Top 10 Highest Paid Actors In The World

acting is a rather glamorous profession

actors get a walk down red carpets in

thousand-dollar suits have access to

some of the most exclusive places on

earth and get paid enough to afford

mansions most of us can only dream of

but there are some actors that rise

above the rest

not necessarily in talent but in pay

today we're going to take a look at the

ten highest paid actors of 2019 and see

exactly what they're doing with all

their money number ten Will Smith 35

million dollars now this is a story all

about how Will Smith and thirty-five

million dollars acting in 2019 as I'm

sure most of you know Will Smith rose to

fame in the 1990s acting in The Fresh

Prince of bel-air while just working on

that show would be enough for most he

wanted more and he went for it in 1996

he made the true break from television

to movies when he starred in

Independence Day this cemented him is a

big-name actor and led him to landing

roles in men in black enemy of this

state Ali and I Robot throughout all of


he earned additional money rapping

professionally since the 1990s his

career has continued to grow

most recently he played the genie in

Aladdin one of my favorite childhood

films which earned him about 12.5

million dollars upfront and a large

percentage of the film's earnings on the

back end so what does he get with all

this money with status how about a forty

two million dollar home in Calabasas the

nine bedroom house is fantastic by

itself but when you factor in that it's

set on 150 acres and some of the most

prime real estate in the country well

you really see it's worth the home

features a meditation lounge a recording

studio a movie theater a basketball

court a volleyball court a tennis court

a large swimming pool and the sunken

trampoline number nine Paul Rudd 41

million dollars Paul Rudd has been in

dozens of films since his debut in

sisters in the 1990s from playing a

rebellious hilarious teenager in wet hot

American summer to portraying love

interests and side characters and dozens

of rom-coms in the early 2000s he's

amassed quite an impressive filmography

which has led him to

owning an astounding 41 million dollars

from acting in 2019 of course most of

his acting money comes from Marvel it

may come as no surprise but many of the

actors on our list have Marvel to thank

for their thick wallets for ant-man Paul

Rudd and about 1.5 million dollars up

front but for Avengers in the game he

earned eight million upfront and at

least 2% on the backend which adds up to

another couple million dollars and

that's even without having an incredibly

prominent role with his money Paul could

afford to live in a mansion in Calabasas

or a penthouse in New York City

but he prefers to stay away from all the

hustle and bustle

he owns a large house in Rhinebeck New

York little is known about this house

but he has been very vocal about the

custom-built Irish pub Evie had put in

the homes basement in addition to his

home Paul has spent a fair amount of

money on cars over the years his

collection has included a 1991

Ferrari f40 a Ferrari 599 a Bentley

Super Sport in Aldie r8 v10 a 2011 Aston

Martin DBS and a 2010 Mercedes SLS AMG

number 8 Chris Ahrens forty three point

five million dollars is it Chris

Hemsworth Chris Pratt Chris Pine no

coming in at number eight

earning forty three point five million

dollars we have none other than Chris

Evans our beloved Captain America

surprisingly Chris Evans hasn't been

acting for incredibly long he got his

start in 2001 acting in Not Another Teen

Movie however it wasn't until 2005 when

he played the Human Torch and Fantastic

Four that he started to gain some

traction as an actor even then it wasn't

until 2011 when he played Captain

America that he became a household name

and boy did his career skyrocket from

there in the first Captain America he

earned 1 million dollars upfront by in

the game he earned 15 million dollars

upfront and a large percentage of the

earnings on the back end with his money

Chris Evans has managed to snag a fairly

nice property for 3.5 million dollars in

Laurel Canyon the 3 bedroom 4 bathroom

house has a pool and spa

with a steam shower and freestanding tub

which gives him a great place to relax

after filming there's a massive walk-in

closet which I hope has at least one of

his Captain America suits for


number 7 Adam Sandler 57 million dollars

the next actor on our list has been one

of the highest-paid actors for years

even as his career shifted and changed

coming in at number 7 we have none other

than Adam Sandler who earned 57 million

dollars acting in 2019

most people know Sandler from being a

cast member on SNL and from his string

of wacky comedy movies in the 1990s

those films like Billy Madison happy

gilmore and the waterboy made him a

slapstick comedy staple but that's not

where he wanted to be forever

Sandler went on to play more serious

roles to critical acclaim

most recently uncut gems and him several

awards and is viewed as the best

performance of his career after earning

so much money over the years and 57

million in just 2019 alone it's no

surprise that Sandler has a nice place

to rest his head every night or shall I

say places he owns homes in Malibu Los

Angeles Boca Raton and in his hometown

Manchester New Hampshire his Los Angeles

home cost him 12 million dollars in

boasts 7 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms his

Malibu home cost him 3.9 million with

three bedrooms and three bathrooms and

beach access number six

Bradley Cooper 57 million dollars yet

another Marvel actor to make our list

read Leigh Cooper made 57 million

dollars in 2019 considering he's been in

the business less than 20 years that's

fairly impressive he actually got his

start in acting in 2001 in wet hot

American summer alongside Paul Rudd who

he would later star in several Marvel

movies with now it might be safe to

assume that most of his 57 million came

from Marvel but in reality that's far

from the truth only 10% of his earnings

in 2019 came from Avengers and though

around 6 million is no small amount his

real money came from a star is born 70%

of his earnings came from the musical

romance he produced directed and starred

in and considering the movie grossed 490

6.2 billion dollars well that's a lot of

cash with all that money

Bradley Cooper has scooped up quite a

few houses he owns a three point five

million dollar mansion in the Pacific

Palisades and an even more impressive

thirteen point five million dollar

townhouse in New York the townhouse

spans five stories has heated floors

throughout an office with a wet bar a

subterranean garden and a full theater

in the basement

mr. Cooper sure is living large number

five Jackie Chan 58 million dollars the

oldest and perhaps one of the most well

known actors on our list Jackie Chan

comes in at a cool number five having

earned fifty eight million dollars in

2019 his career began way back in the

1960s where he landed small roles as a

child by the mid-1970s jackie was

becoming well known for his stunt work

and martial arts expertise however he

struggled to find work as an Asian actor

against more well-known stars like Burt

Reynolds he returned to Hong Kong to

work for a while and it wasn't until he

starred in rush hour in 1998 that he

received critical acclaim in the United

States after decades of trying from

there he became one of the world's

biggest celebrities starring in movies

like Shanghai noon around the world in

80 days and the rush-hour sequels the

amount of acting he does has diminished

quite a bit in the past few years but he

still earned a lot of money from

residuals he owns many luxurious

properties in Beverly Hills Miami

Beijing and Hong Kong his Beverly Hills

home is worth six point seven million

dollars it spans 30,000 square feet with

a massive wine cellar a recreation hall

and several spa areas I see you mr. Chan

number four Akshay Kumar 65 million


Hollywood may be the epicenter of film

in the world but it isn't the only place

where you can make money an Akshay Kumar

proves just that perhaps the most well

known Bollywood actor Kumar earned 65

million dollars in 2019 he starred in

many television shows and Bollywood

films starting in the 1990s

since then he starred in over 152 films

including Sam say vadhaka Lodi Hera

Pheri and houseful in 2019 he starred in

Kesari which earned 28 million dollars

worldwide mission Mangal housefull for

good news and Laxmi bomb all of which

earned him millions and millions of

dollars in addition to acting he is

known for his stunt work leading many to

call him the Indian Jackie Chan Akshay

strives to keep himself and his children

out of the public eye as much as

possible however it is known that he

owns a seaside duplex in Mumbai the home

has a massive front garden

floor-to-ceiling windows in indoor pond

and a large master suite number three

Robert Downey jr. 66 million dollars

Tony Stark is a billionaire and Robert

Downey jr. who plays him isn't far

behind in 2019 alone our DJ earned 66

million dollars and surely you can guess

where most of their money came from 55

million dollars came from Avengers in

the game with 20 million dollars up

front and the rest coming from his

percentage points he is the second

highest grossing box-office star of all

time with his films grossing over

fourteen point four billion dollars that

all being said our DJ wasn't always

rolling in money in the 1990s he was a

highly successful actor earning an Oscar

nomination for his role in Chaplin and

earning praise for his roles in less

than zero in Natural Born Killers

however his rise to fame was marred by

drug addiction in the early 2000s he

went to jail multiple times and when

released he managed to get roles only to

relapse and go back to jail this cycle

continued for many years and was

exasperated by mental health issues

after five years of struggling Robert

Downey jr. re-emerged landing a role in

zodiac and in 2008 he was cast as Iron

Man and the rest is history though he

has a lot of money our DJ hasn't been

one to flaunt it

he owns a 3.8 million dollar home in

Malibu that has 3 bedrooms 3 baths and a

swimming pool number 2 Chris Hemsworth

seventy six point four million dollars

we've already covered Chris Evans so now


time for Chris Hemsworth who earned

seventy six point four million dollars

in acting in 2019 again we've got Marvel

shelling out a fortune to create some of

the richest actors in the world

Hemsworth got his start as a television

actor back in Australia in the early

2000s his breakthrough came when he was

cast as Thor in 2011 and began his

journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

he owns about 15 million upfront for

playing Thor not including the

percentage he earns from the movies

gross in 2019 he also earned a fair

amount starring in the men in black

remake which grossed 251 million dollars

worldwide though he is a Hollywood star

Hemsworth prefers to live outside the

City of Angels he and his family live in

a large mansion in Byron Bay Australia

the home has six large bedrooms a

personal gym a spa with a steam room a

movie theater a game room a rooftop

infinity pool and a built-in fire pit in

the large tropical yard number one

Dwayne Johnson 86.4 million dollars the

highest-paid actor of 2019 is none other

than Dwayne the rock Johnson who earned

eighty six point four million dollars as

most people know the rock got his start

as a professional wrestler in the 1990s

and this was after he played football

professionally imagine being able to put

pro wrestler pro football player and the

highest-paid actor on your resume his

acting debut took place in 2001 when he

starred as the Scorpion King in The

Mummy Returns he quickly became one of

the most recognizable actors starring in

The Fast and the Furious franchise and

several blockbuster comedy films

although in 2019 his career really

skyrocketed he was paid $700,000 per

episode on the show Paulus and earned

millions of dollars from Jumanji for his

next starring role in the Jumanji sequel

he's expected to earn twenty three point

five million upfront when he's not

starring in a dozen different franchises

the rock can relax at one of his many

properties he owns a 5 million dollar

mansion in Florida and most notably a

9.5 million

farm in Georgia the eight bedroom

mansion has a saltwater pool

a Cabana a wood paneled library a 12

stall home spawn and several pastures in

riding arenas so there you have it the

10 highest paid actors of 2019 let me

know in the comments down below who your

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