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hello everyone let's learn about

government departments city and state

governments have many departments each

department has a special job they take

care of different needs in the community

people need resources such as water to

drink cook and bathe the local water

department provides clean safe water for

the community they also supply water

sources for emergencies such as fires

the fire department uses lots of water

to stop fires they also rescue people in



the sanitation department helps the

community stay clean they pick up trash

and clean local streets and parks

imagine what a mess there would be

without the sanitation department there

are many other important government

departments the police department keeps

community safe from crimes the

Transportation Department helps people

travel on buses and trains and the

Recreation Department takes care of fun

places like parks beaches and amusement


let's review local governments have many

departments each department has a

special job the water department

provides water resources for people in

the community the police and fire

departments help people in danger and

keep the community safe the sanitation

department keeps the community clean


transportation and recreation

departments help people travel and have


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