster life love

is the driving force behind the creation

and preservation of life in the universe

but Eris's fame comes from the myths

legends and parables in which he is

Aphrodite son or assistant eros and

Aphrodite were responsible for spreading

love and desire throughout the world

with his bow arrows hit the hearts of

his victims with golden arrows the

people affected fell in love immediately

even the gods were not safe from

heiresses archery Apollo also an archer

God mocked the way arrows handled the

bow but Apollo didn't get away with it

arrow struck appalls heart and he fell

in love with the nymph Daphne but the

story didn't stop there

arrow struck the nymphs heart with one

of his led arrows these arrows provoked

absolute repudiation in her Apollo chase

Daphne and he rejected him to escape the

gods onslaught the nymph was turned into

a laurel by his father Apollo and eros

never had a relationship and despite

being the most beautiful of gods Apollo

had no luck in love the brilliant God

designated arrows as the cruelest of all

gods for him there was no greater pain

than the pain of a broken heart eros was

a bellicose God he didn't distinguish

between his targets young and old

beautiful and ugly rich and poor all

could be the target of the God of love

sometimes he would blindfold even his

eyes and shoot his arrows at random for

pure fun but in one of the stories

arrows tasted his own poison there was a

young woman considered the most

beautiful of all some people paid her

tributes that should only be paid to

Aphrodite the goddess of love asked her

son to make the young woman fall in love

with the terrible punishment but the

beauty of the young woman was so great

that eros was distracted ruining himself

in his own arrow the myth of love

between Eros and Psyche became one of

the most celebrated stories of Greek

mythology arrows was often represented

with torches in hand these torches were

used to ignite the hearts of lovers

despite being one of the best-known gods

and residing with his mother in Olympus

eros is not traditionally one of the

12th grades Olympian gods in Rome his

importance as a cupid was even smaller

even though he is not so worshiped as

other Olympic gods eros continues to

advance the world nourishing it with the

power of love