Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott Reveals Secret to Bills' Defensive Success

our guest was a national champion high

school wrestler in 1992 and 1993 he went

on to become an all-conference safety at

William and Mary and now he has a gig as

the leader of one of the best teams in

the NFL he is that coach of the Buffalo

Bills he is Sean good morning that's a

great introduction Cal great

introduction I'll pay you when we get

off the air here oh no problem believe

me Sean we went back and found your

yearbook picture your senior quote it

was fantastic

you had it all going on how'd you guys

do now though

now listen coach we could talk about

your high school career all day but you

have a hell the season happening in

Buffalo in fact tight end Lee Smith

talked after your win against the Titans

in week 5 about how special this locker

room is and how they are quote wired

differently what can you say about this

group coach that feels differently than

groups and years past well very grateful

for that locker room that's what that's

what's driving the bus right now the

player driven leadership that we have

here in Buffalo the guys that Brandon

bean has brought in to our football team

they're the ones that are driving the

bus and they're a big part of our

success to this point the season Sean we

love the fact in this NFL this day and

age that there's points galore and all

this stuff you're a defensive coach in

the year of the hot new offense you're a

guy who has put the clamps on teams with

that team tell us about the defensive

players in that organization that maybe

America doesn't know about and why it's

working so well in the defensive side of

the ball yeah Peter it all starts

upfront for us with our defensive line

Jerry Hughes star load to lay Trent

Murphy to name a few of the guys that we

have up front and then it goes through

Tremayne Edmonds our middle linebackers

second-year player really good player

young player for us ascending player and

then and then our two safeties Micah

Hyde and Jordan Poyer to cast offs from

other teams to free agents we signed our

first year here now in their third

season in the system they do a lot of

good things for us back there and

getting us lined up and playing at a

high level

if you switch to offense I got to go to

Buffalo for the very first time I was on

the field for pregame warmups and I got

to meet Frank Gore and I gotta admit to

you coach I was a bit starstruck he's

somebody that I've admired from afar his

longevity everydays clearly just

incredibly the fourth member of the

15,000 yard Club I want to know what you

as a coach getting to see him every day

what's the one thing that you are most

impressed by and what can you lean on

him for what do you lean on him for as a

presence in your locker room yeah okay

you know first and foremost it's a what

an honor it is to coach and be around a

guy like Frank or a true professional in

every sense of the word

his habits speak for themselves he's one

of the first ones in the morning one of

the last to leave we had a meeting the

other day and I walked down to the

training room they had a trainer his

only meeting and Frank's in the middle

in the middle of the meeting and it just

speaks to his habits and how important

this game is and his passion and the

passion that he has for this game of


he really personifies our football team

in terms of the toughness the habits the

leadership what we were able to do in

the last four minutes the game in

Tennessee a few weeks ago I think really

exemplifies Frank Gore and who we are as

a football team coach Kyle just pointed

out your wrestling background so no

doubt Vision Quest was on we a family

room as you guys right that's a blaring

the future little shoot shot out so I

just want to talk about your vision for

Kidd know the character he's got it you

got a down pat the vision for this team

and the culture you're talking about

building things like that with Frank

Gore you guys go on the road and become

Road Warriors winning three games on the

road that's not easy to do talk about

how this team has adopted that toughness

on the road and then also coming back

home now you're on a three game home

stretch so what is your message to the

bills fans to get the Ralph

rock-and-rolling yeah I mean we we try

to take a page out of your book when you

guys went on the road on the Super Bowl

runs Super Bowl runs that you had with

the Giants back in the day it's

important that we you can win on the

road and I think it really speaks to the


this of our football team the leadership

again of our football team and then

transitioning to playing at home we've

got a to me one of the most special fan

bases in the NFL it's unique to play

here in Buffalo as the story in the

movie says it the quote if you build it

they will come and and we're trying to

build something here we're not done with

what we've got some special people in

our building some special fans and it's

great to be able to play in front of

them over the next three weeks Vision

Quest ray Kinsella Shaun is dealing his

fastball this morning ladies and

gentlemen let's try one more coach last

time you came on you told us that your

wide receivers earned the nickname The

Smurfs let's go from the Smurfs to Rambo

on this show we do a segment called

angry runs in Week three week round

rookie Ted and Dawson knocks the angry

runs champion after his ridiculous 49

yard catch against the Bengals it has

been said coach that Dawson Knox is now

referred to by the Phills mafia as Rambo

what do you think of the name and what

do you think of the player cuz my head

is still spinning after this one well we

like to make our make sure our young

guys earn every every bit of the success

that they have and that they stay humble

hungry but I would echo that I mean that

was an angry run along with Josh has had

a couple of this season Frank's had a

couple of this season hopefully with

more to come but it all starts upfront

our offensive line does a great job and

and hopefully we'll get another version

of Rambo and their coming weeks here I

think they call that a sequel and guys

coaches high school senior quote a

winner says I'm good but not as good as

I ought to be a loser says I'm bad but

not as bad as some other people

this guy's got one of the best teams in

the league right now Shawn McDermott you

are the best thank you yeah thanks guys

for having me on coach you should be

thanking us we're not showing that photo

from high school oh yeah yeah we got one

in a singlet too