History of Green Goblin




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copic history of the web heads most

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Green Goblin first appeared an amazing

spider-man issue 14 in July of 1964 and

was created by comic book legend Stan

Lee and Steve Ditko a cool thing that

most people don't know about the Green

Goblin is that originally Stan Lee

wanted him to be an ancient mythological

monster that was found in an Egyptian

like sarcophagus but that never came to

fruition as artists Steve Ditko who was

drawing spider-man at the time

reimagined Green Goblin making him a man

disguised as a goblin and eventually

Green Goblin would make his debut in

amazing spider-man 14 as I just

mentioned a moment ago the disagreements

on goblins backstory continued as Lee

wanted goblin to be someone spider-man

knew but Ditko wanted it to be a new

character as he thought it would

introduce a sense of realism to the

stories this disagreement is actually

rumoured in compaq lore to be the reason

why Ditko left the amazing spider-man an

issue 31 which makes sense because after

he left the book green Goblin's identity

was finally revealed to be Norman Osborn

in the amazing spider-man issue 39 and

now that you know a little bit more

about his real-world origin

let's talk about his compliment I've

said it twice already but Green Goblin

first appeared in the amazing spider-man

issue 14 and in the very first panel of

that issue we are introduced to Goblin

who's in a shadowy basement laboratory

where we can't make out who the Goblin

is but we see him making a flying

broomstick with his costume hanging in

the foreground in this issue Green

Goblin teamed up with the enforcers to

take down spider-man

so of course spider-man battles Goblin

and the enforcers and in the end

spider-man comes out with a win and

Green Goblin is all like too bad my

little scheme backfired

once the enforcers had helped me defeat

spider-man I intended to organize our

worldwide crime syndicate with them as

my lieutenants and the comic ends with

us still not knowing who the Green

Goblin is and him saying the world

hasn't heard the last of the Green

Goblin got a level villian dialogue

anyway we would see Goblin several more

times in this series and get Norman

Osborn's first appearance an amazing

spider-man issue 37 before ultimately

finding out he's the Green Goblin in

issue 39 in issue 39 the Goblin figures

out who spider-man is halfway through

the issue by using a special gas he

developed to block spider-man's


this allowed Goblin to hover behind

spider-man on his glider while Parker

was putting his civilian clothes back on

over his costume in an alley and with

that goblin became the first villain to

find out spider-man's secret identity

it's also one of the things that makes

Green Goblin such an amazing villain as

he knows who his nemesis is and can

attack him personally

anyway now knowing that spider-man

Peter Parker he knocks him out with some

gas and then ties him up and flies him

back to his lair where he's like yeah

I'm gonna kill you and since I'm gonna

kill you you'll never live to betray me

to another soul so it's only fitting

that you learned the identity of the one

who has beaten you and so at long last

the Green Goblin will introduce himself

he says this while taking off his mask

and continuing to say take a look Parker

a good long look it's the last face

spider-man will ever see it's the real

face of the Green Goblin

the face of Norman Osborn to which Peter

basically says crap you're Harry

Osborn's father now everything I told

you thus far is important to his origin

but an issue 40 is where we are told why

and how Norman Osborn became the Green

Goblin in the first place in issue 40 it

picks up where issue 39 left off and

Goblin says since I'm gonna kill you

either way and I already told you that

I'm the Green Goblin I met as well tell

you how and why I became the Green

Goblin you know classic villain

monologuing we basically learned that

Norman Osborn was that stereotypical bad

father that is more concerned about his

work than spending time with his kid or

kids we then see that Osborn had his

business partner from Oscorp arrested

when he found out he had borrowed money

from their business account even though

Norman knew he would replace it he used

it as a way to get strum out of the

company as he wanted to be the sole

owner Oz were and then found some of

strums notes on his desk that contained

new strange-looking formulas and since

strum was in prison Osborn decided to

check them out he wanted to see if they

were worth anything he could turn into

cash so Norman starts experimenting with

the formulas during which he snaps at

his son Harry while working on one of

set formulas he sees that the solution

turns green and that it starts bubbling

and frothing only for it two seconds

later explode in his face he's then

taken to the hospital where surgeons try

to repair the damage that is deep within

his brain but they say there's no way we

could reach it but at least were able to

save his life but when Norman wakes up

he says those fools they thought my

brain had been damaged they didn't

suspect that the accident had made me

more brilliant than I have ever been now

Norman was always a neglecting father

but after his accident he became very

cruel to Harry thinking of a son as a

spineless jellyfish like everyone else

Norman then says although nobody knew it

my accident had made me think clearer

than ever before and suddenly a daring

plan had shaped in his brain

he says I'm stronger smarter and tougher

than anyone else and I have all the

sorts of scientific devices in my

chemical company that I could use I

could become the greatest costume

criminal of all time over time this idea

became an obsession

for Norman when that haunted him day and

night to the point where he eventually

knew he had to do it in some months

later he made his first Green Goblin


he says the mask design is perfect and

now he has to design the rest of the

costume and make it his favorite color

green and thus the Green Goblin was born

declaring his first victim to be the

amazing spider-man Norman then tells

Peter I selected you because I knew the

underworld would respect anyone who

defeated you and that my friends is how

and why Norman Osborn became the Green

Goblin but now it's time for story arcs


now since I already told you about

goblins first confrontation with

spider-man let's talk about his second

in the Amazing Spiderman issue 17 which

is also the Green Goblin second

appearance we see at the beginning of

the issue that the Goblin has upgraded

his weapons and gadgets the most notable

one being his glider ditching his old

flying broomstick to the more iconic bat

looking glider we are all familiar with

he would also get his pumpkin bombs and

electrically charged frog and more

Halloween themed weapons it's one of my

favorite aspects of the Green Goblin

I like how he's kind of oddly Halloween

themed with all of his gadgets in

costume anyway he starts attacking

spider-man while he's at a fan meeting

greet throwing that electrical frog at

him while shooting sparks from his

fingertips and of course he throws his

ever so famous pumpkin bombs the battle

goes on for a bit before the Human Torch

arrives and with the help of the Human

Torch spider-man is able to put the

Green Goblin on the run now I told you

how Norman Osborn became the Green

Goblin which was revealed in the amazing

spider-man issue 40 but I didn't tell

you what happened after Osborn reveals

all of this the spider-man well wouldn't

you know it spider-man was letting

goblin rant to buy himself time to break

free once he does the two yet again have

an epic battle but the fight ends with

spider-man kicking Green Goblin into an

electrochemical charge this causes a

Norman to have amnesia including not

remembering who spider-man is spider-man

sees it as an opportunity to get rid of

the Goblin persona

so he takes Norman's costume off and

burns it in a nearby fire before the

police and firemen arrived and at the

end of the issue we see Norman Osborn in

a hospital bed with Harry they're saying

don't worry dad everything's gonna be

alright we're together again and Norman

says I can't remember what happened son

these past few years seem to be forever

buried forever lost to me but the future

lies ahead and it will be a good one for

both of us somehow I know that now but

come on this is comics so of course the

Green Goblin is gonna come back

eventually and that was proven true and

the spectacular spider-man he issued to

the comic opens up with Captain Stacy of

the NYPD conducting a special seminar of

the history of super villains we

Peter Norman Osborn and Jamison all

being present they were all looking at a

slide of the Green Goblin fighting

spider-man and Osborn starts to not feel

so well and sure enough this is a

trigger that brings back all of Norman's

memories as the Green Goblin and one

night while he's lying in bed tossing

and turning all his memories start

flooding in and he shoots up in bed sane

at last I know the Green Goblin isn't

dead he never died

I am the Goblin what's Norman as the

Goblin once again this leads to more

epic battles between him and spider-man

and the theme of Norman losing his

memory only to remember that he's the

Green Goblin again went on several times

until ultimately he infamously killed

Peter Parker's girlfriend Gwen Stacy by

throwing her off a bridge and the

amazing spider-man issue 121 spider-man

did catch her with a web line but the

sudden stop snapped her neck Green

Goblin killing Gwen Stacy is actually

expanded upon years later in the Amazing

Spiderman issue 512 and it's a pretty

controversial addition to say the least

as it may or may not involve Norman and

pregnat in Gwen Stacy before killing her

if you want to know more about that

check out our green Goblin's most evil

moments episode I talked more about that

at the end of that video anyway goblin

killing Gwen of course gives Peter the

most rage he's felt since Uncle Ben was

killed so he later finds where goblin is

hiding and when he does he's like

tonight it's my game we play by my rules

they started fighting in an alleyway and

spider-man starts beating the crap out

of Green Goblin sane

I loved her Goblin and you took her away

from me filthy worm eating scum gotta

love those classic seventies insults

spider-man then eventually snaps out of

his rage saying good lord what am i

doing in another moment I might have

killed him I would have become like him

a murderer this gives Goblin a free

moment so he tries to use his glider to

impale spider-man from behind but

spider-man's Peter tingle goes off last

moment and he moves out of the way and

the glider instead impales the Green

Goblin and if you didn't already know

this is where Sam Raimi's first

spider-man movie took inspiration for

the green Goblin's death after Norman's

death in the amazing spider-man issue

122 his son Harry Osborn took up the

Green Goblin mantle in the amazing

spider-man issue 136 and he was just as

sinister if not more sinister than his

father like the one time you used

chameleons to trick spider-man into

thinking his parents were alive after

all these years only at the end to be

like yeah call this payback for all the

pain I suffered when you killed my


in other words gotcha now I can go on

and on about the Green Goblin forever

especially Norman Osborn as he would

eventually come back and be revealed as

the mastermind behind the Clone Saga and

then later disband shield

hammer and become the iron patriot

leader of the Dark Avengers he

ultimately became the Green Goblin once

again and then eventually bonded with

the carnage symbiote at becoming the red

goblin and currently Norman has a big

part in the absolute carnage event where

carnage and him are looking to take down

everyone who's ever worn a symbian

obviously all of this is just grazing

Green Goblin super rich history but the

point is he's spider-man's greatest

enemy there's been several different

people to take over the Green Goblin

persona over the years but as you can

tell I've chose to mainly focus on

Norman Osborn so that's what I'm gonna

do for powers and abilities Norman has a

genius-level intellect he specializes in

a variety of scientific fields and with

his genius he has made numerous green

goblin weapons as well as his iron

Patriot armor he's so intelligent and

good with strategy

he's also formed several teams like the

Dark Avengers dark x-men dark Illuminati

and the Thunderbolts as for powers

Norman possesses superhuman strength

from his goblin serum which enables him

to lift around nine tons he also has

superhuman speed reflexes durability

stamina and healing all of which are

pretty much on par with spider-man as

for green Goblin's weapons Osborn has

his Goblin suit which provides them with

moderate protection from physical trauma

he also has his trademark pumpkin bombs

and razor bats which are razor discs

that can cut through almost anything in

addition he possesses electricity

generation that he generates through his

uniform and shoots through his

fingertips and of course he has his

famous Goblin glider which allows him to

fly as well as carry other weapons and

while it's not goblin related he also

has his iron Patriot armor which is very

similar to Iron Man's armor as for

weaknesses he's mentally unstable at

times and his pride often gets in the

way of his goals if you're looking to

start reading some Green Goblin comics

check out goblin nation the return of

Green Goblin and the amazing spider-man

issue 136 revenge of Green Goblin

amazing spider-man 14 a death in the

family and the night Gwen Stacy died

that should be enough to get all of you



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