Top 5 Highest Paid NFL Players 2020

NFL players live the high life they

travel in private jets live in mansions

and we're perfectly tailored suits to

fancy nightclubs and movie premieres

around the world it's no secret that NFL

players are wealthy and surely you've

heard chitter chatter about how they're

overpaid for the work they do I don't

have any horses in that race so I

wouldn't pass judgment there but I will

say their salary isn't something to

scoff at researching this video I had a

bit of regret that I didn't put a little

more effort into tossing the old pigskin

back in the day but I suppose we all

make our millions in our own way and my

way certainly included fewer concussions

today we're going to take a look at the

highest paid NFL players and see exactly

how much they're making every year

number five

Carson Wentz 32 million dollars even as

the lowest earning player on our list

Carson Wentz still rose in a cool 32

million dollars per year his recently

signed 4-year contract includes a 16

million dollar signing bonus as well as

another possible 16 million in

incentives over the next four year

period so how exactly as Carson Wentz

climbed the ladder to join the

millionaire Club you may know him as the

quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles

but did you also know he played for the

Patriots at home there's century high

school Patriots that is Carson Wentz

entered as a 5 foot 8 freshman and left

as a 6 foot 5 valedictorian with

football championships under his belt

and he quickly got drafted to the NFL

his career has been a bit rocky though

he was out towards the tail end of his

2017 season after suffering from the pro

sports players curse a torn ACL

one might think there'd be some bad luck

and he'd move right along

but 2018 didn't go much better in terms

of his health a major knee injury took

him out of the first two games and a

returning back injury took him out of

the season early but don't worry his

Luck's been getting better so far this

year well unless you count the brutal

concussion he got 9 minutes into the

Eagles final game of the

20:19 season against the Seahawks now

I'm not going to say exactly whether I

think that was a dirty hit or not but I

sure hope the Seahawks had some hand

sanitizer on standby even with all the

injuries the Eagles seem to think

they've really scored with Carson on

their team and it's easy to see why he's

the first player in Eagles history to

throw over 4,000 yards and he's landed

the most touchdowns in a season and the

most pass completions in their history

so yeah this guy's good at his job and

he makes a ton of money but he's got to

be spending the money on something

stupid right

a Lamborghini a football field with his

face mode onto it well not exactly in


Carson launched a oh one foundation a

Christian nonprofit focused on creating

free activities for youth and veterans

since there are rumors about that he met

his wife while they were both on a

mission trip to Haiti it's no surprise

he journey down that charitable Avenue

number four Jared Goff thirty three

point five million dollars oh my Garf

the next player on our list makes a lot

of money that's right

Jared Goff the quarterback for the Rams

is the next lucky and wealthy player on

our list so what's he looking at yearly

just about thirty three point five

million dollars to put that into

perspective it's estimated that the

average American spins around 1 million

dollars in their entire lifetime meaning

Jared Goff is making more than 33 times

that in a single year before year

contract is worth 134 million dollars so

it's safe to say jared is in strapped

for cash and the career he's forged has

made sure he probably never will be


his record in the NFL is also fairly

impressive in 2018 Jared had four

thousand six hundred and eighty eight

yards the second highest single-season

total in franchise history in addition

he's also nabbed the top spot for the

most completed passes in a single game

with an impressive 45 thrown passes when

he's not throwing footballs absurd

distances Jared has a few other things

that keep him busy he's the owner of JG

16 of

clothing line with a name that's a bit

on the nose while one might assume he's

selling cool sports apparel challenging

the likes of Nike or adidas for their


that's not exactly it Jarrod's company

is made entirely of shirts with JG on


although the models look pretty content

with it with his football money and

apparel money it's clear Jerrod is

rolling in the dough however likes to

spread that dough around as well born

and raised in California Jared Goff

helps start California strong a

nonprofit that goes towards individuals

in California who are victims of

wildfires and mass shootings number

three Aaron Rodgers thirty three point

five million dollars alright cheese

heads this one's for you Aaron Rodgers

the Packers quarterback makes thirty

three point five million dollars per

year playing for your beloved team his

four-year extension comes with a fifty

seven point five million dollar signing


clearly Aaron isn't going to have to

worry about money anytime soon he's the

NFL's all-time career passer rating

leader holds the lowest interception

percentage at a startling 1.5 percent

and holds the best touchdown to

interception ratio in the league he's

widely considered by many to be one of

the greatest quarterbacks of all time

but it wasn't always that way

it really wasn't always that way it's no

secret that Aaron isn't the most buff

guy out on the field though he led his

team to victory in high school again and

again he was looked over by recruiters

largely due to his size well you know

what they say about size and in this

case apparently it didn't matter

Aaron tried to play football for Florida

State but he was rejected he ended up

playing at a local Community College in

California and was genuinely considering

quitting altogether and just becoming a

lawyer lucky for him he eventually got

recruited by the bears then made his way

onto the Packers where he shattered

records left and right and made more

money than he probably ever imagined oh

and he's also dating Zdenek

Patrick so I guess things worked out

quite okay for old

number two Ben Roethlisberger 34 million

dollars the runner-up for the

highest-paid NFL player is none other

than Ben Roethlisberger the quarterback

for the Steelers his two-year extension

earns him thirty four million dollars a

year with a thirty seven point five

million dollar signing bonus not only

was he the youngest quarterback to ever

win a Super Bowl

he's also cemented himself as a Steelers

star with the most passing yards as a

Steelers quarterback and the most

passing touchdowns in the teams history

however he and Aaron both had a similar

issue trying to get themselves in

prominent positions on important teams

in high school Ben wasn't a quarterback

who was you might ask I mean he's gone

on to be such a good player he's gone on

to make millions and millions of dollars

playing football who could have been

better than him

well the coach's son that's right Ben

wasn't able to land the spot as

quarterback on his high school team

until the coach's son graduated his

former coach has even poked fun at

himself for saying a nationally-known

knucklehead well at least he was right

about something there though Ben's

career has had a few rough patches from

sexual assault allegations to six-game

suspensions Ben has remained with the

Steelers for a long 16 years number one

Russell Wilson 35 million dollars we've

finally reached the highest-paid NFL

player any guesses well if you guessed

anyone but Russell Wilson you're wrong

yes Russell Wilson is the highest-paid

NFL player his four-year contract will

earn him 35 million dollars a year not

including a 65 million dollar signing

bonus don't you just wish you could get

65 million for signing a few papers and

agreeing to stay with a team that

desperately wants and needs you now if

you've seen any Seahawks games chances

are you've seen this dude running

circles around everyone on the field

actual circles he's known for his

mobility and it shines in almost every

play he's been the NFC Offensive Player

of the Week nine times and has the

second highest passer rating in NFL

history he's viewed by some as one of

the most dynamic exciting quarter

to watch on the field but what if I told

you he wasn't always be loved by

Seahawks fans in the 2012 draft where

Russell was picked the Seahawks received

a lot of flack for adding him onto the

team little did anyone know Russell was

going on to become the highest-paid

player in the NFL but Russell doesn't

just play football he's played minor

league baseball for years and is even

invited to train with the Yankees for

spring training he's played with both

the Rockies and the Rangers though he

might not be the best baseball player he

did strike out at his only at-bat in

2018 after all he's still a lot better

than I am so I can't really judge in

addition there is one nice little detail

that makes his journey to success just a

little bit sweeter

Russell's father was a Yankee fan who

recently passed and Russell promised him

he would one day wear a Yankees jersey

and he certainly kept that promise

so there you have it the highest-paid

players in the NFL what do you think of

all the money they've earned do they

deserve that much who else do you think

should be on this list let me know in

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