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hello I'm the Nostalgia good guy

remember it so you don't have to say

it's December oh well I suppose I should

change into my Christmas clothes not

that Christmas is a big deal around here

ha ha


now I'm ready for Christmas critic I

know it's intentional I want to see if a

more breezy Christmas was what I was

looking for is some girls choose to

fight crime in this naturally naturally

but I feel I don't have the calves for

this so I will alter this outfit it was

a good try yeah you get it you get it


critic it's fine it's fine I want this I

totally want this even though he just

said it didn't work I said that because

I needed more leg to balance out the

size of the calves mmm

balance out yes it's freeing it's very


it doesn't look freaking feel alive very

alive you look dead very dead both

inside and outside dead we're gonna go

get some boots to balance out this hair

situation I'd get you some meatballs for

your hair but then you press here so

somehow this connects to the Grinch


because people can get enough of

Nightmare fuel faces awkward

motorboating and dogs asses being kissed

no no this family classic obviously

Universal decided to give us another

cinematic version of The Grinch this

time with the help of illumination


I mean after they handled perfectly the

haunting nature of the timeless Lorax


there he comes rollin again

they gave another try with this

cinematic circumcision I'm not sure why

people insist on breaking what's not

broken as the original animated Grinch

it's still the best representation of

the classic story I mean I know why they

did it but I don't get why they don't

try to understand what made the original

a masterpiece before jumping wallet

first into a pool of cliched stained who

cash brought to us by the writers of oh

that's no dogs ambushed whacked throw in

Beverly Hills Chihuahua and we'll have

the Holy Trinity the tongue brought in

over 500 million worldwide against a 75

million budget despite it getting less

than stellar reactions from critics and

audiences so I guess the question is

what got better and what got worse since

the last theatrical outing and is there

anything better in it than the original

that's adorable you think that question

is even worth finishing so let's take a

gander at how this animated green [ __ ]

smells different than the live-action

green [ __ ] this is hey we found this red

bow we thought you could put in the back

to really complete the look I hate

everything you right now it'll be like

you're a present to open up there isn't

a name yet for the hell I have planned

for you but rest assured you will be

screaming in it okay well let us know if

you need any other accessory I want you

look great sweetie

some leggings would be nice the film

opens with the narration from Pharaoh

Williams only it's not a dream or a hoax

or ruse as it just made too much sense

as the film looks pretty enough I

suppose but sadly this movie falls into

an unfortunate category that a lot of

anime movies are falling under and

that's being like every animated movie

that's out you notice they're all kind

of opening the same we see a

colorful town it's always super busy and

usually filmed in long shots there's

some Saini slapstick that folks are just

used to in this environment and some

outsider either the hero or villain is

introduced now here's the thing it's a

good opening the fort's got a bajillion

times has been done but after that you

gotta add something new the idea of

these intros is to let you marvel at a

world you've never seen show how it

works and how /y a character doesn't fit

into it

but because it's been done so much the

marvelling element is less impressive

and the world like this that maybe ten

years ago would have been cool it's just

another kids movie Fantasyland unless

something really charming or funny is

happening we're just not gonna be sucked

in anymore and do you think these lines

are funny or charming smells like

Christmas it's not even jokes or

character building it's just stuff being

said it's the equivalent of being like

wow what a Brown door that is a brown

dog is that whimsical music scored

anything as charming as that Brown door

like he think that round or round or

round or round or around oh that is such

a brown door here's to no conflict ever

entering our lives around our ground oh

I'm in shaft Brown door we're introduced

to the Grinch played by Benedict

Cumberbatch cool Sherlock Smaug British

accent or weird Chris O'Dowd house

American accent where's my personal

reserve of moose juice and goose juice

my emergency stash of who hashed house

it is as he wakes up to Christmas music

which not only has me asking why he'd

said it to that in the morning but what

the hell did the Jackson 5 look like in

this world I mean we know Michel grows

up into a whoo but still

you really are here did you really think

there wouldn't be a Grinch wrap in this

my favorite is it sounds like the rapper

was shoved in at the last minute as we

replacement for Snoop Dogg leaving to do

Addams Family so it all sounds like a

first take okay I got two minutes what

you got here you're a mean one

you really are he okay what's next

you're as cuddly charming his teeth are

perfect Whitestrips might take him up as

a model liars

I'm disturbed not only to see him in his

underwear i weirdly don't want to think

what his dick looks like but find he has

skin suit pants to wear as well as if he

Buffalo build bro P from Yo Gabba Gabba

these are all questions no one should

ask what is this depressing beam no no

no that's impossible you can't be out of


so here's the thing Benedict Cumberbatch

playing this Grinch would have been

fantastic both him and Karloff had these

elegant British accents with soft but

cryptic voices it would have matched

perfect but he's not playing that

beloved creation he's playing this tool

super hyper super silly with a nasally

whiny American accent this is one of

your kidding things it's not even

consistent one minute he sounds like dr.

venture what is wrong with you didn't

you see me I mean if they that was a

sled well I'd be dead come on really I

don't know what the hell you're singing

about the next he sounds like agador

spartacus scream have a nice life

goodbye my father was the shaman of his

thrive okay and sometimes he even sounds

like Jim Carrey's Grinch it's like every

day he came in to record he forgot what

a voice he did the previous session but

don't worry the one consistent thing

about this movie is how inconsistent it

is yes the Grinch hated Christmas the

whole Christmas season now please don't

ask why

no one quite knows the reason yeah these

movies always use that line moments

before they go into great detail the

exact reason he hates Christmas liars

hmm this is a 2018 family film

that means the mother is either a strong

working single parent or dead I can't

today I have a list of errands and rely

along I talk to you later I have to get

breakfast on the table they still got

down the night shift huh sure do you'll

see me in an upcoming hallmark movie

which one all of them sounds right again

like in the Kerry film The Grinch goes

in the town which I never got isn't the

idea he wants to stay far away from the

hoos I can see him ordering groceries

from the store and leaving no tip for

the delivery boy before pulling

Nickelodeon pranks like this the idea

was he's a stubborn old recluse thus

it's the years of joyful noise in

contrast to his personality that pushes

him to finally act and it makes sense

we've all known someone like this

especially around the holidays

this Grinch throws himself into the

who's and attention-grabbing mayhem I

could see this idiot pulling a YouTube

drive-through prank filming it on his


welcome to burger burger how can I help

you yes do you have Prince Albert in a


well I hope not we'd have to let him out

Oh is your refrigerator running somebody

will catch it damn it up

do you have prints out I did that one

wait wait let me get my guitar

I'll just do a mondo burger great will

that be cash credit or matter with my

dick what's the matter with my dick oh

you little [ __ ]

joke's on you I'm not posting this on my

channel anymore Oh Who am I kidding I

need the donate slash Grinch

pranks also I seem to remember the who's

celebrating Christmas on their own not

forcing their religion on others like a

pure flix movie when Christmas is

officially the second scariest holiday

movie ever made

meanwhile over work to make perfect has

a daughter named Cindy Lou Who they

really should have called her tomboy no

joy as again this is their attempt to

update what didn't need to be updated

Cindy Lou is supposed to be the child

innocence to set off the Grinch's old

corrupt soul though she's as interesting

as tap water in the first film they did

at least get the general idea of what

her role was but here she's replaced by


girl power I guess she's just every

generic energized kid who gets in

trouble but means well in her heart

again this can be done well like

Gosselin lilo or Mabel but where they

had funny lines and unique interactions

she has any lines any kid in any movie

would say instantly forgettable the

original didn't need much because it was

short and simple people still remember

Cindy Lou from that because of the way

she was drawn and how charming she was

and yeah she said very little but what

she needed to do was effective but when

you're doing a film that's supposed to

have I guess complicated characters you

can't make them this Anakin I haven't

been this angry since Dante Bosco didn't

put me in his autobiography oh you did

the family I think they promote the book

thanks so much yeah yeah links down

below she wants to deliver a letter to

Santa with a Christmas wish but she

loses it bumping into the Grinch

this is the letter and what I'm wishing

for is really really important that's

why I did a bunch of crazy stunts

increasing my chances of losing it just

get the basics down look at this she

finds the letter and she's so bland they

don't even know a reaction to give her

emotion leaping off the screen that's a

deep complicated face that says I exist

I guess even Kenan Thompson one of the

funniest cast members on SNL right now

literally everything he says can get a

laugh 2018 Grinch it can fix that we all

got to keep the gray away I myself use

chocolate explosion yeah that's what my

wife calls me or at least it I'm just

trying to make it a little funny the

mayor wants Christmas to be three times

bigger this year again part of the charm

of the who's in the original is that

they were celebrating for themselves

nothing was forced while the live-action

one was at least making commentary on it

being over commercialized while over

commercializing here they go over the

top for no reason making them pretty

annoying to put up with

we had to kill 20 more axes for this

baby somebody's getting a nice orange

for a coat

so the Grinch decides he wants to stop

the lighting of the tree in Whoville so

he conjures up the clever plan to

sneaking into town attending the

ceremony pushing the ice princess off a

tall building landing on a button

igniting an army of bats to an

unsuspecting public how she makes you

sent out all the signal for eat rice

throwing a snowball that's creative but

what else not on my watch you don't well

that's going on Cindy reveals she wants

to see Santa so she can wish for her mom

to be given a break yeah fine but I know

it's really hard for her so yeah this is

kind of story B which is not a bad idea

of showing the strong connection between

Cindy and her mother but you know what

might have worked a little better

showing a strong connection between

Cindy and her mother yeah going through

this almost hour and a half long film

the time spent together before the

ending is just a little over four

minutes all she talks about is how much

he wants to help her mom and yet she's

constantly bailing on her never helping

out and causing a ton of trouble come

here first I gotta go maybe if that was

the lesson like she should have been

more attentive to her mom's needs at

home but nope the whole subplot is about

her reaching Santa and nothing ever

comes of it as if that motivation wasn't

weak enough we finally get the Grinch's

backstory which why do we need every

version says its hatred of Christmas is

a mystery but only one version actually

leaves it a mystery thank God I can't

believe how often I'm pointing out the

positives of this but even in the Jim

Carrey one they do this a little better

it's stupid and unneeded but you got why

at least he hated the holiday he was

mocked he was ridiculed and it was done

during the happiest time of the year so

it gave him a reason to hate Christmas

and the whose it was pointless but you

at least understood his anger here he's

in an orphanage and there's no other

kids no adults and they don't celebrate

Christmas are they who wish

it's not really clear how this world

works especially for a simple children's

story even what's being shown

contradicts was being said they'd feast

on rare who roast beast which is

something the Grinch could not stand in

the least really because it looks like

not only can he stand it he wants to

stand it he wants a lot of standing of

that please God let him stand that do

they mean like he can't stand it because

he's not a part of it that's not what

they meant in literally every other

version of the story look if you want to

keep it vague keep it vague if you want

to be needlessly complicated that sucks

but at least I can follow but you can't

do something half-assed in between

because it both gives us too much

information and not enough information

his environment isn't well-established

so his emotions aren't well established

hell we don't even know who looked after

him how kids treated him we're just

supposed to feel sad because he looks

sad this whole film leaves out important

details and focuses on less important

ones how are we supposed to be

emotionally invested when it's not even

clear why they're feeling these emotions

I don't know why is that browned or so

whimsical it really is whimsical well if

you say I'm supposed to feel whimsical

towards it I'm gonna feel whimsical

towards it this is what Christmas is all

about round or round or round or round

or this movie sucks



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hey what does this in normal the north

have in common they both have snow and

twerking genius starts with the abs max

let's be honest if it existed in 2000

I'd be in the other one so he looks

through a Christmas Almanac to figure

out how he'll become Santa a Christmas

tree Christmas traditions Christmas

pudding that's funny there's no mention

of Jesus in here anywhere the war is

real you were right Kirk Cameron he

discovers he needs a reindeer so he

searches for one in the mountains and

finds one that he calls Fred this is a

routine I've never seen in cartoons with

movies like this they're treated like

cartoons not animated films and yes

there is a difference what I mean is

there's a lot of fast motion and zany

humor to entertain kids but it's without

any discipline for character like look

at how the Grinch moves he moves like

every other character fast Zig zaggy big

expressions nobody moves differently

from anyone else in this in the original

you can tell what he's like just by the

way he moves slow stiff old bitter max

moves with a little pep in his step but

often careful like he's afraid what will

happen to him cyndy moves daintily but

clumsily like a curious child would with

a fraction of the budget you can tell

their personality just by watching them

no sound no dialogue you know what

they're like but in a lot of animated

movies now everybody moves the same

reacts the same expresses themselves the

same and therefore nobody stands out

this Grinch moves like Horta who moves

like groom who moves like Dracula who

moved uniquely at first but now moves

like everyone else this is because

there's less care about his personality

than there is about constantly making

your kids laugh at silly movements even

if it doesn't match what the character

is about what an example think of the

mandalorian a brooding loner who keeps

to himself

imagine if all his movements and line

deliveries were the opposite of that I

hear you are a man keeps to himself

that's me nobody can get into my

tortured soul I'm some angsty and deep

really because you move like a buffoon

no man this is totally help routing

people move I was just thinking about my

scarring childhood you're silly

I'm not hiring you wait can't please get

me bill burrs autograph I don't like you

so Cindy meets up with her friends you

can call them pointless and she has a

plan to make her wish for her mother

come true oh come on it's a Danny Elfman

score you couldn't play a little kidnap

the Sandy Claws at that point they

agreed to help as the film certainly

focuses on the how part of How the

Grinch Stole Christmas as there's a lot

of time spent to him stealing what he

needs to steal Christmas you would

notice everybody in this movie sounds

like a light imitation of their usual

talent like that sounds like a

half-assed imitation of Kenan Thompson

doesn't it that sounds like a half-assed

imitation of bed dick Cumberbatch

doesn't it even the Danny Elfman score

it's like they said okay we can't afford

Danny Elfman so give us an imitation

what's all yeah Danny Elfman yeah we

can't afford you so we're paying you

half for an invitation you think you can

do that I know I can do that

The Grinch actually grows a conscience

when he sees fred has a family and

decides to let him go first of all how

long has fred been avoiding his family

when he's had ample opportunities to

escape [ __ ] deadbeat dad second he

lets him go what was even the point of

him and what is the Grinch nice to

animals I thought the whole thing was he

treated max like [ __ ] one of the many

reasons there's so many mean songs about

him we liked hating him oh wait my

mistake he's actually nice to max in

this one I dare even say treats him like

a member of the family all right all

right I'm sorry

you're a good dog what would you like to

do did these two get married at some

point look at this in the original it

was like a punishment when he was forced

to be the reindeer but here it's a great

honor you will guide my sleigh tonight


okay so as much as they fascinatingly

get wrong in this the film does kind of

get a little fun when he starts actually

stealing Christmas showcasing all these

creative gadgets they're super

imaginative and there is kind of a fun

momentum around this point but again in

the context of this world a lot doesn't

add up not only is his motivation for

doing it's still pitiful so it's hard to

get behind it but little scenes like

this happen when he comes across a



it's the Grinch she only have taken that

glass for Christ's sake he took ice

cubes from the original how are you

constantly doing the opposite when Cindy

Lou comes across him it doesn't make any

sense either

she should recognize him I can't believe

it's really you

I mean in the original she's - in the

other film she's dumb but here they

establish he's supposed to be witty and

clever and such so it doesn't match that

her character would fall for this

everyone wants present your mom she

needs to get laid

bad I hear there's a gigolo place down

the street called green eggs and ham and

fix her right up

he of course still takes everything

leaving the Hoos to wake up without any

presence at all

Oh Santa gave the gift of poverty now

mom will have to work at all good job


once again the Hoos have to convince

themselves that Christmas is worth more

than just presents which still drives me

insane as they did then the last one to

it I just think it's more powerful they

don't notice the presents are gone like

they're too distracted by how happy they

are that it's Christmas Day but that we

couldn't leave it open to people filling

in what a little bit more means yeah

here we have to freaking spell that out

for you Christmas isn't here and besides

I already have the greatest gift I could

ever get

burglary insurance you are a close

second as you'd expect everyone sings

the Grinch's heart grows the presents

tumble and there really should be a

censor bar there


Fred they wrote you a reason for being

in this at the last minute thank God for


he of course returns the gifts to hand

back to all the Hoos hello everybody

die stop Santa from stealing all these

that's one kick to the sleigh bells he

won't forget he admits to his wrongdoing

and walks back home after returning the

gifts not Nana's I need to be alone I

estimated I have 20 minutes before they

rally a mob to burn me the Cindy comes

knocking on his door later that night my

name is Cindy Lou Cindy Lou

I heard you steal things I was kind of

hoping you could take my brother's she

invites in to their house for Christmas

dinner and I'm not gonna lie this is the

closest thing they added in the movie

that legitimately works

he awkwardly tries to blend in not

always doing a good job but people still

welcome him with open arms it's

different takes its time it is nicely

handled kind of like a planes trains and

automobiles ending if you will Merry

Christmas mr. Grinch

Merry Christmas Cindy Lou so what kind

of meat is this reindeer


quiet dignity and grace

so that was the second theatrical Grinch


I think this face sums it up

it's fascinating the things it gets

wrong stuff you think would be the

easiest to set up everybody's

motivations actions even how they move

are off the live-action one is bad but

at least I got why the Grinch hated

Christmas why cindy-lou loved Christmas

and a distinct character from everyone

even if they were all unlikable as [ __ ]

so is it worse than the live-action one

it's kind of pick your poison the

motivations are set up in the

live-action one and it certainly stands

out even if it is as a Fear and Loathing

in Las Vegas Christmas but oh man I do

like the way this film looks with it's

winter lighting gentle colors and

certainly more Christmas atmosphere than

the sewage stained Universal Studios

attraction I also do like the ingenuity

you what he's dealing Christmas that

legit nice couple of minutes at the end

so I guess I like this a little better

but it depends on what you find more

interesting a safe bland mess you'll

probably forget quickly about or an

insane catastrophe that has to be seen

to be believed

you guys can Duke it out which one is

better and which one is worse I'm gonna

keep watching the smaller simpler story

that maybe perhaps means a little bit

more I'm gonna Stiles you're gonna guy

remember so you don't have to

can you at least keep your legs closed

why are you still here

quiet dignity and grace

hey Doug Walker here doing the charity

shout out and every year we do Toys for

Tots that's this week and we do it not

only because it's a great charity but

there's a really funny story that

happened when we were shooting one of

our episodes the Christmas with the

Kranks episode and it just makes me

laugh and it does tie in to Toys for

Tots so I'm just gonna play that clip as

well as the charity shout out from that

everything still set stands it's a great

charity and it's a funny story so check

it out I have a funny story for you well

we were shooting this review we were

outside about to shoot a scene with

nostalgia critic and Santa Christ and

this car pulls up and they pull ran to

our parking spot and we don't recognize

the people and they get out and we say

can we help you and they say Toys for

Tots no no no we're not Toys for Tots

looking us like are you sure he said

yeah we're sure why would we know where

Toys for Tots are and they said well cuz

you got a guy dressed like Santa Claus

they're so bizarrely enough they were

driving around looking for Toys for Tots

that we happen to come outside with a

guy dressed as Santa Claus and I took it

as a sign so the charity we are doing

this week is Toys for Tots a lot of you

have heard this charity before this is a

charity that gets toys to kids who are

not able to have toys this Christmas a

lot of people donate in December but for

next year it's good to know that they

actually start in October and November

as well the more toys they can get the

more kids can have these toys and these

are children that either come across

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mean there are so many people out there

that are just going through such rough

patches right now and just are not able

to do something that every kid deserves

every kid deserves to have presents

around Christmas time and these are

people that make it happen it's of

course done by the Marine Corps but they

also have so many good sponsors behind

they have Disney they have Macy's they

have Toys R Us all these people try

so hard to raise awareness and you see

that poster everywhere of Santa with the

Marine uniform in the closet and if you

even go to their YouTube channel Marine

Toys for Tots you'll see that so many

kids benefit from this and so many

celebrities get behind this as well and

it's just a good cause because every

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Christmas and by donating toys or money

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Santa Christ approves