Uranus: The Primordial God of Sky - Mythology Dicionary #07 See U in History


Uranus is the heaven God in Greek


he is one of the primordial gods and

just like his brother pontus the sea and

Oriya the mountains he was also

generated by the goddess Gaia as the

heaven God

Uranus began to reign over the world he

joined Gaia and had several children

with her among the Titans the Cyclopes

and the Hecate on carries fearing that

their powerful children would try to

strip him of power

Uranus imprisoned them in the Tartarus

Gaia started to outline a plot against

the tyrant God and built a special

scythe which was delivered to Kronos the

Titan used the weapon to castrate Uranus

his testicles fell into the ocean a

mixture of Uranus secede what the foam

is generated from which Aphrodite

emerges the goddess of beauty and love

of his shed blood that fell on the earth

ironies were born

also known as Furies Uranus was now a

decadent deity and his son Kronos took

his throne the planet that we know today

as Uranus is a tribute to this God yet

unlike other planets such as Mercury

Venus Mars Jupiter and Saturn this was

not known in antiquity it was only

discovered in the 18th century the

heaven God even stripped of all his

power continues to hover over the world

looking at the kingdom that one day was