Planned Parenthood acknowledges Margaret Sanger's 'racist legacy', continues abortions | EWTN News


Planned Parenthood of Greater New York

is removing the name of Margaret Sanger

a founder of the National Organization

from its Manhattan clinic the abortion

provider says it made the decision

because of Sanger's quote harmful

connections to the eugenics movement

pro-lifers are responding in a statement

susan b anthony list says quote the next

step for Planned Parenthood is

recognizing that Margaret Sanger's

racist legacy continues today as

abortion continues to disproportionately

impact minority communities especially

the black community joining me now on

skype to talk more about this is dr.

angela franks author of the book

Margaret Sanger's eugenics legacy and

professor of theology at st. John's

Seminary in Boston dr. Franks welcome to

the show so glad to have you let's start

right there with the legacy of Margaret

Sanger for people not familiar with the

term eugenics what exactly is it the

eugenics movement divided people up into

either the so-called fit or unfit based

on their genetic health and capability

and Sanger completely bought into that

movement it really had its heyday

between the 19-teens and really up

through World War two and she was an

active part of that movement what are

some of the views that Sanger espoused

when it came to race with race it's a

little more complicated

not all eugenicist were racist and it's

really we don't have a lot of I think

absolutely clear evidence

some people think she definitely was a

racist I'm inclined to think she

probably wasn't but it's very clear that

she was eugenicist and so that means

that she considered as unfit people who

were poor people who had physical

disabilities or mental or cognitive

disabilities and she considered those

people to be she said one point they're

like weeds that they shouldn't reproduce

and she considered her work in promoting

birth control to be part of promoting a

eugenic vision I know the board chair of

Planned Parenthood of Greater New York

said in a statement that removing

Sanger's name actually acknowledges

quote Planned Parenthood's contributions

to historical reproductive harm within

communities of color and quote what do

you know

about Planned Parenthood's history and

that respect and its impact today on

communities of color especially the

african-american community yeah one of

the things Planned Parenthood said today

is that this is long overdue and that I

think may be the only thing that I've

ever agreed with Planned Parenthood

about on anything this is long overdue

because saying or wove into the fabric

of Planned Parenthood this eugenic idea

that we can just decide that some people

should not have children for their

benefit and for the benefit of society

and that somehow that's something we get

to decide and the way this cashes out

concretely with Planned Parenthood is

that you see that they have more clinics

in poorer neighborhoods and economically

disadvantaged areas they there they've

said in publications in the past that

their target population are people who

are impoverished and that also includes

obviously racial minorities they are

much more present in minority

neighborhoods than they are in white

neighborhoods and so I think we see

concretely how this eugenic worldview of

Sanger's that she wove into the fabric

of Planned Parenthood how that cashes

out today well thank you so much for

coming on and sharing your perspective

with us we really appreciate it dr.

angela franks thank you again thank you