Heir To The Cum Throne [Official Music Video]


it was a mistake to come here your [ __ ]

sucks dick ass wash have come to seal

the deal Council of come all-consuming

Lord of come

err of the come thrown

smaller your rod come suck God

give me the comes car tight [ __ ]

Nicole come closer now wet is your [ __ ]

exactly man

shut the [ __ ] up nerd pub down by my

white fat [ __ ] your GF [ __ ] tastes like

my [ __ ] i actually beat a nerd in death

tired of coming in nerd [ __ ]

congratulations future come lords I

shake face and I crush dudes pay money

to worship Satan making this much come

eight easy execution by excessive come

you were gonna get accountant and crane

Russian roulette with a condor God you

got one sick dick [ __ ] come truly

moaning [ __ ] stuff some come in my

thoughts suck my big fat juicy balsa


ass is running on come vapors hands off

the cops - bugs speedy come dealer

[ __ ] child just chillin come villain

come all ye faithful come [ __ ] God in

his [ __ ]

come proud come loud [ __ ] up now

you're coming make Bank smoke dank




and Piper become living large need to

come and smile eat come noon [ __ ]