Chamber of Secrets- Heir of Slytherin


Jenny heartily please don't be dead wake

up wake up please wake up she won't wake

Tom Tom Riddle what do you mean she

won't wake she's not she's still alive

but only just

you were ghosts her memory preserved in

a diary for 50 years she's cold as ice

Jenny please don't be dead

wake up you've got to help me Tom the

sabbatical esc' it won't come until it's

called give me my wand Tom you won't be

needing it listen we've got to go we've

got to save her I'm afraid I can't do

that Harry you see as poor Ginny grows

weaker I grow stronger

yes Harry it was Ginny Weasley who

opened the Chamber of Secrets no she


she wouldn't it was Ginny who set the

basilisk on the Mudbloods and Filch's

cat Ginny who wrote the threatening

messages on the walls

why because I told her to find I can be

very persuasive

not that she knew what she was doing she

was shall we say in a kind of trance

still the power of the Diary began to

scare her

and she tried to dispose of it in the

girls bathroom and then you should find

it but you the very person I was most

anxious to meet why did you want to meet

me I knew I had to talk to you meet you

if I could so I decided to show you my

capture of that brainless oaf Hagrid to

gain your trust

Hagrid's my friend

and you framed him didn't you it was my

word against Hagrid's only Dumbledore

seemed to think he was innocent that

Dumbledore saw right through you he

certainly kept an annoyingly close watch

on me after that I knew it wouldn't be

safe to open the chamber again while I

was still at school so I decided to

leave behind a diary preserving my 16

year old self in its pages so that one

day I would be able to lead another to

finish Salazar